Princess eDonistadled aka Doni, also known as The Princess Yellow, is one of the key players leading up to the Twin Rose Wars (as seen by Memoirs of the Twin Rose Wars/ Magenta Rose set of submissions. You need to look at these posts, for all of this to make proper sense. This submission can be used other places and times, with all the information above the "death of the king" or the "Start of the Twin Rose Wars."

Her heart shaped face is charming with its pert nose and large luminous eyes. Her hair was sun kissed strawberry blonde. It was long, wavy, and the envy of every girl she knows. She was naturally graceful like her mother and sister, but with a body that an artist would use to carve a goddess. Her curvy frame is very unlike the straight and strong Nechteran stereotype that her mother and sister follow. She is always dressed well (or as well as possible) and often in lace and other "frilly things".

The Princess is foreign born. She was originally from Nechteran, the issue of Engled, The Queen Consort (called simply First Princess Engled at the time) and Halan of the House of Polondorn. Her father died when she was quite young. She is the 12th in line for the Nechteran Crown, but it is unlikely that she will ever receive the Crown.

She was an excitable child, prone to emotional extremes. If she was not as "Cute as an Angel", she would of been a terror.

When she was five, her mother was betrothed to some foreign king to enforce some alliance treaty. No one was happy about it. She originally thought it would be a great adventure. She was the only one happy to leave. Of course about half way there, it dawned on her that it would take "forever" to get back home (to visit) and was even more morose about the trip than the rest of the party.

Her mother managed to shield her from the worst of the "chilly" reception they received upon being received at court. She made friends instantly among the youngest girls of the Court. Eventually her charms moved along the lines to older and older people.

She was "the doll" for the royal seamstress. She was always dressing her little doll in wonderful clothing as she grew from a child to a young lady. Before she became the yellow princess, she was truly the "pink" princess.

As she grew, she learned a bit more restraint over the years, but always was more emotional than logical. She lived in the romantic haze than many young girls did. Unlike most of them, she was in that dream world. She loved being a princess. She loved the clothes, the ceremony, the glitter, and the romantic notions of honor and chivalry.

As her mother became "accepted" by the Court, her mother through "events". First there were concerts, then picnics, rides, parties and balls. Doni loved every social event, the more extravegant the better. She would help her mother when she could. While not a good planner, she was a wonderful hostess at the events, even when young.

When she became a young lady (teen), many foreign princes (and other noble sons) came to The Court to woo her, as well as her sister. Doni adored the attentions of the gallant young men who came to her. To her though, it was just a game. She would wed when ever the arrows of eros would strike her heart when she found true love.

The most important part of her life, and in some ways, the history of The Lands, was the creation of The Order of the Yellow Rose. The creation of the Order started with a pique by Doni. Doni hated The Order of the Magenta Rose Knights that looked over her mother and her. She wanted fun knights of her own. She asked her step father to create a minor order for her, and in a moment of fatherly love, he did. And to be fair, he allowed Princess Reisha to do so too (birthing the Order of the Green Rose). Both orders were to be under the command of the First Knight of the Magenta Rose Order.

The Yellow Rose became her symbol. It is unclear if it was because she was a Yellow of the Blues and Yellows of The Colors or if she just liked the color. However, her taking on the color led people of that mind to her. However the Order of the Yellow Rose was formed.

Her order became more of a "training order" as one older knight jested. It was filled with young nobles and knights just earning or soon to be earning their spurs. It was more like a roving party of dreamers and idealists (with their girl friends in tow), than a knightly order. They spoke as young men are wont to do, of great deads they will do and the world they will make. Young Lord Renly was quite the impressive speaker in that regard. Doni believed almost every word of it. Surrounded by such company, including boys from the University, she changed from fairy tales of princesses and knights to fairy tales of total social equality and a wonderful world for all. She agitated for "change" her friends brought up, not comprehending all the ramifications of her "changes".

Members of Her Order where much more radical than she. Led by Young Lord Renly, The Few supported The Duke, but only as their best chance to implement change for the better. When her step father died, and the jockeying for power began, she became the an unwitting accomplice and spy for the Yellows. Members of her own Order were planning to kidnap the Queen Consort, (telling Doni that they were going to keep her safe from the Viceroy). That plan failed of course, but it set the tone for Doni for the rest of the Twin Rose Wars, as unwitting pawn for the Yellows (and the most radical elements of them to boot). When "steel was drawn" she fled with her "good" friends.

As a girl underexposed to the real world, she was hard pressed to deal with a life in a military campaign. She was dragged from camp to camp and, when possible, from friendly Holding to Holding. She became the "face" of the rebellion, adding legitimacy to the Duke's claim. Her natural charm brought many over to the Cause (of the Duke). Well her charms and the fact that the Viceroy's nobles were invoking the Old Laws of Blooded Rite - any lower noble or peasant who struck down a higher one, had their family and neighbors killed as well. One hundred heads for one, the old law said. Othertimes, she was used as bait or a distraction for other less noble plans. She was overjoyed when her Mother joined the Yellow Side. However, her friends endeavored to keep the two in separate locations for "safety reasons".

However, things were going badly for the Duke's forces. Some of Doni's Order were thinking of "leveraging" the Queen Consort to a foreign power for arms, money, and possible man-power. Doni was oblivious to her friend's plot, she thought they were just going to escort her mother far away from the war. Not that it mattered, she was captured by The Blues before it came to pass.

As the Duke surrendered, she joined the Yellow retreat. Her so called "good friends" (those that had survived anyways), abandoned her. Cold, lonely, and hunger, eventually Doni made it over the Border to Porten one of the adjacent Middle Kingdoms. She believed her friends when they said the Viceroy would put her to death for her part in the rebellion, so she concealed herself. She found that a "lady" who could not reveal her parentage had few opportunities. She spent the next few years as a lady in waiting for a middling border noble's wife and daughter. It was a humbling position.

When she heard word of the Duke's escape and a Yellow Army was in the field, she made haste to catch up with her "good friends". Though the years had made her more grounded, she still wanted to defeat the Evil Viceroy who had taken everything from her. She tried to take up her old position as a "banner carrier", drumming up support for the Duke, but her reception amongst the Yellow was cool. She did what she could for the Yellows as the campaign progressed.

Still her final fate is not known. She was lost to history some time in the middle of the Second Rose War. Some say she died at the battle of Blue Ford, under the thundering hooves of the nobles who attacked the camp. Others say she poisoned herself after realizing that nobody cared if she lived or died. Some think she just left to return to her job as a lady in waiting. Some hear the reports from other countries that she travelled far away from the Kingdom Humana, east to Eastern Kingdoms where she married a Autumn Kingdom merchant and lives in that far away fairy tale land.
Special Equipment

The Order of the Yellow Rose was her princess order of bodyguards and companions. It was more like a roving party of dreamers and idealists. The organization was more coopted by Young Lord Renly, who used it as his personal too. The Order became the spies and assassins of The Yellows and the Duke.

Roleplaying Notes
If you want a quick handle on her personality, "Cheerleader" comes to mind. She embodies the best and worst properties of that role. If you don't have high school cheerleaders, think of the pretty girls that run the social situation at your teen years schools or watch some American Movies on the subject.

She is completely impractical and fairly impulsive. She is a dreamer and idealist who does not like to be "held back" by things like facts or what other peoples think.

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