Probably the work of a drunken apprentice, these failed experiments aren't actually dangerous, usually. So, if your players ever say "I drink it", while holding some bottle they found, use one of these.

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1-This sludge-like brown liquid causes the drinker to speak incoherent gibberish for the next 24 hours.

2-Anyone drinking this oily potion will be engulfed in harmless flames, making it extremely difficult to sneak up on anyone.

3-This small vial is filled with a red liquid the consistency of blood. Anyone drinking it will grow a foot taller for two days.

4-The potion inside this red bottle is bluish-green and will make anyone drinking it hear loud noises coming from their right.

5-If someone drinks the purple liquid in this large glass bottle, then anything that they eat or drink from then on will taste like old cabbage.

6-This icy, purple liquid turns the drinkers skin bright green.

7-Anyone drinking this orange potion will have the sensation of spiders crawling in their mouth.

8-This odd smelling yellow potion is distilled ogre urine.

9-This blue liquid is actually an alcoholic mineral oil.

10-Contained in this dusky bottle is a foul colored potion that smells of bile, anyone drinking it will promptly start speaking in complete gibberish, for about three minutes.

11. Evapure - An extremely expensive and potent alcohol beverage. Slightly yellowish in colour it completely evaporates as soon as you open the lid.

12. Chocarange Liquor. This glass ampoule looks gorgeous. A dark rich brown chocolate coloured liquid is broken up by orange swirls. On opening a rich aromatic waft, drifts upwards and smells of delicious chocolate orange. Unfortunately on opening it turns to a solid mass and you cant pour it out no matter what you try.

13. This berry tasting potion forces the player to think he or she is the prince or princess of a dung heap. This lasts for 1 day.

14. This foul smelling potion gives the drinker visions of someones future but all the humans depicted are in the form of animals. This lasts for one vision.

15. This clear liquid enables the drinker to think he is a turnip about to be uprooted and cooked. This lasts 1 hour.

16. The tubular vial is filled with a glittery pink liquid that causes the drinker to grow hair all over his/her face. Cutting/shaving the hair only makes it grow ten times faster. It will go away after 1 week.

17-This vile, yellow colored potion tastes of raw eggs. Anyone drinking it sprouts a large, fluffy, white rabbits tail.

18-Small chattering noises can be heard coming from this large bottle labeled "Dwarven".

19-If drunk, the sludge-like green liquid in this rose colored decanter will give immense strength of tongue, the power to talk twice as fast as normal.

20-Icy blue crystals jingle melodically as they swirl in a small whirlpool of water. If drunk, a strong feeling of vertigo will overcome the imbiber.

21-The liquid in this plain brown bottle smells, looks, and tastes exactly like water, but anyone drinking it will become stupendously drunk, and then hung over.

22. When consumed, this thin, pale-purple liquid causes the drinker's eyes to glow green for three hours.

23. A thick and syrupy fluid, this potion causes hyperactivity for a full 24 hours. The imbiber cannot sleep and will constantly feel an urge to do something, anything. After the 24 hours, the user will be very sleepy.

24. This golden yellow, almost glowing concoction will cause the imbiber's skin to be slightly sunburned all over.

25. A pungent dark green potion causes the drinker to have an irrational phobia of trees for four hours.

26. Bright red with flecks of orange, this potion makes the imbiber sweat profusely for an hour.

27. This dark black potion smells like dung and tastes like chocolate. Makes Players senses scrambled, leading to very weird motions of the body. Lasts one day.

28. This bright blue potion temporarily blinds you by making it seem as if a lamp was turned on 6 inches in front of you. Makes you blind until you engage in four combat rounds against any type of monster.

29. This potion is invisible and weightless, and if it makes contact with a lifeform it causes the target to levitate instead of walk around for a day, making it hard to have a conversation, being 5 feet above your friend.

30. This dark red potion makes it seem as if your insides were made of cement for a day. Speed is reduced greatly.

31. This bland grey potion gives you a phobia of absolutely everything for a day. Have fun with this one...

32-In spite of its putrid odor and appearance, this watery potion actually tastes like fine chocolate. The drinker gains the Midas touch, sort of. For the next twelve hours, everything that he touches turns into chocolate.

33-This highly stylish glass decanter contains three pints of human blood.

34-The faded label on this dark green bottle reads: 'To all concerned, this is not water.'

35-For nine weeks after drinking this thick sludge, the imbiber becomes illiterate.

36- A failed flying potion, this makes the drinker levitate two inches from the ground, making him or her have to pull themselves aroumnd. It's effects last for an hour.

37-This potion makes the drinker beleave it is (insert festival of your choice) and want to celebrate it wildly. It's effects last for a day.

40. This redish-green liquid, when drunk, causes an extremely annoying song to be stuck in the drinker's head. Ideas are such things as 'The Song that Never Ends', or 'A Small World'.

41. Whoever drinks the stagnant yellowed water in this wooden flask will immeidately become the victim of a plague of mosquitoes.

42. This green-glass vial appears to contain nothing, but, if it is opened, a clear liquid pours into it out of thin air. The liquid is almost exactly like vodka in its properties, and will pour until the vial is full. If the vial is emptied, it will refill in the same way.

43. Potion of Perception This blue ceramic flask contains a thick red liquid that gives off a strong scent of flowers. When consumed the drinker has their perception of gravity shifted 90 degrees from the vertical to the horizontal. Note that this doesn't actually shift the pull of gravity, just the drinker's perception of gravity. The effects wear off after an hour.

44. Essence of Divinity This pearly glass flask contains a silky elixr that gives off no definable odour. Upon consumption the drinker falls into a slumber where believe their deity appears to them and raises them to the pantheon of the gods. The slumber rarely lasts longer than an hour. Upon waking most minds realise that it was an illusion brought on by a strange potion... The more unstable of minds may not see the sense of the matter that easily however...