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September 18, 2007, 6:59 pm

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The Wastes


The Wastes can be beautiful. Here the land is toxic: slowly corrosive to the touch, causing illness and death with prolonged contact. The bubbling sulfur and ectomass pools (HellPits too) are especially lovely, if you have the right aesthetic. The soil is soft and any heavy object slowly sinks. If it was not for the special resources here (dyes, alchemical elements, resins, Grimrock, Verner glands, etc), it would be a place that no one would come.

"This is a Stub"

Actually it was a stub, but now it is a bit out of control. The Wastes used to be a place holder place, where I could put terrible toxic things and have a fantasy post apocalyptic area. It became the background for quite a few submissions.

Now, this is a coordinating submission. It links together the various part of a toxic fantasy land and paints a (somewhat) coherient picture. You will need to read the various linked submissions and stubs for this to make much sense. (So mouse over everything underlined or check the upper right ID box.)


The Wastes can be beautiful to look at. The land has a wide variety of chroma, ranging across from dark chocolate, to burnt sienna, to blood red, to sandy oranges, to pale yellow sand. Some is matte, while other parts sparkle with minerals. Wisps of fog slide across these colors. Sometimes that fog glows with an elegant light. There are rocks of many hues as well. Some solid, while others are striped with layers of color. Some are massive, islands in The Wastes. Others form standing stones, as the soil has slide away around them. Each exposed stone is rounded; some eroded by sand, others eroded by the waste tainted winds. The water is found in the form of high spouting geysers and warm sulfur springs with colorful rings at their edges. Some of it is even safe to drink. The sunsets here are unlike anywhere else in the world. They have more color than anywhere else in the world. And as the sun’s brightness and angle changes the hues of the very land. Some parts of the land even glow gently, counterpointing the on coming darkness. Those of artistic bents will travel to The Wastes just to see the sunsets and rises here.

It is beautiful to look at.

It is not as nice to the touch.

The soil here is like no where else. The soil is soft and spongy. It is not quite mud as it is not really wet, but has that consistancy Any heavy object will slowly sink into it, never to be seen again. It is almost always slowly corrosive to the touch. Anything left out on it will eventually decay. Prolonged direct exposure can lead to illness as well.

Those that live in and around here, and yes people do, are careful about direct exposure to the soil or the various odd materials in The Wastes.

In addition to the watery pools and geysers, The Wastes have other pools. There are hot and raw sulfur pits here and Hellpits are scattered about The Wastes as well. These pools project gentle light into the sky and fog here. The effect can be quite stunning as the tule fog quickly slides along. (Note: some of the opaque fog is just a release of some gas from The Wastes.)

If it was not for the special resources here (dyes, alchemical elements, rare metals and stones, resins, Grimrock, Verner glands, etc), it would be a place that no one would come.

The Wastes is full of life. Most things here are uniquely adapted to the paraliquid soil. Of note are the carnivorous mobile mutant plants, Floaters, various passing birds, Soarers, changed rodents, Waste Spiders, and Verners. The scroll below will list some of the lifeforms not worthy of a full sub.

Drooping Trees
Flute Grass
Sky Pods
Thorn Rolls

Most non adventurous plants here are poisonous.

*Note: There is no strong, hard wood in the wastes. All the wood used for construction in these parts is from the boundary zones.

Crawlers of The Wastes
Waste Knights
Waste Rats
Waste Spiders

*Note: There are a lot of various medium sized monsters in the Wastes. Populate them as you see fit. If you need a good idea, take a standard medium sized monster or animal and mutate it.

Society In and Around The Wastes
There are people who live in the area around The Wastes. They travel into The Wastes searching for various rare and important material (Grimrock for example).

Feature Piers

: Borrowing from their Ocean side brethren, piers and paths were made out into the wastes. Wooden Planks set on glass balls survived the longest. Eventually they would corrode and fall away and the glass spheres would not carry much traffic, so they were temporary at best. They did manage to extend the reach into the wastes.

These were also the starting points for the Moving Cities of the Wastes.

The Moving Cities

are not actually mobile like a cart or ship. They are mobile because they slowly move across The Wastes as the inhabitants build new city parts to replace those that are destroyed by the corrosion of The Wastes.

There are several mobile cities in The Wastes. The best known is Carnous (See City Image - Carnous). There are several others about the wastes.

Feature Islands

: These are small stationary islands of huts made of wood and bamboo that are spread around The Wastes for navigational and rest purposes. They don’t last long, but they are easy to replace.

Some islands are actually built on large standing boulders after they have scared the Soarers off, or huge sand coral patches. Sand Coral here is much like Ocadian SandCoral, except the animals that inhabit it are all stinging creatures that make standing on it without thick boots dangerous.

The best known rock based Island is Deadman’s Rock.

Other Notes
Some say this is this is where The City of Caulderon once was. Actually it was the location for one of the cities.

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City Image - Carnous By: MoonHunter ( Locations ) City - Other

Carnous is the famous Boardwalk city, built upon the toxic lands of The Wastes. Here the land is slowly corrosive to the touch, causing illness with prolonged contact. Carnous is a wooden city that is never stationary and always growing.

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Crawlers of the Wastes By: MoonHunter ( Lifeforms ) Fauna - Other

"...The spider did win, but his victory was short lived. The Crawler came down from the rocks above and killed him, then eating the Waste Spider, The Rat, and the small bit of jerky that I started this battle royal with. " Exerpt: A Prospector’s Tale, VOL XXIII Blue Guild Press

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Creepers By: MoonHunter ( Lifeforms ) Flora - Desert

"It was another beautiful sunset in the wastes. In the distance I could see an entire meadows worth of plants sliding to a safer place for the night." Exerpt: A Prospector’s Tale, VOL XXIII Blue Guild Press

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Deadman's Rock By: MoonHunter ( Locations ) City - Other

In The Wastes the prospectors look for valuable substances. When they need some respite, they look for Deadman’s Rock.

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Drooping Trees By: MoonHunter ( Lifeforms ) Flora - Desert

"Just when I thought it could not get any hotter, we cleared the crest of a small hollow. There was the most magnificent sight, a huge shadey tree hidden in the depression. It must of been there for decades for I had never seen a Drooping Tree that large before and in my decades of prospecting since,"  Exerpt: A Prospector’s Tale, VOL XXIII Blue Guild Press

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Flute Grass By: MoonHunter ( Lifeforms ) Flora - Any

The Wastes are never silent. There is always a baleful music on the wind.

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GrimRock By: MoonHunter ( Items ) Materials - Non-Magical

This somewhat magical stone contains fire within it, just waiting to be released

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HellPit By: MoonHunter ( Locations ) Other - Any

A HellPit is a spring of green ectoplasmic goo that spring forth from the bowels of the astreal to the materail realm in out of the way places. These points of concentrated Evil and Chaos create dangers untold in regions around them.

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Sky Pods By: MoonHunter ( Lifeforms ) Flora - Any

A strange sight of the wastes, long green streamers pinned to the sky floating on the wind.

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Soarers By: MoonHunter ( Lifeforms ) Fauna - Desert

From their home, the winds high above the desolate lands below, these giant winged creatures strike silently and sure.

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The City of Caulderon By: MoonHunter ( Locations ) City - Other

The city of Caulderon is the mythic flying city.  Once a magnificent city on a cliff, it was saved from being lost to the sea by being lifted by alchemical means.  It was filled with impossibly tall shining spires standing above golden domes. The sunlight striking it is said to blind those who come to invade the city. The people lived in this magnificent city in health, wealth, and safety. They rode Griffons and created all sorts of creature. Caulderon was known for its magic, its alchemy. In the old tongue, the word Caulder means alchemey, from the word Cauldron. It is from their alchemey that their great wealth and comfort is derieved.

Legends (and Elven History) states that the floating city would visit The Lands once every few years, blown by the winds. They would trade for things and sell their magikal goods.  After a year or so, their cities would be be blown to other places.  It has been over four hundred years since any credible source has seen the floating cities.  It is the thing of legends.

Then why has one been seen over the Land?

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Thorn Rolls By: MoonHunter ( Lifeforms ) Flora - Desert

"Tumbling dang danger" the old old prospector said.

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Verner By: MoonHunter ( Lifeforms ) Fauna - Other

The toxic lands of the Wastes should support no life. Here the land is slowly corrosive to the touch, causing illness with prolonged contact. The bubbling sulfur and ectomass pools are especially lovely, if you have the right aesthetic. The soil is soft and any heavy object slowly sinks. Other than a few migrant birds and some exotic small insects, The Wastes support only one native lifeform - The Verners - Exerpt from the often wrong but very popular Kalemandi’s Beasts of Lore and World.

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Waste Rats By: MoonHunter ( Lifeforms ) Fauna - Other

Rats. Why did it have to be Rats?

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Waste Spiders By: MoonHunter ( Lifeforms ) Fauna - Desert

"...I watched in morbid fascination as the Spider and the Rat circled each other. Soon one would be dead. My silver was on the Spider crawling away from this fight. ..." Exerpt: A Prospector’s Tale, VOL XXIII Blue Guild Press

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Comments ( 10 )
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August 16, 2007, 15:32
This Stub has seen a lot of traffic between people following the links and my own editing. The stub did what it was ideally supposed to do, grow in size and complexity into a real submission.

Note this submission has about 10 stubs associated with it. Most of them are flora and fauna of the non monsterous type, (well non monsterous for The Wastes anyways). So follow them along, they are kind of fun.
August 16, 2007, 15:48
Strolen, stubs are not addable to a codex. However, if they are included in the submission via a name link, and you edit the text updating it, they show up. In fact they don't even seem to back link consistantly either.
Voted Cheka Man
August 16, 2007, 17:29
Beautiful-but not a good place to live.
August 17, 2007, 12:33
Updated: Updated for one tense error and three capitalization errors.
Voted valadaar
August 17, 2007, 20:26
I like it. The terrain description is excellent.
October 14, 2008, 15:42
Follow the links (especially those in the texts - flora and fauna for example), there is a ton of stuff attached to this.
Cheka Man
October 14, 2008, 20:49
Which pools/springs are safe to drink?
October 15, 2008, 1:37
None. You have to pack most of your water in.

Well not completely true. You can run a distiller (boil and condense) and purifier (i.e. carbon/ charcol leach) and make most water "safe". However that means you have to carry a heavy distiller and purifier. You might cache one somewhere on a rock island or such, if you know where a water source is.

You might have other chemicals to make the certain pools safe. However, that is more random experiment.
Voted axlerowes
March 4, 2013, 21:48
pretty neat, GM voiced and a little meta, but the concept not the writing is strong
March 14, 2013, 10:48
It is a stub, an organizational point for the GM to use the various Waste posts. It is not really an artistic submission.

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