Eib-ha-bok appears as a ball of hovering flesh with a single yellow eye and covered with tentacles sprouting in every other direction. Approximately one third of these tentacles end in a toothless mouth all singing an unearthly chorus.

Eib-ha-bok was created numerous eons ago in a distant world. Eib-ha-bok is the offspring of Old Ones similar to the Old Ones created by H.P. Lovecraft and his followers. As the offspring of old ones, Eib-ha-bok is not male nor female but an entity of horrific proportions and is not to be understood by mortals. It is not a traditional god and does not care for mortals or seek mortal service. Getting to know Eib-ha-bok is a gateway to insanity.

The Basic Purpose

Eib-ha-bok has always had a function or purpose with close ties to time. Eib-ha-bok can control the flow of time with it's numerous voices. It can speed, slow, stop, turn back, or turn forward time with it's voices. It can alter memories in all beings, as memory is a reflection of time past. It can inspire ideas and/or create glimpses of the future. The why of this 'meddling' is one for the scholars, however, it is a rare occurrence. The quickest way to get the attention of this Old One is to meddle with time through the use of magic or technology. Using a temporary time stop magic or placing a being within a stasis is the least offencive to Eib-ha-bok, but it does take notice. Time travelling forward may or may not be interrupted. Time travelling backward is deeply offencive and the user of such an ability is certain to meet a sticky end.

Current Existence

Eib-ha-bok fled the world, Igha, which was destroyed by an irreparable cosmic paradox. It traveled very few dimensions before he settled on Plix. It settled on Plix at least in part because the time stream on Plix was damaged, this attracted it for some unknown reason. The source of the damage is unknown, but all bets are on the original creator. It met with Fares and the other gods who wished to settle on Plix. Very little is known about this meeting other than an agreement was reached. Eib-ha-bok was to repair the time stream and in return was permitted to stay. It appears that the time stream has been fixed but that might be solely due to the fact that Eib-ha-bok is holding it up, so to speak.

The Devastating Truth:

I've created a number of these, on the off chance that they might be useful to other DM's out there. And in the tradition of H.P. Lovecraft, each of these truths is horrific to the beings that live in this world. I, as of yet, have to decide which way my campaign will go.

  • Eib-ha-bok is a creator. Eib-ha-bok actually controls a race that lives on Plix in hiding. This race is powerful and savage and at his command and/or manipulation of time could multiply into millions and overrun the world. One day on a whim, it might decide to end it all.

  • Eib-ha-bok is actually consuming time. It has lied to the other gods about it's purpose. It was attracted to this world because it was a viable food source. While they believe it is repairing the time stream, Eib-ha-bok is actually eating it. It has started in the extreme past, at the beginning, and slowly through this 'breach' in time it devours day by day in a rate faster than it is produced. One day, if not stopped, it will catch up with the beings in existence and they will all be 'erased'.

  • Eib-ha-bok is experimenting with the world. It has not told the truth to the other gods when they arrived. It damaged the time stream itself and acts weaker than it really is. Eib-ha-bok actually constantly meddles with the time stream and erases everyone's memory after each occurrence including the other gods giving the illusion that everything is normal. (best example is playing a video game you often save before doing an experiment or playing out a difficult part. Then when things go wrong you load again from your save point. It is doing this, but with everyone on a global scale) Deja vu is actually glimpses into one of the many mistaken futures that have been erased. If Eib-ha-bok were to ever tire of this game, it would be disastrous for the inhabitants of Plix.

  • Eib-ha-bok is a guardian – It has lied to other gods about it's purpose. While vaguely benevolent, it is guarding something extremely dangerous. The centre of Plix is actually a prison for a being not unlike Eib-ha-bok but much more powerful and dangerous. Actually Eib-ha-bok has no power over time. Time control is actually a power that the creature imprisoned has and has abused in times past, causing the corrupted time stream. Eib-ha-bok is actually a master of mind control and appears to control time but actually controls the other entity and forces it to modify time. If Eib-ha-bok were to ever leave the dimension or be rendered unconscious or inept (through some cataclysmic event) the prisoner in the centre would be free.

Priests of Eib-ha-bok -

Although, Eib-ha-bok doesn't actively seek out worshippers. It has made it's presence known on a handful of occasions and may have done some select recruiting. Small cults may have come up worshipping it and deriving powers from it. The purpose of such cults is to gain favour with Eib-ha-bok and gain knowledge normally forbidden to mortals. The fulfilling of this purpose is up to interpretation and argument. The cult is suspicious of outsiders and unlikely to enter longterm cooperation with any who are not members of the cult.

Powers of the Priests-

Initiate or Acolyte (or low level priests) – bonus to reflex checks, ability to preserve dead biological samples (including food), minor premonitions, stasis (self), photographic memory, and other minor psionic sensitive type powers.

Mid level Priests – greater bonus to reflex checks, major premonitions, stasis (others), read object memory, and other major psionic sensitive type powers.

Cult Leaders (or high level priests) – time slowed combat, prophecy, mind meld

Power Definitions -

  • Bonus to reflex checks – a minor time power this power comes from a sixth sense detection of danger. This danger sense (spider sense if you will) provides a bonus to dodging attacks or other hazards.

  • Ability to Preserve Dead Biological Samples – this power enables a priest to put something dead which could be prey to bacteria, mold, or other microscopic organisms into a stasis which effectively preserves it until needed.

  • Minor Premonitions – this power enables the priest to have a brief glimpse into the future. The glimpse will rarely show much detail at all and be subject to change if the priest changes their actions based on the vision.

  • Stasis (self) – this power puts the priest into a death like coma state in which stops the need for air, water, food, and stops ageing. The priest can come out of the coma at a prearranged time or when touched.

  • Photographic Memory – this power enables the priest to have a perfect memory all the time.

  • Minor Psionic Sensitive abilities – insert any of this sort of power from your gaming system, typically the lower level ones.

  • Major Premonitions – like minor premonitions, this power is a glimpse into the future, however, this glimpse is usually longer and may include the actual outcome.

  • Stasis (others) – this power is like Stasis (self) only it can be used on others and at range. If the other person does not wish to enter the stasis a standard saving throw applies (or a defence that your gaming system allows).

  • Read Object Memory – this power allows the priest to see everything around the object from the time it was formed or created to date.

  • Major Psionic Sensitive abilities – insert any of this sort of power from your gaming system, including higher level ones.

  • Time slowed Combat – the priest can perceive how the combat will occur in snap shots at a time. The mechanic behind this would be that the priest determines his attack through the usual dice roll and then rolls again. The priest gets the higher of the two rolls. Same goes for all the priest's damage rolls. The enemies of the priest also have to roll twice in hitting and damage against the priest and take the lower rolls instead of the higher rolls. (A modification may need to be done with this depending on your system)

  • Prophecy – the priest can see future events that are fixed and unalterable. These are rare events that are not up to the priests to choose to receive or not to receive.

  • Mind Meld – just like Mr. Spock.

A modern variation -

First, I had an idea in mind, where the priests use these strange archaic wrist watches that actually have needles in them that dig into the wrists of the priest. A constant flow of blood goes through the watch and back into the priest. Most of the priests powers would come from looking at and adjusting said watch. Second the reflex bonus mentioned would enable the priests to dodge bullets etc.

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Two other ideas that might be important to such cults.

Offuscate from the view of time:

Members of the cult's actions can not be forseen by others viewing the timestream. This would allow them to do things and not be stopped by others with the gift of prophecy. (Now they might realize that something else happened.. realize dthat was wrong.. and infer the cult... but).

Collect, hold, and use Time Knots.

Time Knots are 'pieces of time' that occur when time is disturbed in some way. Time travel, dimension travel, the use of foresight or past sight, acting upon what was seen through time, events where much chance occured (like battles, big events, or such) or uncorrected uses of time magicks, create little 'snags' in the fabric of time. Their god is probably collecting 'Big Ones', but the cult is collecting the little ones.

These time knots are wravels of astreal energy. They can be put into things, much the way a cookie is put into a jar. Eventually they will be pulled out and used - fueling some higher time power effect.

The cult seems to go and do odd things, mostly because observers don't know about Time Knots and their uses. Rituals held on battlefields to collect 'the echos of dice rolling' seem strange and alien to most. Since the cult seems to have odd powers and threatens the 'status quo', some religion or government will see it as their mission to stop them.

Some great time effects are possible. These are mostly things that only happen with 'Great Rituals' and a few knots. One of the great options is to rejuvinate a person (de-aging them). This promise could allow the cults great influence over elderly leaders, nobles, etc. And they may even come through, de-aging the person back to their 18th year... with that 18 year olds memories and skills. What power these people could wield over the world if they promised things like this?

What happens when one of those cult hunting groups, grabs one of their strong holds and destroys everything.. unleashing random timeknots upon the city above... causing untold havok?