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August 6, 2007, 7:18 pm

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Court of the Magenta Rose


The Magenta Rose is the living symbol of peace between the Fey Shidhe and Mortal Humans. It is an focus of destiny. In one brief instance, it was nearly lost… and in that instant, the world changed - never to be the same again.

These are the players who strutted upon the stage of the world that day, the nobles who brought the world to its knees.

I should write something dramatic and interesting here, but no. This is the playbill, the score card, for the Magenta Rose saga. This will give you a quick run down as to who and what is involved here and why you might care.

The Foundation
Magenta Rose A simple rose bush. An Elven construct. A symbol of a relationship. A keystone item, its presence defines history

The Order of the Magenta Rose  Queens and Heirs Bodyguards. They also tend to be educated and witty courtiers as well. More duelists than warriors, they are charged with protecting the Magenta Rose.

You know, it all started out with one simple submission, The Rose. Then the Order of the Magenta Rose seemed to be a natural extension. Then somehow, the Colors became intertwined with this submission and I spawned this entire speries.

This has become a historical backdrop for a campaign. Your players might be involved at higher levels, but this is a "span" campaign… much like a campaign set in World War II… so much is going on that you might be able to influence, but it will continue to sweep forward.

Now you can read this is order, or you can jump to the dramatic section. It is up to you. Just keep in mind that each of these posts supports the rest, so you may need to read a few in a section to see the whole picture.

The Important Players
Mathius The Great King - Archetypal aged king. Though in 90s, physically appears as in his 70s. Skilled, but not as sharp as he once was. He has outlived all his heirs. 2863

Engled, The Queen Consort - King’s third wife. A political marriage. He is much older than she, but now they have grown old together.  Grown to be his friend and co-ruler than just a political pawn bride. 

Princess Reisha - Princess Green: A carbon copy of her mother. A fair and practical woman. Would be an excellent queen, and might be for another country, she is 11th in line. She is looking for a marriage in the court.  Mom somewhat supports the Blues

Princess eDonistadled aka Doni- Princess Yellow: Idealist. Free spirit. Pursued by many a foreign prince. Unable to be queen because she is heir to foreign throne (12th in line)

Now other important orders…

Order of the Yellow Rose: A Princess Order, an honor guard created for Princess Doni. They were young, pretty, and full of their own ideas. This group becomes the military arm and spies for the Duke and yellows.

Blues and Yellows of The Colors
There are always factions at Court. These "teams" are color coded for your convience. However, it is not always good to wear your affiliations on your sleeve.
The Greens of The Colors
A moderate organization whos function is to nullify the Yellows and Blues, and maintain a status quo in the country.

Order of the Green Rose: Originally an honor guard created by the Princess Reisha, they played a pivotal role in maintining Kingdom Humana over the course of the wars and reconstruction.

The Order of Iron Gauntlet Kings Guardian Knights. Generals and Warriors, they act as King’s bodyguards in battle and stressful situations.

The Drama is

Memoirs of the Twin Rose Wars
The book itself is hefty, nearly 500 pages. The cover has no wording advertising itself, but the embossed leather has three roses, painted blue, yellow, and magenta. This symbol of the yellow and blue roses, entwined and surrounding the magenta, was originally considered heretical and seditious. Over the years since, it has become the emblem of the war.

The book gives you a rough guideline for what happens on the Twin Rose War.

The Young Lord Renly is the highly intelligent and charismatic young man that truly led The Order of the Yellow Rose. One of the "secret" players in the Twin Rose Wars, unknown to all but a few scholars. Without him, there would of been no Twin Rose Wars. 

In the background:

The Dylori: These are the Evil Slaving Dragon Bloods that rule most of the Old World and once ruled The New World.

Seelie King. He is of the Seelie line (those who do not consider humans vermin to remove). He was sent as a prince to this human country a few centuries ago. He and the then Queen brokered a gentle peace between their peoples. He is not a human lover, but willing to deal with humans.  He created the Magenta Rose.

The Mythics of the World of the Rose: These Elves and Dwarves and such.

The Lands in the World of the Rose This will give you some background on the rest of the setting.

Plot Lines

Plotling: wearing the wrong color at the wrong time tosses the characters into a deep political drama that they do not understand.

Plot: Destruction of the Rose (theft actually as it is pretty darn indestructable). Elves are outraged and now prepare for war. Now PC groups are hired from Blues and Yellows to blame the other for the removal of the rose.

Scoll Entries for someday:
Child Queen
The Duke
The Viceroy
Guy who writes the book
The Few
any other people who might be mentioned.

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Comments ( 3 )
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July 11, 2006, 3:43
Ummm... is it really posted? Or only wrongly labeled during updates?
It looks a bit unshaved for your usual standards.
July 11, 2006, 16:15
This seems unfinished.
April 7, 2007, 1:42
This is "unpublished" but I leave it up for organizational purposes and as a handy reference guide for anyone who stumbles across the Magenta Rose seris and needs a score card.

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