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June 8, 2006, 1:23 pm

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Demadex Canyon


Well, some of the old timers still work the mines, but the biggest news out in these parts is that the ARC is going to lay a line of rail through the Canyon.

Most folks think that the Arizona Territory aint nothing but red rock, unfriendly injuns, and nothing else. Well, for the most part, theys right. Thar be plenty o’ big red rocks, some of ‘em right strange shaped, carved out like loops, and needles, and all sorts a strange shapes. Best not to wanderin out too far, these plenty of varmints out in the canyon that can do ya in.

Well, thars ‘bout six kinds o snake that can kill ya with a bite, one has fangs long enough to bite through yer boots. Then thars the scorpions, some of ‘em get to be narly a foot long I’d reckon. Sting you up real good, and yer leg gets the infection, and swells up. If er lucky, you kin shake it off, but if yer not, well ol’Doc still has his bone saw.

That thar is the canyon, aint seen a drop o water sense us white folk moved in, no water, but thars silver down in that red rock. Plenty of the old timers still haunt the jakes, looking for the lost lode, a vein of silver big enough to put ‘em up in the pentyhouse out on that fifth avynue in NewYarkcity. Losts of those old timers, dont come back, or come back loopy in the haed. Thar be plenty of shafts sunk out in the redrock, plenty o heavy timbers get sold, they dont want the roof coming down on em when they whoop out when they find the biggen.

Demadex Canyon taint much of a place, mostly a few old farmsteaders who still thank to get somethin to grow outta this dead soil. Thars a few ranchers, let the cows eat that desert grass, some grain, they dont do too bad. Center of towns hard to miss, built a big old courthouse, with a jury room, and a gallows and all that high fallutin legal stuff. Thars the sundry store, gets it goods from the wagons, but its suppost to get more when the rail comes through.

That thar is Miss Kitties, just ‘bout the only place the wet yer whistle in this area of the territory. Whiskey, barfights, card games, maybe a pretty thing with most of er teeth, and she dont stink like the rest of the gang. Coupla folks say that unless that rail comes through, Demadex Canyon is just as ded as Big Luke Demadex, and we all know just how darn ded he is! Har Har, *cough*

Dont reckon I know too much ‘bout all that fancy hogwash, but I’s got a feelin that the rails gonna look mighty nice when they lay it through and build a nice shiny red DE-po, but its goin t’be a devils deal, mark my wards.

Notes - It isnt mispelled, its written out the way it should roughly sound. Demadex Canyon is a fairly generic old west town in decline, but hoping the railroad will revitalize it. The general mood wavers between fits of near manic optomism when one of the old timers hits a small vein of silver, to mind numbing boredom when nothing is going on but hot, and miserable.

Other notes, unless it is wooden, it is red. The entire area is nothing but sunbaked red clay, and when it does rain on rare occassions the clay turns into ankle deep red slurry that seeps into boots, floods the lower areas, and makes a huge nuisance of things.

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Comments ( 3 )
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Voted manfred
December 13, 2005, 7:21
Hmmm... we do not have much of western locations (or western-themed stuff for that matter) around here. But it has just the right mood of a dirty dusty small town, where rough men hang around, and all wait for the better day.

Very atmospheric.
Voted valadaar
December 8, 2006, 15:16
Only voted
Voted axlerowes
February 18, 2015, 23:06
Been thar dun dat

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