Part of Twin Rose Wars (as seen by Memoirs of the Twin Rose Wars)/ Magenta Rose set of submissions. You need to look at these posts or Princess Reisha, for these to make the most sense. As a note, it is just a general post before the mention of the Rose Wars, after that it is totally dependent.

The creation of the Order started with a pique by Princess Reisha's sister Doni. Doni hated The Order of the Magenta Rose Knights that looked over her mother. She wanted fun knights of her own. So she asked her step father to create a minor order for her, and in a moment of fatherly love, he did so (thus was created Order of the Yellow Rose). And to be fair, he allowed Reisha to do so too. Both orders were to be under the command of the First Knight of the Magenta Rose Order.

Princess Reisha took the charter quite seriously. Her order had strong knights for her bodyguards who were her own age. This became important because the good, but young, knights never would be brought into an order until they were much older. By granting them, they became equals to the other Ordered Knights. But it was not just nights she granted. She granted order membership to her companions, scholars, and scribes, so her order would not only be good companions but boons to the Kingdom. Her Order would do what it could to improve the Kingdom Humana.

In fact, while most were of Noble Blood, they were chosen for their skills and intelligence, rather than their connections. Even before the Twin Rose Wars there were Small Folks in their ranks. The few female knights and low nobles of intellect in the Kingdom had grants in this order.

This Order would of been a boon to the Kingdom in normal times, but these were not normal times. The Twin Rose Wars began.

As Princess Reisha and her Council took over the reigns of government, the Order took over other duties. They were the ones who, with the Order of the Magenta Rose, that protected the Castle Humana and the Magenta Rose. Eventually, the Order extended itself to protect all Magistrary Buildings (with a few of them becoming some of the first Magistrates). Originally members did it themselves, but soon they became the 'commanding officers' of the guards who did.

Those of the Order of a military bent, organized city watches and gaolers. Those of the Order of scholarly bent organized magistrates and worked to protect various churches and First People stella. The Order worked hard during these two years of the war. It was they who helped her maintain order and law in the time of the first Rose War.

In the prickly political situation, they also took over the guarding of prisioners. Blue or Yellow, it made no difference to them. There were no reprisal killings of held men on their watch. People were treated with dignity. They maintained continuity in the noble gaols, despite who had taken the place.

At the end of the War, the Viceroy King revoked their charter and some of the member's titles. However, the members of the order continued on working together. Reisha helped them as she could.

The Order regrouped as the Rebellion began. Its members swelled as old members recruited respectable and useful new members and the Princess approved them.

After the Thorn Rebellion and the Second Rose War, The Order became the core of the New Civil Guard and Magistrary. They took on roles of leadership, both in role and example.

It is for that reason that the Guard's uniforms have the small rose patch upon their shoulder or breast. It is also the reason that the Seal of the Magistrate's office has a Green Rose.

The Order of the Green Rose is one of the few 'honor groups' left in Modern Humana. While there are no longer Sers and Lords, Order Membership allows one to add the title Honorable to their name without pretense. (Though now a steering committee choose people, as the Princess is long dead).

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