Full Item Description
Blade hands are nothing more extravagant than red silken ribbons tied about the scabbard of swords, or tieing weapons to packs or belts. The addition of a black wax seal completes the enchanted seal and binds the weapon to its place. The wax isn’t magical but when the official seal is pressed into the hot wax, sealing the ribbin and the weapon to it’s current holder, the seal is then magically enchanted to alert the watch when one is broken either by acident or in anger.

Quite simply known as the Seal, blade hands were designed as a safe guard for the city watch to cut down on murders and leathal fights within the city. When the city tried to ban weapons, travelers began traveling around the city to other ports in fear of loosing their weapons if checked at the gates and the hassle to get them returned once checked.

In fact, by banning the weapons, a market for weapons went up on the streets quickly and tempers began flaring quicker with more deaths as a result. Riots also began escalating throughout the city with more and more citizen being killed by the swords of the watch than by each other.

The magistrate was charged with finding a solution before social order broke down and the city collapsed on itself. He contacted a quiet, slip of a man who few knew to have a gift. He was skilled in creating small and seemingly mundane mystical items that few people cared for. Some say he was just an old alchemist who had lost his sensibilities and so few sought his services.

He was told to allow everyone the choice of keeping their weapons, but restrict them from being able to use them. So he toiled and created the Blade Hands. originally for swords only he was easily able to adapt them for other, odder weapons.

The blade hands, or seal as they are commonly called, is a set of items, only one of which actually holds any magical energies but when combined together the perfect, inexpensive control tool. Whenever anyone enters the city they must claim all their weapons at the gate in which they entered. Their sword scabbards are then bound with this silken ribbon and wax seal. Other weapons that have holsters are bound in a similar fashion while odd weapons are bound to belts or packs or saddle bags to make their use near to impossible as a weapon.

All are tied with the same red ribbon and the black wax. It is then pressed over the knot with the granite seal of the Bladed Hand. The pressing of the seal is what empowers the wax and ribbon. Its energies course through the wax and ribbon constantly, looking for a break or a tear.

If anyone is caught breaking the seal on purpose they are imprisoned for three days. If they are found to have broken the seal by fighting, they will be judged accordingly on how much damage was done and they will be physically punished in concordance with the damage.

If they cut someone, they are cut as well. If they kill someone, they are killed in the same manner in public display of a violation of the law of the Bladed Hands.

Magical Properties
If anyone were to cut the cloth, break the wax seal, or attempt to weild the weapon other than carrying it, the seal will shatter in a high pitched whine that echos from the broken wax for a period of four seconds. The item that was bound will then begin to flash a bright colored light until a granite seal is placed on the item to remove this minor enchantment.

The item will flash a bluish white if the breaking of the seal was accidental.

The item will flash green if the breaking of the seal was in self defense.

The item will flash red if the breaking of the seal was on purpose or the item was used in anger while under the seal.

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