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Depending on the time, mood and Mathom, the Citadel holds occassional quests to generate content and challenge ourselves. Some have prizes but all gain you extra XP. The quests are decided in the forum and there are a number of different threads discussing them.

The quests will go for a certain time period and those with the have completed them in the designated time. That doesn't mean you still can't do it. Every quest can be finished at any time and the glory of it is not reduced.

These should not be confused with the Guild Quests that take place in the forum. They are just as important to the Citadel but are tracked entirely through the forum and get you the fancy signature.

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Quest - What Makes a Weapon Magic


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For a limited time only, I have these sweet ass dice for you. I am selling them just a bit over cost since mailing stuff from here isn't the cheapest. What little I make goes right back into providing quest winner prizes.

For $10 you will get six random 1d6 dice sent to your front door.

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Corpse Herders

       By: Murometz

The Jiangsi was the name of an undead being in Chinese folklore and mythology. Usually translated as zombie or vampire for Western palates, the Jiangsi was really neither. They appeared as simply risen, fresh corpses. They moved (peculiarly!) by hopping rather than walking, and sought out the living to suck the Qilife force from their victims.

Perhaps significantly more interesting than the Jiangsi itself, was the lore surrounding them. "Zombie wranglers", or "Corpse Herders", usually Daoist priests, were men tasked with delivering these undead beings back to their respective home towns. Tradition in China placed great importance and emphasis on the return of the dead to their homes and families, and thus the corpse herders came to be. By using magick words and talismans they would animate the dead, and by placing specially inscribed parchments of paper over the Jiangsi heads and faces, the corpse herders would be able to control the hopping corpses. Then like pied pipers, they would lead processions of subdued undead, across many miles, rhythmically chanting and ringing tiny bells.

Special inns were built across China to house these undead caravans, as the zombies could only travel by evening and night, the sun anathema to them. Rows of doors opening to barely a closet-space, lined the walls of these special establishments. Behind these doors, the corpses would be stored upright while the corpse herders rested in rooms.

The Jiangsi under the control of a corpse herder were quite harmless, merely hopping after him, silently and without complaint, for weeks and months. If however, the magicked parchment would somehow be removed from their faces, the creatures would immediately seek living humans to kill. Their thirst for Qi was unquenchable.

The job of a corpse herder was an interesting one to say the least.

Ideas  ( Society/ Organization ) | December 2, 2015 | View | UpVote 5xp

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