1-Sword Torch

This sword's only magical power is that it's blade glows with a green glow, but unlike most such 'glowing swords' by twisting the inner bit of the handle one way you can turn the glow off. By turning it the other way you can make it glow so brightly that you need sunglasses or the equivalent to look directly at it.

2-Warning Sword

The hilt of this sword goes slightly cold when a lie is told within fifteen feet of it, and very cold, almost dangerously so, when someone within fifteen feet of it is planning a violent attack on it's owner. It has no other known magic powers.

3-Parrying Sword

In stats terms, the classic +1 blade that most PCs have got their hands on at some type, as it makes parrying easier but has no such effect on thrusts or cuts. +1 in Defense, nothing in Attack. It was made by a blacksmith-mage who was secretly a bit of a pacifist and disliked being conscripted into the army and forced to work on weapons of war.

4-Flat-Parry Sword

This fine blade is enchanted so that when it parries against a shield, a weapon, or anything else uncuttable, it always twists in the hand so it is not the edge that is struck. Because of this it can even strike a Notcher multiple times without taking any damage. Whilst other swords often have at least partly notched blades as they age, this looks as new as when it was first quenched at the forge.

5-Were's Bane

Made by someone who lost his family to a werewolf attack, this magically sharpened silver sword does, in stats terms, double damage to all were creatures. With this the original owner set about a mission of revenge.

6-Elf's Bane

Made in the orcish style by Orc blacksmiths this is more of a cleaver then a sword, with orcish runes along the flats of the blade on both sides. Whilst nowhere near as powerful as Grond, Hammer of the Underworld it has bonuses against elven magic and glamour spells and does double damage in stats terms to elves and half-elves.


This fine longsword has many tales about it's magical powers but in fact has no magic in it at all. The king who had it made was a cheapskate who would not pay extra to have it enchanted. Despite his greed he was a very good warrior and stories about his enchanted sword soon spread. If someone firmly beleaves this sword is magic, it has a +1 combat bonus unless the owner finds out the truth in which case the combat bonus vanishes.


A well-made mithril elvish longsword with gold leaf on the hilt that if in a real life fantasy film would be held by someone like Harry Styles, this blade does double damage to Orcs and fends off their dark magic. It was made as a counter-weapon to the Elf's Bane.


Known by it's maker simply as Ouch, this goblin longsword (to humans, an average size sword) is enchanted so that no magical healing below the level of an Archmage or a God or Goddess will work. Ordinary healing does work, given enough time, but someone hurt by this cannot be magically healed and a Return to Life or Raise the Dead magic scroll or it's equivalent won't work. Great for getting rid of that annoying PC who spoils the RP for everybody else.

10-Sword of Change

Whilst it cannot change it's size or look like anything that is not a sword, the owner of this weapon can change it's appearance with a thought, to anything from the kind of sword held by a king or great noble to a rusty looking thing.

11-Notcher Blade

Each blow from this blade that is parried bites deeply into the foe's blade like that shield known as the Notcher without damaging the Notcher Blade. If the owner of this blade is also carrying a Notcher shield, then a few rounds of combat will effectively destroy your sword. Fortunately for the stability of the world these are far too expensive to equip ordinary military units with it.

12-Dagger Sword

A magical code word changes this blade to a roundel dagger and another code word turns it back into a longsword. Handy in a world where knives and daggers are legal to carry but swords are restricted to the city guards and the nobility with harsh penalties for violators of this law.

13-Casanova Sword

In stats terms, this gives a +2 advantage to chatting up people of the opposite sex and helps the person say theb right things on a date to impress the one they are in love with. It has no bonuses in battle however.

14-Grip Sword

This cannot be let go until a fight is over, even if the owner wishes to do so. If a blow would knock the sword from the hand, it instead injures the owner, spraining his or her sword arm.

15-Sheildmaiden's Sword

When a woman holds this or carries it on a scabbard on her belt, she cannot get pregnant and does not have periods either. A great help for the orders of Shieldmadens. The sword has no other magical powers as a Sheildmaiden is expected to fight well without magic.

16-Singing Sword

A code word makes this sword sing a loop of up to fifteen of the owner's favorite songs, and another code word makes the sword stop singing. Should the owner die and no one else knows the code word then the sword will carry on loudly singing indefinitely.

17-Clean Sword

All liquids, from blood to oil to water to other liquids, are repelled from the blade of this sword, which makes it handy to murder people with whilst leaving no trace of blood on the sword's blade.

18-Rider's Sabre

A rider's version of the Grip sword, this cannot be let go until a fight is over, even if the owner wishes to do so. If a blow would knock the sword from the hand, it instead injures the owner, spraining his or her sword arm. If a lance would knock the owner from the horse or other beast that he or she is riding, it impales the owner instead, so beware. And to dismount the sword must be sheathed first.

19-Stand Fast Sword

Meant for those soldiers who are defending a gate or narrow choke-point, once drawn the blade cannot be dropped and the owner is fixed into place until death or until the sword is sheathed. It prevents cowardice in battle but fixes people in one position, unable to advance or retreat.

20--Solid Footing Sword

With this sword, once drawn the blade cannot be dropped and the owner cannot be knocked over or tripped over ntil death or until the sword is sheathed. However, itt fixes people in one position, unable to advance or retreat.

21-Good Behavior Sword

This rather obnoxious if fine looking sword

22-Quitus Sword

23-Sword of Bravery

24-Sword of Justice

25-Mace Sword

26-Undead Sword

27-Boomarang Sword

28-Flint sword

29-Bell sword

30-Wounder Sword

31-Rotter Sword

(18:13:51) Aramax: 13 cannot be droped or knocked out of hand
(18:14:20) Cheka_Man: 15-when a woman has it, prevents periods
(18:14:32) Aramax: LOL
(18:14:49) Cheka_Man: 16-Sings music on command
(18:14:58) Aramax: had one , you made me forget lol
(18:15:22) Cheka_Man: 17-allways looks good with anti rust spell on it
(18:15:37) Aramax: 18when on horse back you cannot be knock off
(18:15:52) Aramax: 19 cannnot be moved
(18:16:02) Aramax: 20 cannot be tripped
(18:16:24) Cheka_Man: 21-One of the Blade Hands built into it
(18:16:40) Cheka_Man: 22-bonus to slaying undead
(18:16:54) Aramax: on my other list
(18:17:04) Cheka_Man: 23-makes user brave
(18:17:22) Cheka_Man: 24-points out bad guys
(18:17:37) Aramax: 24 can change to mace
(18:18:09) Cheka_Man: 25-sword made by undead for undead, bonus to killing the living
(18:18:26) Aramax: 27can be thrown
(18:19:01) Cheka_Man: 28-Sword of enchanted flint
(18:19:16) Aramax: nice
(18:19:17) Cheka_Man: 29-burglar alarm on sword
(18:19:35) Aramax: 30 inflicts non leathal damage
(18:20:14) Cheka_Man: and 31-infects someone cut with it with gangrene on the spot

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