The legends and description of Caulderon are all true, for as far as they go.

The small continent that Caulderon once sat was a small one to the south and west of The Land. It was rocky and uninviting for farming, but it had a vast mineral wealth. Travelling there as colonists from the Great Empire, they became the greatest sailors, miners, and alchemists, of the Old World. As the Great Empire fell, the people of Caulderon managed to maintain themselves, though they lost touch with the rest of the world for a time.

Caulderon is the name of the capital city and country of the thirteen city states.

A terrible alchemical accident (things that should not be mixed) began to destroy the bedrock of the small continent. A bold plan was initiated to save their fair cities. Using the tunnels under the city, vast amounts of 9th metal- the metal that pushes against the Earth, began to support each city. Synchronized, each city floated to the sky. Within a month of the great lifting, the continent was gone.

The Caulderonians applied their skill with sails to sky sailing their new flying cities. There were 13 cities that lifted from the sky. One was lost to a storm (making 13 an unlucky number). Using alchemy, they were able to create almost everything they needed. They only needed to occasionally augment their supplies with fresh water, food, and wood (which can not be made through alchemical means).

Centuries after The Lifting, they created alchemical engines that allow them to fly where they will. No longer victims of the wind, they have been flying over the semi-mythical northern continent, which had people and cultures that were their equals. Now a holy war ravages that continent. Unable to get what they need easily, they decided to set sail once again... for the first time in centuries.

Now the 12 cities are flying to The Land. Their Gryphon forces have now scount The Land as they set their course. The people here are primatives when compared to their old trading partners and themselves. The ruling council of 12 can not agree upon their next course of action.

There is a setting thread by this name:,620.0.html
There is not much there, but it includes the campaign uses for the city

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