Here are some tips on being a better critic.

1. I dont like the name of your character.
Ok. We have all been guilty of this at some point. So you dont like the character name. Make some suggestions. Â If it is an elven character…and you dont like how a certain name fits…suggest to the person that a more elven name may improve the character. But remember…it’s not your character and names can be changed.

2. Not enough Detail
Ok, this one is understandable. But what kind of details would you like to see? Ask for specifics. Alot of items and such posted are budding ideas. Maybe PM that person and see about creating a dialogue of creativity. Help them expand on an idea. They may be suffering some creative blockage.

Sometimes when an idea is being posted, the poster may not be aware of the fact that the idea going through their mind isnt completely coming out on the screen. Suggest that they come back in a few days and reread their posts. With a clear mind, we often see things we might have missed before.

4. Like Paint drying
Ok, nothing is more boring than paint drying..except for maybe watching the grass grow. As a critic you are trying to help the person evolve and be more creative. But comparing their work to paint drying…well that is just the wrong thing to say. It is negative and discouraging.

5. WTF? Â :shock: Â
Ok, we have all seen them. The character descriptions..or plots that barely make up a complete paragraph. The rushed ideas.The post that makes your jaw drop. Â Some times simplicity is good…and some times is a big ugly eye sore.
Instead of belittling this small effort, at least give them a slight pat on the head for doing something. Ask them to expand on it more. Flesh it out. Â You could offer to help with the idea. Some people work better when they have someone else to share an idea with.

6. That’s Mean!
Ok Posters and Players..this one if for you too. Critics are not here to hurt your feelings. Or to make your idea look stupid. Comments are meant to help you expand your imagination and creativity. I know some may come across as harsh and mean. But dont let that get to you. Accept what the critics have to say. Work with it. Not every idea is going to be gold. If your stuck on an idea…dont be afraid to ask for help. Check out the items and such that get high marks. PM the person that created it, talk with them. Ask them if they would help you with an idea.
Afterall…we are here to grow and learn, to better ourselves and our games.

Ok. I’m done. Now I am just going to sit back and let the raptors jump on this and have some fun.

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