(P.S. If you have not read Purse of the Dai Kiri, Read that first. You don't HAVE to though. It's just me asking.)

Full Item Description
The broom of the Dai Kiri is a standard broom of good quality designed for sweeping up indoors. It is unremarkable in appearance, although it is unusually sturdy and heavy for a broom of it\'s size.

The Bristles of the broom are of an espescially nice quality. They are unusually supple and flexible for a broom of that size, and are therefore ideal for catching dirt and dust that other thicker bristles leave behind.

Many ages ago, in the country of Triand, peasants lived under a tyrannical and Martial Law. Under this Law, no Man, Woman or Child was allowed to carry weapon or armor unless they were of royal blood, or acted under the protection of royal blood. While the rulers of this land were not always corrupt, those Guards and Military Police who supposedly served them used the royal protection to abuse the Law.

It was in this way, that the Dai Kiri were formed. The Dai Kiri were resolved to fight the corruption present in the martial system of Triand, while still upholding the meaning of the laws under which it was founded.

Without access to normal weapons or armor, the Dai Kiri were experts at turning normal inconspicuous items into unique and powerful weapons and tools for fighting the rabid injustice that plagued the land.

Among these items was the Broom of the Dai Kiri. Although innocent in appearance, and indistinguishable from other common Brooms, this was a deadly weapon in the hands of a skilled Dai Kiri Keeper (a rank and position in the Dai Kiri order)

The Broom of the Dai Kiri was not only a deadly and feared weapon, but like many of the Dai Kiri weapons, it served to humiliate the corrupt officials who abused the power of their rights.

Special Properties and History
These brooms were rarely made of a simple wood. Metal could be too heavy to wield as a light weapon, however, these brooms usually had three very long, thin nails driven into the length of the wooden handle for support, insuring that they would not break in battle.

The first officer who encountered a man wielding such a broom, was so stunned that the broom had withstood the down-stroke of his sword, that he did not even react when the Dai Kiri Keeper swept his legs out from under him and incapacitated him with a heavy blow from the reinforced broom-head.

Mixed in with the supple bristles of the broom handle, were long needles about half the length of the bristles. These needled were loosely attached to the wood, and thinly feathered so that they would fly in a straight line.

The creation of the needles themselves was an ingenious process. First, they would make a tube, and then with pliers and a forge, they would heat up the the metal and pull, lengthening the tube and creating needles only a hair in width.

Adding the poison was especially dangerous, requiring a single person to literally such the poison into the needle. If the did not use enough pressure, then no poison was added, but too much, and they risked poisoning themselves.

Even more formidable, as noted above, several of these needles were often poisoned. The poisons often varied, but considering the large amount of needles that a single dose could coat, the needles could be pretty deadly if they pierced the skill.

The first move that a Dai Kiri would make was to swing the broom-head in a sure, fast motion, unleashing a spray of needles upon the guards. Although most of the needles were not poisoned, and the chances of being poisoned by one of the many needles was small, the few needles that had been poisoned had a profound effect on the course of battle.

The effect was two fold. One: when the poisoned needles did hit a guard, they could cause a number of effects from crippling pain, to a slow death. The second effect was fear. A guard never knew if the needle he had been struck by was poisoned or not. As a result, poisoned men would retreat to the nearest medical facility instead of fighting, or in some cases, they would just go still with fear of being poisoned. This gave the Dai Kiri Broom Handler a chance to land a blow that was actually dangerous.

Attached to the Broom handle, was a curved blade concealed within the reinforced broom-head. A special latch could quickly be released allowing the broom-head to fall free of the handle, turning a broom into an effective pole-arm. The wielders of these brooms were more than competent in the use of pole-arms as melee weapons.

The position of Keeper referred to those who defended or Kept an area from injustice. These men were often shop owners, and were therefore always handy when such an injustice occurred. The use of the broom as a melee weapon was truly a last resort. More often, the spray of needles was enough to scare the guards into behaving themselves, at least for a moment.

At one point in time, the use of these brooms was so feared by the military police, that a house to house search was made to find these brooms. The search stopped when they found what they were looking for, losing three police officers in the process.

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