No one has ever seen a female, or child, dwarf, even when they are allowed to set foot within the great halls of the dwarven clans. The reason for this is simple, there are none. Each and every dwarf alive today was created and reborn from secret birthing chambers overseen by the dwarven priests and protected by the fanatical Heartguards. When a dwarf dies, his clan spares no expense to retrieve his body so that the priests can perform the rites due a dwarven warrior. He is set upon a throne in the halls of the dead, his armor and weapons enshrined with him. Next his heartstone is removed, causing his body to return to stone, and set within a budding stone deep within the birthing chambers. This budding stone will release a full-grown dwarf into the world roughly a century later, his memories slightly faded but easily restored. The priests quickly filling this new dwarf with stories of his past deeds, allies, and enemies. The dwarf will most generally take his old name once again and march against his enemies in a cycle of reborn and renewed aggression.

Each dwarf sees the priest that oversaw his re-education as his father and will generally defer to that particular priest's wisdom, as long as it does not endanger the clan as a whole. While each clan follows that particular clan's Great Thane, and the Thanes under him, it is the priests that advise and sway their judgment.

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