Jonathon fled through the starship, his heart pounding and the cold sweat of his fear leaving a reeking trail of droplets as he soared through the air in the tight cabins, fleeing for the engine room, and the fold-drive there. That horrible, sickly light seemed to follow him, an indescribable stench in its wake, the oily, coppery taste and smell only echoing the terrifying screams, the shrieks that echoed within his skull like claws across his very soul. There. There was the console. Surely if they could outrun the light itself, they could out run this.

His spine arched, and he began to spasm. The pain was beyond comprehension, and his scream, high and agonizing, stuttered as his body began to fail him, just as he had reached for the console. It wasn't... fair!

So went the last thought to pulse through his burning brain, his eyes surviving just long enough that what remained of the tortured primate core of his mind would register that dread light beginning to shine form from his own limbs, as they transformed to nothing.

Empty at last, the ship floated silently through the void, quiet and still as the grave, unburdened by life or its messy remains.

Security Videos of the SFS Eye of the Maelstrom, Marcal 23, 3151.

Silent and unseen, unknown to instrumentation, Kayrun the Disintegrator comes upon the living, and ends them. Not even a ghost upon sensors, tightly and internally coiled as he is, not in matter, but a tessellated pattern of distortions within space, almost entirely upon the unseen dimensions which are coiled into the strands of the fabric of space time, the first sign of Kayrun's appearance is the pain and terror.

Mad from simply existing as he does, Kayrun was created in the distant past, in the attempt of a now forgotten race to ascend from the mortal coil, seeking to become beings of energy, written upon the universe itself. Torn from his body, Kayrun's mind radically changed, and his re-birth destroyed the world from which he arose.

Now, Kayrun seeks a companion. Coming upon living sophonts, unable to communicate, or even make himself noticed in any other way, he begins to attempt to change them into those like himself. Seizing the body, with his ability to manipulate the basic forces of the universe, he attempts to copy the information contents of its body into subspace, beginning with its neural system. But the universe will not bear this, and the body begins to disintegrate under quantum effects, emitting a terrible light, and the stench of electrifying flesh as it unravels into photons and individual quarks. The mind, loosely etched into nothing, begins to fall apart as well, its patterns dissipating into the chaotic noise of the universe. The victim is destroyed utterly, gone without the faintest trace, save for the free hydrogen that coalesces from the 'ashes' of his body.

It will not be long now, before Kayrun enters known space, coming upon the farthest flung colonies of man...

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? Quest

All things Lovecraftian in flavor. Star-spawned beasts and ancient, perverse cults. And tentacles. Lot's of tentacles.

When Star-Spawned maladies invade your realities, you'll need nary a nudge to find yourself knee-deep in Shoggoth sludge.

Oh yes, what an unpleasant romp you'll have through the festering flesh-swamp of Rr'lavinav. And when you begin to see the fog thin, a monstrous worm of pus, topped with a fin, will rot you skull from deep within.

That is why we play these horrible games, not for honor or glory, but to see whose named can be attached to the death most gory.

Welcome to the Lovecraftian Unspeakable Horrors Quest. Unspeakable horrors, indescribable phenomena, unpronounceable names... Extra experience for each Quest submission with first and second getting 150xp and 100xp respectively.

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wagn'nagl fhtagn