During the second Demon War, those dark wizards who served the fallen rhin L'ruhk stepped over a line not crossed before, merging with the vessels of life created by Trigu an abominable power from the void beyond creation, fabricating foot-soldiers of a most horrible quality to fight against the forces of Light. It was not long afterwards that the War was ended by a massive meteor strike which cracked the unicontinent into three separate ones; what is less known about the Rending is that the Five Armors summoned the meteor straight down on top of the Dark Prince and Shaltier Gremtre, the most powerful of L'ruhk's necromancers.

However, Gremtre was not so easily stopped, thanks in part to L'ruhk, but also due to his sheer magical prowess; after the Second War ended, he continued imbuing magic into his mockeries of life, intending to create an army of vast proportions. He also continued with his research into undeath and the nature of the void beyond reality, developing devastating ways to manipulate the power therein. He wrote two books in his lifetime: Mortalitas Bicallis, the Death Path, and Valeo Nihilo, the Strength of Nothing.

Gremtre was about as bad as a mortal could get, and was in fact working on a plan to become immortal through his necromancy. Such a step would have been a disaster for all of Tyren, had a noble priest named Sayn not stepped up to the task of facing down the monster who had defeated entire armies single-handedly. Long story short, Sayn was victorious, though he himself died of wounds sustained in the fight. Soon after his death, he was unanimously declared a Saint by everyone involved in the Triguian Church, a testament to the monumental task he completed in defeating Gremtre.

Shaltier Gremtre was the epitome of the dark mage: black pants, black shirt, black robes, and pale skin. Around his neck hung a pendant with a Rhin falling engraved into the surface. His hair was black, and his eyes were a deep blue color, rivaling glaciers with their warmth.

Special Equipment
Blackwood Staff - A staff carved from blackwood, a type of wood from a tree not of this world. As such, all magics that utilize outside forces, e.g. necromancy, have a greatly increased effect when channeled through the staff.

Robes of the Mortius Exciti - These robes, while of normal make, were enchanted repeatedly with necromantic spells of protection, making the wearer all but impervious to magical and physical attacks. Of course, nothing can stop a divine assault, but Gremtre didn't even consider that Trigu would send someone to stop him, and thus didn't bother trying to protect against holy attacks.

Original Copy of

Valeo Nihilo

- His second self-published book, detailing his research into the nature of the void beyond reality, as well as explaining how to use that nothingness to increase your own magical ability a hundredfold. This ability is what made him more dangerous than any other necromancer.

Roleplaying Notes
Shaltier Gremtre was a dark and brooding personality, perhaps a little bit nuts by the end of his life. However, if he was insane, it did nothing to his powerful intellect and magical skill, and he has never cared about his eternal fate, so he will go to any lengths to kill those fighting him. He's a dangerous person to face down, and will summon powerful undead faster than you can blink, assuming he has a corpse lying around handy. If not, his vast array of dark spells can quickly create one for him out of an opponent. Necromancy makes for a great exponential equation, as long as there are fresh victims available.

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