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The purse of the Dai Kiri is a standard peasant's purse. In other words, a small cloth sack that is the right size to hold money.

The cloth is very sturdy, but not particularly nice in aesthetic quality. It has two metal rings that go through the top, allowing the application of a rope or string to be put through (A standard accommodation used to tie a purse shut, as well as to tie it to ones waist to prevent theft).

Inside this purse is a strangly marked coin made from what appears to be bronze. This coin is always at the bottom of the bag.

Many ages ago, in the country of Triand, peasants lived under a tyrannical and Martial Law. Under this Law, no Man, Woman or Child was allowed to carry weapon or armor unless they were of royal blood, or acted under the protection of royal blood. While the rulers of this land were not always corrupt, those Guards and Military Police who supposedly served them used the royal protection to abuse the Law.

It was in this way, that the Dai Kiri were formed. The Dai Kiri were resolved to fight the corruption present in the martial system of Triand, while still upholding the meaning of the laws under which it was founded.

Without access to normal weapons or armor, the Dai Kiri were experts at turning normal inconspicuous items into unique and powerful weapons and tools for fighting the rabid injustice that plagued the land.

Among these items was the Purse of the Dai Kiri. Although innocent in appearance, and indistinguishable from other common purses, this was a deadly weapon in the hands of a skilled Dai Kiri Law Holder (a rank and position in the Dai Kiri order)

With just this purse, and some rope, numerous Guards and Police found themselves defeated by a single lone man with a purse. This did more than to just accomplish a single mission. It also humiliated the Guards in the eyes of the people and the nobles. Often, those who were most corrupt, found their influence stolen by a single demotion from the King, who saw them as too inept to stop a single unarmed man with a purse.

Magic Properties and History

This purse holds up to five pounds of weight(although the bag could theoretically hold more). After that, all additional items put inside this purse vanish after a few minutes time.

The Dai Kiri sometimes used this property to discard evidence. They would often keep exactly five pounds of money in the purse at all times, so that even the slightest extra bit would be sure to vanish.

These items can never be retrieved from the purse. They are truly dissolved. The additional weight of these items are used to charge the coin inside. The coin itself is normally weightless. Theoretically, If you threw it up, it would never come back down.

The charge only stores a fraction of the weight of the original items. Specifically somewhere between one quarter to one sixth of the original weight.

The Dai Kiri usually piled dirt, rocks, compost, and anything else they had of little value into these purses during their spare time, often maintaining a low bowing stature while they walked to pick up many things off of the ground.

This was perceived by most as a sign of utter poverty, and the stature of the lowest notch in the caste system. For this reason they were often referred to by laymen as 'Dizon Kiri', Dizon being the word for a Dung Beetle. The phrases 'Clean like a Dizon (Dai) Kiri's Trail', 'Hungry as a Dai Kiri'(insult), and 'Humble as a Dai Kiri'(for the way they bowed while walking) were all common reflections of this misconception.

When the purse comes into contact with another body at any speed greater than that of a decent run, it immediately hardens to the strength of hard iron, and becomes the same weight as whatever it is running into, assuming that the coin has enough weight stored up inside. Becoming as hard as iron requires that one pound of magical weight be used, and any additional weight required to match it's target also comes from the coin (Obviously after the 1/4 conversion).

The Dai Kiri, were actually highly respected, if sometimes mocked. They were notoriously dangerous, and the stuff of many stories. A Dai Kiri equipped with such a purse was well known to be a formidable match for any man, transforming these purses into potent flails and morningstars with only some rope

If all of the magical power of the coin is used up, the coin loses all markings and becomes inert and unusable(returning to a normal weight as well as not having the intended effect upon the target). For this reason, these purses were used in combat sparingly. Too many uses of the purse in combat could cause the purse to become inert again.

If a Dai Kiri with a purse believed that he was about to be caught, he would fling his purse at the ground. Without the strength to move the planet earth, these purses were rendered clean for inspection, including magical detection and scrying.

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