The Order of the Iron Gauntlet is the oldest in the Kingdom. They are the order of the King's Guardian Knights. Though they are Generals and Warriors of note, they act as the King's bodyguards in battle and interesting situations. The order started informally, as a group of loyal friends protecting the not yet King of the not yet Kingdom, during the campaign of unification (after the collapse of the Great Empire). It has grown to be one of the greatest honors that can be bestowed upon someone of Noble or Royal birth. (Though those of non-noble birth can be members, but only if given an entitlement during a battle/ campaign for service beyond their blood).

The Order's primary duty is to keep The King safe in situations of combat or personal danger. That is their 'warrior's duty'. Since they were always around the King during the campaign, they were giving their advice. Soon one of the selection criteria, besides being a friend to the King, became tactical savy. Since the King's friends tend to be nobles of goodly rank, most are adept as the politics of court and country as well. The Order has a great overlap of the King's Privy (advisory) council.

The Order frequently wear their favors (Gauntlet Fist, on field of Red and White) upon their belt. On special occasions, or times when just a bit more sublety' is required, members will wear custom made Iron Gauntlets, which are etched and decorated... enough to be fancy dress... rather than practical fighting gear... but practical enough to wear on a field of honor should it be needed.

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Mathius the Great King
Given the King's increasing age, the Order has assigned itself as an impromptu 'nanny service'. They assist the King, and attempt to do so in subtle enough ways, to avoid showing he is 'less firm' than he used to be. They are arranging his schedule in such a way that strenuous events are being cancelled due to someone else's issue or an 'up and comming crisis'.

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Blues and Yellows of The Colors
The group is currently in difficult states given the current schisms at the court. Some are yellows; many blues. The King originally did not mind the groups, until somewhat innocent blood has been shed. Now he is trying to supress all Colors. He denies the Iron Guantlet the ability to show their affiliation, yet key members of both Blues and Yellows are members.

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