This is a knightly order of the kingdom, which does not require its members to of noble line, just noble attitude. Each member must be knighted for duty to kingdom or be of knightly rank (or greater) by birth. The order was formed by the Queen of the Rose, Queen Isa, hence the name. The order's primary duty is as The Queen's Guard. Seldom, if ever, sent into battle, their duties lie in protecting the Queen and the Heirs at Court and while travelling. The order not only protects the Queen (and heirs) persons, they also protect the office of The Queen. The Queen's champion is also drawn from the order. They act as advisors when needed, also helping any new Queen settle in.

A member of The Order is always well mannered (even if they don't always act it), educated, and witty. (Some say handsome and charismatic helps as well, depending on the queen). They must effortlessly function in court, as well as be a member of the Queen's circle. Some are experts at politics, but most are merely courtly. Members of The Order tend to be more duelists, than warriors. They are skilled fighters to be honest, but their expertise runs more to fencing, riding, and courtly weapons, than full armor, battle axes, and siege weapondry. This emphasis reflects their duties better.

Member's of The Order are recognizable by the Magenta Rose favor at their belts. At the beginning of Winter Court, each one who will be active that year, receives one of the Rose's last flowers. (It is amazing that there always seems to be one for each member who will be active at court. If there isn't it usually signifies a retirement or death; while extras usually mean a recruit will be added.) The Rose's flowers, if kept fairly cool, will last almost the entire winter.

There is one special duty that The Order partakes. They are Guardians of the Rose, they protect it and the kingdom's relationship with the mighty Elven Kingdom to the West. They are also the Honor Guard for any Elven envoy or guest at court.

The group is currently in difficult states given the current schisms at the court. Some are yellows; some blues. Most do not hold that this conflicts with their proper duties. Others think they are delusional. The Current Princess's new orders are not helping either.

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