Full Description

The Iron Spike Golem is a massive golem composed of hundreds of rusty iron spikes forming a rough humanoid figure. Whenever it moves, the walking scrap heap creates a terrible noise.

Additional Information

The Iron Spike Golem has several major differences from the traditional Iron Golem though it is as brainless as most golems. The differences lie in its additional powers:

Missile Attack

By sacrificing part of it's health, the golem can fling a swarm of iron spikes at it's target. These spikes can later be recovered and added back to the golem's health.

Mutable Form

The Iron Spike Golem is able to adjust it's shape, up to the minimum dimension of 1 iron spike. Thus a long chain of spikes , a huge spiked sphere, or a large pancake-shape 1 spike thick can be formed.

As a result it is able to squeeze into small places, and then reform it's humanoid form, although if the opening is small, this process could take some time.

The mutable form allows the golem to sink into a simple pile of spikes in order to conceal it's presence (to a degree - how common are huge piles of iron spikes?).


On specific command by it's creator, the golem can permanently destroy itself in a massive storm of iron spikes, blasted out in all directions. The creator had best be far away, as no protection is provided against this.

Other Notes

The Golem is not as hard to damage as a solid iron golem, as the spikes that form it can be knocked away from the main mass of the golem. As a result, it takes less powerful magic weapons to hurt it. In addition, the increased surface area of the golem increases it's vulnerabililty to rust, acid and fire-based attacks.

Given time, the golem can gather spikes lost during battle and repair itself. It also cannot make use of spikes which were not present during it's creation.

Given the Iron Spike thread, I could not help but submit this little beastie :)

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