Filled with large rocks and loose sediment, the shallow freshwater brook trickles south near the simple town of Thorne. Lush banks and fragrant cherry blossom trees give the area an almost serene feeling except for the morbid tombstones that invade the brook. These tributes to the dead vary in size, shape, and deterioration. Most are firmly planted into the brook like tree roots. However, the few that are broken lay still in the water.

Theories over the origins of the area:

The locals are not sure which came first, the brook or the tombstones. The debate continues between local scholars with some believing that the tombstones had to have arrived first and that the stream eventually filled in the area. Others believe that the brook came first and the tombstones were magically forced into the ground.

The intellectuals that believe the former idea are sure that there is no reason to place tombstones (or bodies) in a creek magical or not. The speculation that nature simply took over the area is their logical answer. Additional evidence indicates that the location of the brook was the seven centuries old site of a war scrimmage known only as the "Battle of Kin Glade." This evidence simply fuels the theory that the brook was the gravesite of these soldiers.

The opposing faction are sure that a spring did not suddenly well up north and push water south creating a brook. The names on some of the tombstones also indicate that they were placed in the brook within the last century. This group believes that only magic could have allowed the tombstones to stay within the ground for this amount of time and cause damage to the brook or just destroy the base of the tombstones.

What is the real reason? That's up to you, the DM, to decide.

Plot Hooks:

When concentrating/camping/meditating in the location, the following could occur with specific types of people:

  • Earthbound Professions (rangers, druids): You feel a strange sensation coming from the brook. It feels natural, yet unnatural. But something is not quite right with the water.
  • Holy Professions (paladins, clerics): You hear a strange murmuring in the back of your mind and you suddenly see flashes of blood filling up the brook. The murmuring changes to screaming.
  • General: While exploring the area, a handful of scholars stop by to examine the tombstones and explain their groups theories.
  • General: While the players are camped out at night, there is a strange noise coming from the brook, like stone scraping on stone.
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