It is a long standing tradition that mages have a familiar, and while the most common and least offensive tend to be felines, blathersome toads, and snowy owls, the weakest of the ranks of the infernal often feel the call of the Wizard's beckoning. The generally appearance of these creatures is as a winged humanoid roughly two feet tall and weighing less than 20 pounds. The skin comes in a rainbow of colors, though blacks, greens, and reds are by far the most common. The wings are often leathery, and the skin is generally covered in small reptilian scales. This is subjective of course as all such imps are able to polymorph themselves into mundane animals of roughly the same mass, though said animals tend to exude an unnatural aura.

Basic Abilities
Imps, being the weakest of the infernal, are always looking for a patron or host to protect them or otherwise sustain them. This innate desperation makes them ideal cantidates for binding into familiars. While lacking in physical strength, they make up for it through arcane knowledge and access to terrible secrets and forbidden magics. The ironic part is that being such weak demons, these diminutive creatures are not able to instruct magi in the arts of true infernal magics. To gain access to the Keys of Hell, a magus would have to summon a greater demon able to confer such secrets. As it is, an imp provides a suitable mentor in the paths of arcane magic though they are at the very best neutral in alignment.

Most Imps have full access to the realms of cantrip magics, the weakest of magics. With this they are able to conjure tiny objects, mend things, send invisible messages, and the other equivalent of wizard's parlor tricks. They will also have at least one spell of some signifigance, often a spell that in some way defines their demonic nature.

1. Mlaen of the Horizon
Imps are infuriatingly proud creatures, but few can match Mlaen for arrogance and condenscension. This snow white imp with gleaming gold claws and teeth claims tremendous powers of divination and to know the warp and weft of time before it is woven. With a taste for expensive wine, exotic food and incense, Mlaen can cast clairaudience and clairvoyance spells at will.

2. Jiala Sprite-Biter
As chaotic and quixotic imp as there ever was, this flippant female imp struts and preens, cooing over her own reflection. Jiala demands a constant amount of attention, but rather than putting on acts, and throwing tantrums this little imp resorts to pulling pranks, setting traps, and singing ribald songs and telling macabre or scandalous jokes. Fresh wine and cheeses are her preferred offering, and she avoids getting in trouble by casting Charm Person magics on anyone but her wizardly master.

3. Dalzhind the Elder
A scabrous and rugose imp, Dalzhind is the color of yellowed paper and smells strongly of old people. He has been a familiar for wizards for centuries, and is more than willing to tell his current master all about his previous masters. This is generally done to point out the current wizard's similarities to the fools who have summoned him, or to point out said wizard's failings in comparison with the wizards of old. A traditionalist, Dalzhind demands offerings of blood and locks of hair tossed into flames and can cast Identify Object spells to determine a magic item's powers and history, as well as the same with mundane items.

4. Sreen the Mad
Brilliant scarlet and brayingly obnoxious, Sreen is a vigorous imp that lives for excitement. Unfortunately most mages lack the constitution for too much excitement. Sreen compensates for this by buffing his master with spells like Mage Armor, Protection from Falling, and Increased Constitution. Rather than demanding some food, drink of luxury as offering, Sreen expects his master to stay involved in exciting events, risk taking and the like, generally a dangerous event at least once a week.

5. Tilarrio the Enduring
Withered and old like Dalshind, Tilarrio is also a crippled imp. He is missing a wing and much of his body is covered with a patchwork of scars. An ascetic devil, Tilarrio demands his master meditate at least an hour a day. A wise imp, Tillario can cast Detect Magic. Read Magic, Detect Secret Doors, and Detect Poison at will. Aside from his impish duties, Tilarrio smokes a tiny longstem pipe and takes long naps after drinking too much brandy.

6. Nibele the Card-Counter
Looking like a miniature cross between a common street-walker and a silk clad princess, Nibele is an imp of luck. Strikingly beautiful despite the pinions growing from her back she is a helpful companion and friend of the gambling mage. In exchange for her ability to use Invisibility at will, Nibele will help cheat at cards and dice for a share of the loot gained. If the mage in question in only interested in her knowledge of invisibility magics, her demand will be for him to indulge in a certain amount of gambling on a regular basis. She also demands that her master have no other women in his life other than herself. Ever.

7. Shebali the Inciter
There are few things more offensive to Shebali than the status quo. The current monarchy? Topple it. The main line of though in the schools of magic? Overturn it. A sucker for an underdog cause, rebel faction, or dissenting opinion, Shebali takes offerings in the form of verbal debates and can cast confusion at will, as well as being able to taunt mercilessly.

8. Llieh the Immaculate
A seemingly pristine imp made of rosewood and wearing various ensembles of black silk and diminutive jewels, Llieh is an ancient imp recalling the splendor of ages past and the height to which the magical arts reached in those times. An herbalist and potion brewer without peer, Llieh will endlessly berate any magus who forgets which is a Szanzt cup and which is the Oorlaft Beaker, and heavens help the acolyte who spills even a dram of spell reagent.

9. Roseor the Admonisher
While most demons and devils wallow in their depravity, Roseor looks to higher inspirations, speaking broken pieces of holy sutras. Despite this seeming devotion, this charcoal colored imp is easily repulsed by any holy symbol. Roseor is often belligerent when faced with alcohol, whoring, feasting and vast sums of gold. He takes offerings in the form of reciting psalms and can Cure Wounds and has a 5% chance to Remove Disease.

10. Ankin the Patient
This imp, perpetually covered with a patina of chalkdust and ink blotted fingers is a paramount instructor of magic. Complete with tiny spectacles and an imp-sized grimoire and pocket-watch, Ankin is equal parts devil and college chemistry teacher. (Though some would argue they are one and the same) Ankin can cast any low level spell, but rather than at will, he can only cast said spell three times a day, and is limited to one single spell to be cast a day.

11. Phindar the Mutilator
Larger than most imps by half, Phindar is an impressive collection of fangs, claws, and body barbs. Belligerent in the extreme, he is an asset to warmages mainly. He is able to cast Magic Weapon 3 times a day, Cause Fear at will, and bite and claw for minor albeit magical damage. In civil situations Phindar will occupy himself with hunting local wildlife like rodents, cats, puppies and the like and eat them in such a fashion that they live as long through the process as he can manage. In less civil surroundings he preferrs eyes, lips, and tongues.

12. Rothe the Bound
Appearing as a nearly skeletal imp with paper thin wings and skin the color of rotten grapes, Rothe is draped in tiny chains and bells. This imp moans and laments it's terrible burden to those who can hear it's cries. It demands to be abused, shouted at and physically beaten for the slightest infraction. Just to make sure it gets enough pleasure from it's beatings, Rothe makes such events public, and often in a manner that demands retribution. Rothe is a master of low level Summoning spells.

13. Or'shanse the Fatal
Looking half rotten with cloudy eyes and ripped wings, Or'shanse gives the appearance of a zombie imp. The smell of death follows this morbidly humorous imp who delights in the suffering of others. While accepting offerings of funeral candles and mourner's tears, Or'shanse rather likes to encourage suicides and bath in the angst generated. This imp can cast Suggestion and a form of the Animate Dead spell, but skeletons and zombies raised so only last for a single night.

14. Venorsh the Wolf
This hairy imp smells of wet dog and is as pleasant as a hungry wolf. Hungry for red meat, Venorsh speaks very little and when he/it? does the words are gutteral. Unless specifically ordered to stay close, Venorsh will skulk away to hide. Despite being reclusive and taciturn, this imp will teach the Summon Animal and Hold Monster spells but only to mages who allow him his indulgences and brooding.

15. Quess the Noble
While the imps recognize herairchy, only Quess in his massive pride claims to be a prince and noble among the imps. Appearing as a textbook picture of impish perfection he clads himself in diminutive furs and carries imp sized crowns, swords and lordly staves. He demands to eat from a gold plate and drink from a silver cup and to have his own servant slave. In exchange for these demands, Quess is a master courtier and manipulator of court intrigue and can cast spells of misdirection and charisma enhancement as needed.

16. Elsqatyu the Arbiter
With an aura of authority and clad in judicial robes, Elsqatyu is a living breathing impish encyclopedia of law and legal precedent. This imp abhors chaos in its many forms and expects his master to keep to a rigid daily routine. Offerings come in the form of hand written legal documents and incense burned in a silver dish. Being the axiomist that he is, Elsqatyu can cast Protection from Chaos at will and Geas once a day in the serving of contracts and terms of punishment.

17. Ultrinnan Twelve-Strings
A slight imp with a wide smile and delicate fingers, Ultrinnan is a jack of all trades. This imp plays an imp sized harp or pan pipe, carries a small sword, and can cast Greater Illusion once a day and small audible and visual Glamours at will. While being capricious, Ultrinnan can be a great asset in choosing garb for attending fetes, critiquing music, and other whirl-about social endeavors.

18. Ust the Braggart
It is uncommon for imps to take an interest in the affairs of mortals, and as far as imps go Ust is very uncommon. Being a rank competitor, Ust is endlessly fascinated by human sports, races, and tournaments. While at times this can be a simple annoyance when the imp vanishes to watch the local tournament, it becomes more of a problem when the imp demands the mage attend a minor game between street children, or sneaks into a great tournament where magic is banned. Ust generally can use buffing magics like Increase Strength and Increase Agility on his master of those he wants to see win in a game.

19. Jabbuk the Master of Direction
While a mage can learn a great deal from the intelligent and overbearing Jabbuk, he will never satisfy the imp's demands for perfection. The mage's chanting will always be off tone, or the somantic gestures will be belittled for being stiff in the wrist and limp in the elbow. While this sort of dynamic is irritating in the laboratory, in public it is unbearable as Jabbuk's critical commentary will spill over into conversations with others, with the imp telling the mage to stand up straight, stop blinking so much, stop looking distracted. Jabbuk can Animate Object at will but such animation only lasts for one day.

20. Colnbluth the Grotesque
While few imps are subtle creatures, Colnbluth makes even Sreen the Mad look like a shining example of self control. Like a monkey at the zoo, Colnbluth will make faces and lewd gestures, while play with himself in the presence of ladies and attempt to throw imp feces at men in polished armor. This display hides a devious and cunning mind capable of casting Remove Curse and Cure Disease at will. The cost of this magical protection comes in the demand that Colnbluth and his master attend many bars, indulge in sins of the flesh, get drunk and other debauchery on a semi-regular basis.

21. Houj the All-Seeing
A decrepid looking female imp with a tobacco smoking habit and smelling of gin, Houj can find any flaw, fault or weakness with a moment's glance. This curmudgeonly imp takes offerings with a grumble but pretty much anything will be flawed in some fashion. Houj can cast Wilt Plant at will, and Warp Object once a day.

22. Uln'hyrr the Serpent
With the cold unblinking eyes of a snake, Uln'hyrr is a wise and unnervingly knowing imp. Emerald green with tiny teeth and a taste for sweetbreads and mice he has information always of value. Few know of more hidden caches, forgotten ruins, secret formulae, or wobegone spells than Uln'hyrr. Most of these are red herrings, leading to empty holes, failed potions and the like, but the importance to Uln'hyrr is not the end, but the sale. His power is a constant Protection from Scrying rending the mage effectively invisible to sensory magics.

23. Drada the Imitator
Drada is a consumate imitator and will magically appear as a different imp, using their name and Shadow Magic versions of their spells. Her Shadow Magic looks the part of the real magic but is 80% likely to fail under scrutiny. If disarmed from his disguises, she is a tiny and frail creature with translucent flesh that lets the mage see her internal organs and blood flowing. If so disrobed, Drada will vanish for at least a lunar cycle before returning like a forlorn lover.

24. Mighty Sea'an
A handsome and muscular imp, Sea'an aspires to become a terrible imp with an appropriate Warrior-Mage or Mage-Knight as his human ally. This almost human looking imp demands his master involve himself in physical contests as well as wizardly persuits as well as keeping a mistress or concubine if not married. Like most vain imps, Sea'an loves attention and will offer his ability to cast Hero's Blessing, or Mage Armor at will.

25. Dalhar the Meek
This imp is easily half the size of other imps and is absolutely terrified of his wizard, cowering in his presence. As a weaker than average imp, Dalhar has not yet gained a signature spell, and in fact all of his spells have a 35% chance of failure. His wisdom is similarly faulty, being wrong roughly 20% of the time. When confronted about his errors and ineptitudes, Dalhar becomes hysterical, sobbing, throwing tantrums and hiding.

26. Klewar the Jovial
Almost any given day is a holy day, feast day, or some other celebration somewhere in creation. Klewar just happens to know what celebration occurs everyday, something he will festively tell his master between demonstrations appropriate to the celebration, drinking, or otherwise being an impish 'frat boy'. As his given power, Klewar can Create Food and Drink almost at will and once a month can cast Summon Feast. This comes with the stipulation that the food and drink in question relates to a celebration. While this is fine during the Zebrank Festival of Beer and Sausage, it is much more of a problem when it happens to be the Feast of Consumption for the distant cannibals of the outer isles.

27. Mother Ilhar
A matronly imp, Mother Ilhar is steel gray with an imposing bun and stern expression on her drawn face. This is a tough act as this imp desires to be a caregiver, taking tears shed on her proverbial shoulder as offerings. Unlike most imps, too insecure to work against their master, Mother Ilhar will work things to increasingly put her master in situations to come to her in need of succor and aid. She can cast Sleep at will, but cannot use this against her master.

28. Z'ress the Stout
Appearing as a grotesquely muscled female imp with glistening green and gold scales, Z'ress will only serve female wizards. This imp exhorts the value of strength and dominion over men by either sheer brute force or by use of feminine wiles. She can cast Hold Person against men at will, Charm Person again only at men, and Increase Strength but only for women. Z'ress expects her wizard to regularly prove herself stronger and superior to men.

29. Shee'lot the Wasted
Reeking of piss and ale, Shee'lot is an imp with a vice. The gaunt looking yellow-eyed imp is slavishly addicted to alcohol in any form, though the stronger the better. Constantly drunk, Shee'lot can Purify Toxin at will, though this will not work against alcohol. When sobered, the imp can cast other spells but hang-overs reduce his formerly signifigant spellpower with a 25% chance of spell failure and a 10% chance to cast the wrong spell.

30. Morfeth the Schemer
A fiercely oratory imp, Morfeth has plans, grandiose plans. These plans range from the unlikely ascendance to the realms of becoming a greater demon to the mundane addition of new rooms to an existing wizard's tower. This imp is able to draw out detailed plans, balance books of credit, and make long term plans for a myriad of projects and can cast Duplicate Object at will, and can make said items permanent once a week.

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31. Zargraff the Disguised

Zagraff looks like a silver colored imp, with long bat wings, but it is a magically created disguise to hid his true nature as a Niyott He urges his master on to greater and greater efforts, being very helpful, until the night he eats all his master's spells and scrolls and flees the area as fast as his wings can take him. He can cast Disguise once a day, and is a master of scrying spells.