The Appearance of Darak One-Eye has been a point of contention between scholars and historians for years. There is notihng known of the man outside of his one work, the Book of the Black Rose. It is accepted that Darak was a military man given the liberal use of military terminology in the text, as well as the thorough nature of its documentation. He went so far as to write the book in no fewer than three languages. Each page is divided into three sections, givig the text in the high tongue of the Old world, the common tongue of the Old world, and an archaic form of Falhathian.

Darak was a military clerk who was primarily posted to the Imperial Fist of Tausend. He had been transferred to the provincial capital of Dreifach on assignment to his senior commander when the Nightmare War erupted, and abruptly ended. He was a first hand eyewitness to the end of the Old World and the exodus from the city. Being a methodical man, he took prodigious notes of the events and wrote them down in a book which would later be named the Book of the Black Rose.

Darak is known to have eventually left Dreifach as the last portion of the book reveals a different face of Sangreal than the Trinistine Faith portrays. Some have gone searching for Darak's grave, but to date no attempt has proved successful. A small contingent of Historians think that Darak is still alive, having been rendered immortal during the Nightmare war. They identify each other by scrawls of Darak Lives in the tongue of the Old World.

The Book of the Black Rose
Named for the rose icon embossed in the cover, the BotBR is a well known semi-icon of Falhath. In it is recorded one of the few accounts of the end of the Old World and the battles of the Nightmare war that occured near Dreifach. It is also one of the few keys left to translate ancient texts written in the tongues of the old Empire.

The Emerald Academy has a copy of the text, as does the Grand Cathedral of Sangreal and the Library of Saint Maran of Ozea. Aside from the these copies, and the original held deep in The Wizard's Cache there are no others.

Roleplaying Notes
Darak One-Eye is long since ashes and dust and like Saint Duncan exists in the setting through an extension of his deeds and works rather than in actual form. Adds to the depth of the setting, as well as establishing a thread of continuity from one age to the next.

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