Special Equipment:

Crozier of Saint Duncan - This relic, crozier six feet tall capped with a brass symbol of the heavens carries an echo of true faith, and is an indespensable tool for the working of exorcism. The Church of Saint Duncan very rarely loans it out, and then only in the protection of a cadre of holy monks.


Saint Duncan, Father Duncan when he was alive was an unassuming, and gentle man. He stood average height and was slightly overweight in his declining years. His hair was once brown, but slowly it turned grey. Now, his earthly remains are held in the nave in the cathedral he sponsored, which completed after his death and canonization, was named in his honor.


Saint Duncan was raised in a monastary, his parents abandoned him on a forest road and as a squaling infant he was rescued by one of the monks. Within the monastary he grew into a well behaved, and well educated young man. At the very young age of 21 he was made the Cellarer of the Monastary and was responcible for the material needs of the monks there.

At the age of 24, in a clerical upset, Duncan was raised to Prior of an aging cathedral following the untimely death of the old prior. Vigorous and filled with devotion to his deity, Duncan renovated the cathedral, and reinstated the purpose of the church in the area. He served as Prior for a number of years until the Bishop was found guilty of heresy, and simony as he was selling church positions to nobles and merchants in exchange for political favors and gold.

Duncan continued his vocation, traveling to and fro from where he was needed, as he had the power of his deity in his voice, and armed with only a brass crozier and the immacualte text of his deity he banished fell spirits, placated the angry ghosts of the dead, and exorcised evil spirits from human victims.

All of this he did with great humility, never accepting more than a normal monk would recieve for his services. Duncan always worked hard to keep the church free from the intercene politics and petty warfare that plagued many of the nobles and their holdings that were under the jurisdiction of the church.

After seventy three years of service, Duncan died in his sleep, peaceful in his bed. The public outpouring of grief stunned even the church. It was not known just how extensively he traveled, even into the infirmity of his venerable years. Tens of thousands traveled to the new cathedral he sponsored in tandem with the local king. The church recognized his many great deeds by making him a saint.

The canonization was formalized after several exorcists claimed success in banishing evil spirits by invoking his name, and his crozier was found to be a holy relic, sanctified by his piety and humility. Saint Duncan was listed among the saints in the immaculate texts, and the Cathedral was named the Cathedral of Saint Duncan.

One of the naves was remodeled, and a large stone sarcophagus was made, his mortal remains placed in a lead lined coffin and laid to rest within. Pilgrims continue to visit the tomb of Saint Duncan even to this day, praying to protect them, or for divine healing.

Possessed are on occassion brought to the cathedral, and invariably, the evil spirit is driven out sometimes by the efforts of the monks, sometimes by proximity to the tomb.

Roleplaying Notes:

Seeing as Saint Duncan is dead, there are not many notes for playing him. He is meant to add background flavor to a campaign, change the ordinary temple stocked with clerics into something else. The Cathedral is adjoined to a monastary, and is supported and tended by the monks, as well as by the clergy. There is a steady stream of pilgrims to the tomb/shrine, and the hospitality of the Cathedral of St. Duncan is well known even in lands beyond the kingdom.

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Cleric of the party is asked to exorcise a local demon/ghost in a villlage that has been haunting them. The cleric actually accomplishes it but the locals still "see" it around and see damage it continues to do. They are convinced that unless the cleric visits the church of Saint Duncan and uses his power and name that the cleric couldn't have possibly gotten rid of the spirit that plagues them.