Blues and Yellows of The Colors are starting to gain in presence at Court. Both have "radical" agendas in the eyes of most of the Court. They are also forcing people to choose sides. Not choosing is beginning to have serious consequences, some of them have been quite violent. Duels are being fought by Blues and Yellows. Most recently, an elderly lord, who had the misfortune of wearing the wrong color at the wrong time, was challenged and killed. The Lord was not being political, he was simply wearing a gift from his daughter.

So a Lady of the Court (Lady Julia is a good fit) who was tired of both their dangerous politics and the fact that one could not wear yellow or blue without expressing a political opinion that could get one challenged to a duel arranged a clever little protest. She managed to a good many of the court who were not color faction members to wear Green to an important and public Court Event. (And to everyone's amazement, she managed to get a handful of the more reasonable color members to join in.). It is now fashionable to wear Green at court.

Aside: Master Simonus might make an excellent tool of the Greens, bumbling his way to success.

The Colors have gotten the message and have backed down from active agendas. However, her protest has taken on a life of its own. A new Color has risen, The Greens. The Greens basically oppose both The Blues and The Yellows. They wish to support the Status Quo, no matter who becomes King. They are also acting to thwart any activities The Colors are taking. The Green's activities are beginning to interfere with general court business, as any normal politicing done by a Color is often seen as Color Business.

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