“Hey see that man over there,
no not him

him, the one with all the buttons

yea that’s him,

That peculiar man Buttons, runs a button shop at the edge of town. The shop has buttons of all kinds and fashions, heck he will even make you button out of whatever you bring him. But you better get in good with that there Buttons, for he may take you into the back of his shop. Where he has his treasure trove of only the most rare, and mystical of buttons”.

The Distractle is a bronze, gear shaped button with tiny gems around the edges. When the button is spun or a command word is spoken, the button seems to spin, making a whirling noise and emiting bright little pink, blue, and green flashes to draw the eye of the opponent to the button, loosing sight of the tip of your sword.

Recolor is an ivory, triangle shaped button. The button is separated into three parts by a black band. Each section is inlaid with different colors. The first is red, the second blue, the third yellow. When any of the sections of the button is pressed it changes the color of the clothing that it is attached on to, a different hue, depending on the colors or combination of colors pressed.

Sol Servo
The Sol Servo is a Silver, sun shaped button with the runes of sun and save embedded in gold in the center of it. When the runes on Sol Servo are pulled up from the button, the button emits or blazes a complex pattern of yellow flashes and flares that seem to be known worldly as a signal of distress.

The Illac is a rough, tarnished iron button, shaped like of a oval. The button has an arrow engraved in it off center. When the Illac is touched the owner always appears to know the direction they are facing.

Recordatio is a petrified wooden button, cut and polished in the form of a hexagon. If one looks closely their is a tree with the runes of memory and recall on the tips of its branches, carved into the center of the button. When a memory is concentrated on and the user holds the button, a memory is copied into the button allowing the user to recall that memory whenever the button is held. (The memories placed into the button can last forever but new memories can only be placed into the button once every day)

Time Tracker
This glass button was blown into the shape of the hourglass. The time tracker to others appears to be just a button shaped like a hourglass, but to the owner it is so much more. To the owner there is blue sand in the hourglass, and when it is looked at the owner can know the exact time. But there is also a ability that is usually not discovered until they have owned the Time Tracker for a while. When the owner concentrates on a specific time and taps the top part of the hour glass, a thin layer of sand according to that time on the hourglass will turn a bright red. When the red layer passes though the top portion to the bottom portion the button will shake, vibrate, and the owner will gain a sense of urgency.

feather carrier
This brass, common looking button is shaped like a circle. It has 10 tiny feathers spread in a fan engraved on its surface. When the user writes a message on a small piece of parchment and speaks a certain command word, one of the feathers will come off of the button and carry the message to its designated target. Once it reaches its target it disappears.

Orienting twins
The orienting twins button comes in pair of two. The buttons look exactly like common buttons except one difference. One of the buttons has a word on the back for seek, while the other has the word for found. When these buttons are split from each other the one with the word seek can tell the general direction of the button with the word found.

This brass dowsing rod shaped button. Does exactly what its looks and name implies, it dowses for water. When this button is held it gives the user the same effect as a simple dowsing rod would.

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Sun Start

The sun Start is simply a yellow clay sun shape with a clay violet heart shape, molded onto one another. When the Sun Start is held in the early morning after the owner wakes up, it gives the user a small burst of energy, getting them out of there half-sleep and ready to greet the day.


Nocens is a skull shaped silver button with a closed mouth. Nocens has a emerald in one eye and a ruby in the other. The button is usually seen on the collar of a coat or shirt of a priest, paladin, or other follower of good. When a Zombie is in a 50ft raduis from the owner, the green eye of Nocens glows that of the greenest greens, without emiting off to much light. When a vampire enters a raduis of 25ft from the owner Nocens emits a red light, bright enough to alert others. Also when a were creature happens to be in a 20ft radius Nocens opens its mouth and emits a faint pale light.


A metallic, rust-colored button with four eyes and shaped in a square. The button is actually made of two separate pieces attached by a copper band. When tapped twice, the two halves will grind against each other back and forth very rapidly. The result is a small rain of sparks, enough to start kindling or cause a distraction.


This button is covered by cloth that is many times sewn over by threads of many colours, and strongly sewn to the garment. If any ordinary button is ripped from this garment, or becomes lose and falls, it gives off a cracking sound that the wearer is sure to notice. If this button is cut off or torn violently by someone, it gives the person a minor jolt of static electricity. No harm, just a little ouch.


This brilliant green jade button has intricate runes inscribed into it. When tossed onto the ground a small, green kobold will appear armed with a club and attack any enemies of the button-bearer.

Time spinner

Made at the same time as Time Tracker, Time spinner is circular rather than hourglass shaped with an intricate spiral design on it's shiny surface.

When spun upon a flat surface time spinner can slow time within a radius of 20 feet for everybody but the person who set it in motion.

When time spinner finally stops spinning time will return to normal.

(edited to be slightly less powerful)


The button is made from a piece of glass that was discarded because it contains bubbles. It has to be processed into shape, with many more tiny bubbles carved on its surface. When it breaks, whether by accident or say by throwing against a hard surface, it expands into a great colourful bubble, persists for a moment, only to *pop* into nothing. It is utterly harmless, but can be a great diversion.

The Lin Kuei button #1

This seemingly plain black button made from a naturally shaped river stone when touched creates a field of silence for three feet around it. Thesee buttons are generally worn at the legs of close fitting pants so that the zone of silence covers the sounds of walking. (Signifigant bonus to Move Silently)

The Lin Kuei button #2

This black button, made from a piece of resin sealed coal turns the wearer's clothes black as soot for a short amount of time. Useful for hiding in shadows and avoiding notice.

Blackie's Little Sneaks

Fashionable buttons carved of a black unicorn's horn, and inlaid with silver, they go well with a noble lady's dress.

Once, they belonged to Samantha 'Blackie' Sehraine, a witty noble who sought to take especially the jewelry, but also the secrets or spouses of her rivals.

Several of them hold tiny intruments, like finest lockpicks, files, or long thin wire.

A few can be thrown on the floor to release smoke, or sleeping gas.

One transmits sound to its twin, making it excellent for eavesdropping.

Another can be tossed into a drink, making it into a love potion with a short duration if it contains alcohol.

One can produce a sharply cut diamond that is able to cut glass, or produced mightily unpleasant scratching sounds.

One can produce a mild curse of bad luck if oyu manage to sneak it into the possessions of the individual to be cursed.

All of them share one property: whereever they may be, the one holding the master button can call all the other buttons to him, whereupon they start hopping, rolling, sliding and bouncing towards him. This is also how Samantha was caught: having become careless, she called her buttons back too soon, and a clever spy tracked her thus...

The Cooler

This button is a bright blue and when pressed three times it cools any water within three feet of the wearer for a short time only. So the person can walk through hot springs and hot water in general without being scalded,and his or her water is cool when drunk even in deserts.

The Drinker's Friend is a red button shaped like a bottle which when touched will stop alcohol from affecting a person as long as the piece of clothing with the button on it is being worn. But if the user after drinking too much takes the clothing off or has it taken off him or her-ping-instant drunkenness.


This red, cloth button will grow to a large, 2' diameter cushion when removed and placed on the ground. When picked up it will revert to it's button form.

Button of Weight

This small, dull-grey pewter button is fairly heavy normally, but 5 seconds after it is activated, it's weight increases to about 100lbs. No change in the buttons size occurs. It functions well to hold items down, or suddenly impede someone should the button be slipped into a pack or boot before activation.


This brown, leathery button has two possible uses: When put into a pot of boiling water, it will produce enough gruel to feed four persons for a day. It is, however, rather bad tasting. If only a little water is used, then the resulting substance is instead usable as a very strong hide glue.

This button is green and when pressed, for a few seconds only the user will appear to be three feet from where he or she is. Useful to dodge an arrow or a sudden attack.


These buttons of carved bone, inlaid with glyphs of bright gold, generally come in sets of six to eight (Although a set of 23 was once found). Each is decorated with a number written in an ancient script: Once sewn to a garment, they hold a potent levitation magic. Solidly pressing the first button will elevate the garments' wearer approximately ten feet. The second button gradually brings the wearer 20 feet from the ground, the third, 30, and so forth. If the wearer steps forth from his position, the spell ends immediately. In any case, the enchantment lasts for only a few seconds, may only be used once daily, and has no inherent protection against falling. If the wearer presses a number higher that he can move without resistance, due to ceilings, tree branches, or other obstacles, the spell raises them as far as possible and then immediately fails.

Pressing a lower-numbered button when one is more than the specified distance from the ground will cause the wearer to gradually sink to the preferred elevation, so the buttons may be used to reduce the risk of falling great heights. Some sets have a 'ground level' button, but this is not universal, even in sets that appear to be complete. More common are partial sets that are missing some numbers, or in which the missing numbers have been replaced with non-magical replicas.

The Flasher

A few seconds after being pressed this button lets off a bright blue flash, enough if in darkness to dazzle an opponent or animal for about ten seconds.


The Carmelli comes from the Hillfolks tribal past. This small round wooden charm appears to be a button. It is the perfect size and thickness. The small carvings are decorative and easy to copy. The enchantment on the button charm is of a low difficulty and requires little power to execute. The "button" gives the wearer a small tingle when passed over possible foodstuffs that are not "good to eat". This charm was normally used by gatherers to check for toxic or hard to digest food. As the tribal peoples have become village folk, they brought the charm with them. Now it is used to detect poisons, contaminated grain, or if the slightly turned food are still safe to eat.

Button of Mind Draining

Not all the buttons are good ones. The Button of Mind Draining is a purple button that is activated when it is done up.In the short term it makes the wearer feel and indeed be stronger, but it at the same time drains the wearer's mind so they suffer dementia within a matter of days and at the same time become strong and a danger in their demented state to themselves and others. For them to get their memories restored (at the coat of their extra strength) the button must be smashed.


By touching this small silver button any itchy skin on the wearer is scratched. It causes the same damage to the skin that normal scratching and picking does however.

Multiple button

When pressed twice this button acts like 10 buttons in keeping a shirt done up.


This big wooden piece (for a button) is quite soft to the touch. When detached from its base and dropped from a small height, or gently thrown down, it will jump back again, and again, and again, always precisely to the height it fell from. It makes a nice effect for street comedians, clowns, minor sorcerers and the like.

Even more interesting it is to musicians, its perfect rhythm serving as a good focusing tool. Some of better entertainers change the speed of their play depending on its speed. Starting in a slow tempo, with the occasional tap, they speed up the hopping until they achieve a truly outrageous performance or fail, both to the great amusement of the viewers. If you can do that, you can earn some decent money from the nobility.

The button can hop for no longer than an hour, then it must rest in its socket for at least a day.

The Three Buttons of Envy

Whoever made them, it must have been an evil person; perhaps they were born as a reflection of their personality.

Kink: this pastel-colored ivory piece has a little point. If rubbed against an item with intention, it can quietly scratch almost anything. It can't really destroy or damage, but it will ruin the beauty of a mirror or other polished surfaces.

Spoil: the green painted wood button will despoil perishable goods quickly. It doesn't take much effort when it is dipped into a jar of milk, but to sour a closed barrel of wine would require genuine, burning hate.

Smudge: the black stone material, when concentrated on, is revealed to be coal and it rubs itself onto anything with ease. It makes everything dirty and attracts more dirt, good to use on clothes or furniture.

The buttons are powered by the envy and/or hate of their user, the stronger they feel it, the stronger the effect will be. After some diligent use, the user will feel exhausted (but vindicated!). If all three are used at once, they can cause actual damage to objects, straining their malicious wielder. The perfect set for a little covert vandalism.

Button Of Truth

This ornate button, decorated by soft wire, blinks when the wearer speaks what he feels is the truth and is certain of that. The button does not blink in all other cases - whether he is unsure or telling outrageous lies. Some claim it is possible to cheat the button. Most are quickly annoyed by the constant blinking.

Strength Burst

When pressed this button allows one action to be done with great strength, but it can only be used once every 24 hours and the effect only lasts for five seconds.


This dull grey button is the ultimate for the fashion conscious: when held and concentrated on, all other buttons change their color to whatever the wearer wishes, for a night. This button must stay drab for contrast; so it is usually sown on the inside.

It is a very reliable button, but it is said, that one user vomited on it after too much partying, and was cursed for years with always mismatching buttons. That's what they say about it, honestly.


This button is a vague triangular shape, with a light blue background and a yellow star on it. When activated, generally by pressing it twice, it generates enough force to propel an average sized person a good 20 feet forwards. (i.e. The direction the star is facing.) It helps if you need to run away or change directions very quickly, as the button can be used to compensate for forces of inertia when turning around bends. It can even be used to slow down a falling object to relatively safe speeds.

Unfortunately, the force is entirely concentrated on the button itself, so if it's not secured, it might just rip itself free of whatever surface it's adhered on, instead of pulling the owner's weight. For this reason, it's usually worn on more lasting materials than mere fabric, (Plate armor and the like). Also, due to the force generated, the button can be uses to add some extra force behind a person's blows (Flying sword, anyone?) and stronger versions can even be used as a propellant for some projectile weapons.

Whistler: this bronze button looks more like a cheap brooch in the shape of an elephant. Usually sown into undistinct clothing of someone that needs to hide, one can blow into the trunk and whistle. Once per day, the owner may produce a much louder tune, and concentrating on a person will make him or her really feel it - usually producing a headache making them think again about doing whatever they were doing. Sometimes that's enough to escape trouble or call for help.

Tumble: this button appears to be a flower formed from several pea-sized beads. When removed from an object of clothing the beads which form the petals fall off, creating a slightly treacherous five-foot square for those who do not tread carefully. Concentrating on the button will recall all of the beads, but only within thirty feet.

Arsonists Button

This button is quite simple. but effective. Ten minutes after it is detached, it will burst into flame equal to that of a candle. It can be blown out and reused.
Saddle Button
When removed and placed on the back of a rideable animal, will transform into the necessary tack, harness and saddle. A severe shock has a chance to cause the button to revert into button form.
Edible Button

This button, when consumed, will count as 1 days meal.