In all days upon the Sea, there was one pirate who did inspire terror in the hearts of all Men- he was called Vruthath, an man of the island of Uwon by birth, who sailed with a crew of a many hundreds- Imperials, Karu, Dlanni, Ffolkki, Cincori, White Islanders and Jewel Islanders and many others.
Men called him Eyikath, that is the Uwonath word for Evil One, and when they saw his red-striped sails, they made the x-shaped sign against evil. Vruthath Eyikath was a hard man, cruel and ruthless, and driven, driven to make his fortune and to force all to bow before him. He was also a cunning man, and he saw that in order to gather the riches he needed, he would also need a thing which he had in no great store- special knowledge, seer's knowledge, the knowledge that surpasses sight.

In this need, Vruthath Eyikath, Vruthath the Evil One, sailed to the uttermost East, and made three sacrafices to the Nameless God of that watery infinity.
The first sacrafice was a beautiful woman, stripped of her skin and hair, and with her eyes replaced by diamonds, who was laid in a raft and burned.
The second sacrafice was a broken dagger, embedded in an orange.
The third sacrafice was made at the second hour after midnight, when the Fourth Star of Plagues shone above the Sea's surface- this sacrafice is too terrible to recall. No pirate, not even Vruthath Eyikath, ever spoke of it again.
In return for these (albeit meager) sacrafices, the Nameless God of the Utter East sent to Vruthath a cloud of plague-laden mosquitoes, which are that God's servants, and these mosquitoes led Vruthath, in a tiny dinghy, into the south.

For four days and four nights, Vruthath paddled after the mosquitoes, and they buzzed toward the House of Imupokith, the Sea-Witch, which is built of coral and the skins of her former lovers, and floats upon the waves. Vruthath trembled at the sight of that feared demesne, but he greatly desired the knowledge which he could recieve.

Imupokith, the Sea-Witch, greeted Vruthath.
She said: 'Yimium-thoke,' which, in the Uwonath tongue, is 'Come.'
Vruthath was repulsed, horrified, and intrigued. Imupokith was not at all the horrible monster he had imagined- she was a beautiful woman, with long, ebony-black hair and the form of a goddess, without any raiment. Yet, her eyes were black and staring, her skin was wet and cold, and eels suckled at her breasts. She crouched over a golden bowl, in which she was stewing the heads of her former lovers in seawater and blood.

Vruthath said:
'U Imu Imupokith, eoewutho dokiyamte,' that is, 'Oh great Sea-Witch, I seek knowledge.'
Imupokith smiled, a nasty smile of sharp shark's teeth from which hung shreds of seaweed and meat.
'Eoewuthum dokiyamte? Yayath, dokiyamte,' she said, and then: 'Wouthum-sethiyo.' What she said was 'You seek knowledge? Yes, knowledge. You must pay.'
Vruthath said: 'Kumem yath eo woumayako?' or 'What is the price?'
Imupokith spoke the words.

The pirate gasped. Imupokith said: 'Yamum samemuthoth!', 'You are unwilling!'.
Vruthath said: 'Yayath', 'yes'.
Imupokith began to chant, and crow: 'Tumuv athemose! Tumuv athemose!', 'Your eye! Your eye!

There was a pause. Vruthath clutched a bleeding socket, and extended his hand- there in his palm, was a pearly orb, a staring green eye, slick with blood.

Vruthath left the House of Imupokith, and he wore an eyepatch of black, with a coin of jade sewn into it.

Ever after, Vruthath was more the terrible. His fortunes swelled- all sailed in fear of him. No ship that carried value could find itself unembattled upon the waves. Men now called the pirate Vruthath Eyiathemose, Vruthath Evil-Eye. His fleet swelled, all pirates flocked to his banner. The world was the meat in his broth.

Then, one night, his lieutenants fell upon him, and slaying him, separated his empire into sections. They lasted not a year at most. All were destroyed, and all of the pirates that the authorities could find, and the body and personal things also of Vruthath were taken or destroyed, save one- an eyepatch with a coin of jade sewn into it.

Magical Properties:

The Eye of Riches is an eyepatch of silk and cord, with a jade coin sewn into it. It is comfortable, and can be resized to fit most wearers.

When worn over an empty eyesocket, the Eye of Riches bestows a singular power- when the wearer covers the eyepatch with his palm, he is given a vision. This vision provides him with an image of the nearest and most valuable treasure, or booty, or material, or what-not such as that, and a mental estimation of its value in terms which the wearer understands. Sometimes, the wearer may recieve visions of multiple treasures, blurred together. In this occasion, there are many valuable treasures that are near at hand.

Using this eyepatch, Vruthath could see visions of the cargoes and treasures carried by traveling ships. In this fashion, he and his pirate band were able to take vast amounts of plunder.

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