1. The Lord of the Undead
A master of sarcomancy and animation, this necromancer excells in the art of raising corporeal undead. With a gesture, he can raise legions of undead, with the reverse gesture he can banish them back into quiet death. He is a lord who seeks to rule over a world governed by the death with himself as it's King.

2. Robber of Crypts
This cunning necromancer using powers of fear and the magics of necromancy to find hidden stashes, interrogating corpses and leaving them as traps for unsuspecting guards. The Robber of Crypts is a man interested in material wealth and uses the black art to facilitate his ability to find funeral gold and grave silver.

3. The Bone Witch
Hailing from an old tradition like the Council of Bone, the Bone Witch has powers that rely on bones for props. She casts shoulderblades into fires to divine the future, has a talking skull and bone handled, or even bladed weapons. She is the old crone of the evil eye, the old hag with a bit of black magic in her bag.

4. Doctor of Blasphemies
In searching for the secrets of life and death, and how to bring life back to the dead, this necromancer has delved into the deepest and blackest reaches of the art. He draws unholy life into cold dead vessels, creating monsters that are driven by the cold demands of necrosynthesis and the raw naked agony of a soul trapped in a rotting shell. Worst still, the Doctor believes himself to be a man of goodness and of godliness as he saws victims to make parts for his next work.

5. Mother of Monsters
Unlike the Doctor, the Mother of Monsters creates her whipstitched zombies out of a perverse desire to create horrific beasts. Her works can be seen trapped in cages at disreputable carnivals and freakshows. Each time one of her monsterous charges breaks free and people die, she secretly laughs as she serves her perverted and dark diety.

6. The Arcane Priest
This necromancer serves a potent god of death, and has mastered the arcane arts of necromancy. He bolsters his undead with un/holy symbols and dedicates his servants of sorcery to his diety. While easily as powerful as the Lord of the Undead, this necromancer's power is tempered by the neutral stance of his god.

7. The Interrogator
Outwardly an upstanding mage who works for the King extracting confessions from rebels, traitors, assassins and murderers. Few know that he uses his keen intellect in conjunction with the black arts to inflict the most horrendous of tortures upon his victims to gain what he desires. Those who survive his questionings are forever lost to insanity...those that survive that is.

8. The Fallen Sorcerer
Failing to reach lichedom, and vampires out of the question, this necromancer secured himself a slice of immortality by binding himself into a ghost, haunting his old laboratory. He hoped to continue his works, but is now trapped as a ghost going through the motions of being a magician. He is very wise in the art, though now quite mad from his self inflicted entrapment.

9. The Sarcomancer
By studying ancient texts from a desert kingdom, this necromancer has found a way to create a potent form of greater undead. His bandaged servants are stronger and more reliable than normal zombies, and some retain their intelligence after being ritually killed and preserved. Only his command of necromancy prevents these intelligent undead from turning on him and killing him as well.

10. The Knight of Despair
Armed with a grimoire of spells bleak and terrifying and a sword that moans, hammered from the souls of the dead, the Knight of Despair combines the realm of Knightly Endeavors with the cold might of necromancy. His foes are risen as undead to be turned against their own compatriots and a barrage of spells is followed by brutal close combat with hook swords, notched axes and barbed spears.

11. The Lichling
This necromancer has mastered the spell to become a liche and has since joined the ranks of the undead. Unlike most liches, this necromancer has only been undead for a few years and is still getting the hang of his powers and limitations, and very few people know that he is among the undead.

12. The Cthonaut
Discontent with the world of the living, this mage excels in the art of ekstasis, literally dying and becoming a ghost to enter the underworld. There he is bound to explore and map places he sees, record conversations with long dead scholars and heroes. When he returns to the living he writes his scrolls, or paints masterpieces inspired by the tattered and burning memories of the dead.

13. The Seer
This necromancer uses the art to contact ghosts and spirits of the departed. Sometimes the seer works to right wrongful deaths, othertimes to contact deceased friends and family members. Many seers claim to have knowledge of the arts, but only a small number have said powers. Those that do do not run shops for such things, and will contact the dead but only at a price, to be paid up front.

14. The Hemomancer
Blood is the vital force of life, and the Blood Wizard uses it to power all of his spells. Lesser spells are cast by ritual self cutting and mutilation, while greater spells demand sacrifices of large amounts of blood. Human sacrifice is common in his magics, especially the more powerful and evil spells.

15. The Prophet of the Inevitable
Everything dies, this is the mantra of the prophet. This figure lives to see that things meet their proper end, be it a wooden door, or a lord who has survived many battles. his powers corrode and rot, decay and destroy. Those that feel his touch are forever changed, and his passage can be seen in suicides, immaculate deaths, and corrosion of the things he touches.

16. The Hunter
Rather than creating undead, this necromancer uses his powres over the necrotic arts to battle the undead. He destroys vampires and shadows, hunting wights into their barrows to put them to final rest. Now getting along in the years, he is looking for apprentices to take up the battle against the night, fighting fire with fire.

17. The Undead Sycophant
This necromancer is employed by one of the undead themselves, and he counts himself as friend and ally to a potent vampire. While the necromancer thinks them equals, the vampire is more than willing to sacrifice the necromancer to stall a band of PCs, or to exploit him for all his powers are worth.

18. The Necrothaumaturgist
Life and death are natural compliments to one another, and the fact that elves are so close to nature, yet deathless fascinates this necromancer. This elf has forsaken the path of trees and stars for midnight's gloom and the close confines of crypts and mausoleums. He seeks the secrets of his own immortality and the transcience of human life. He is colder than ice and as meticulous as a cadre of scientists.

19. The Victim
This mage never planned on studying necromancy, and then he was infected and became a ghoul. Now only human flesh can sate his appetite while he becomes increasingly more desperate to find a cure for his degenerative condition. How long can he cling to his humanity before succumbing to base urges and naked cannibalism?

20. The Taxidermist
A clean and fastidious man, this necromancer found pets to be both desireable as companions, yet messy and all to organic for his liking. Some work with a knife and a few encantations, and his pet wolf was no longer leaving presents for him in the morning, no more slobbering, and no more food and water bowls. All of his animals, horse and hound alike are all either animal zombies or flesh golems.

21. The Spectre Collectre
This necromancer has a great curiosity into the very nature of ghosts and other bodiless undead. To this end, his laboratory is stocked with dozens of ghosts all locked in crystal jars. Visitors can be badly startled by the sometimes monsterous, and sometimes angelic faces that swirl inside of the glass vessels. He refers to them as his subjects and patients, but has neither remorse or pity for them, he lives only for his work.

22. Bane of Ghosts
Much like the Hunter, this necromancer uses his powers to fight the incorporeal dead, summoning and binding malicious ghosts into objects, cleansing haunted places, and exorcising ghosts who attempt to possess people and animals. A hard bitten man, he has seen children possessed kill adult with their hands and teeth, and has seen cold sociopaths continue to morbid acts of slain villians. He holds to Saint Duncan and continues his endless task.

23. The Black Goblin
The black art is not the sole property of humanity, and the Black Goblin has mastered its powers as proof of this. He paints his face white like a skull and is covered in cleaned bones that he wears as armor. He commands the goblin undead to rise, and sends the hosts of the slain against those humans, orcs, and other races who would subjugate his people into bondage.

24. The Cold One
To some, the cold embrace of the dead is safer than potential rejection by a living partner. This necromancer has a love who is dead and he keeps her well preserved, speaking to her constantly. Unlike Norbert the Creepy he only has the one corpse, to which he feels deeply in love and obligated to care for and protect.

25. The Ghost Horse
This necromancer invites the spirits of the dead to use his body. The dead jump at a chance to walk and speak, eat, breath, copulate, and to effect their revenges. He is constantly tired and looks haggard unless he is being ridden by a ghost, then he takes on the mannerisms of the ghost's persona. One day he will die from this, but until then, he is like a junky waiting for the next hit.

26. Faux Black
This necromancer is nothing of the sort, having no skill in the art. His works are done by conventional magic, skeletons are animated objects, and much is done through use of illusions. He travels frequently, plying his trade as a vagabond to be respected and feared, one to be placated with tributes and bribes to leave before summoning hordes of undead and cursing things.

27. The Nethermancer
This necromancer knows that the undead have their own heirarchy, and etiquette and protocol are defining factors of this system. He has since learned the nuances of the dead and knows how to follow in their political circles, their forms of emotional currency. He can often be seen holding conversations with unseen companions, offering them cups of tea and sticks on incense.

28. The Devil's Own
The difference between a ghost and a demon are minor to this necromancer. In his quest for lore of death and beyond he has delved into things not meant to be known, and has since fell into a demonic snare. His ghostly subjects are hellish, and the undead he raises are often abominations of hell with blood dripping maws, unnatural hungers for things other than brains, and a burning malice not found among the shambling dead. His time is coming...

29. The Bone Mage
Looking every bit the part of the tribal shaman, this necromancer has an animal skull for a hat and has a staff that is made of a fused spinal column. He is attending by the Osseous Legion, a warband of painted, beaded, and feathered skeletons of slain foes, monsters, and disgraced tribesmen. He rules the tribe and has since added the former chief to his beetle pit until the bones are ready to be animated.

30. The Gourmand
Life is a banquet and death sets the table, or so this necromancer believes. He dresses in the finest of velvets, and is immaculately clean at all times. His servants are dead and bound, and his meals are among the best in the kingdom, so long as the guests don't ask questions about the sweetbreads.

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