A symbol of achievement, an icon of arrogance and pride, a pinnacle of alchemical purity.


Full Item Description
The Abligurion is a massive coin made of alchemical pure gold. Almost two feet wide and slightly more than an inch thick, this monstrous coin weighs over 200 pounds. The front of the coin has a bas relief of The Wizard's Cache done in elaborate detail. The reverse side of the coin is etched with the conjectural formula for turning lead into gold. Currently the Abligurion rests in the grand foyer of the Wizard's Cache sitting in a special pedestal where it can be seen and even touched.

If reduced to make conventional currency, assuming a quarter-ounce gold piece, the Abligurion could yield 12,800 coins, or 3,200 one ounce coins.


The value of a coin is as often determined by the organizations that mint them as by the materials that they are minted of. In medieval Europe Florentine ducats were considered to be more pure than contemporary Italian ducats and traded at a suitably higher rates.

Currency and finance are often as fickle as the weather and currents in the sea. This was a cause of some consternation to the magi who staffed the Wizard's Cache, as well as the clerics who determined the arcane arts of usury. It was determined that the purity of the coins minted by the Cache should be unquestionable, thus reducing the volatility of gold prices in exchange, further reinforcing the value of the paper script currency being fostered by the Cache.

This effort became two pronged, with one side detailed to perfect the minting process as well as refining the gold being used to the highest purity. Of course, this would mean nothing if no one knew about it, and so another group of magi were entreated to find a way to demonstrate this increased purity and fix the value of gold in the public eye. While the Alchemists worked to reduce impurities in the gold stock, the second group of magi were confounded with how to properly impress the commoners, merchants and nobles of Falhath with their gold. Several ideas were tried, but one of the stranger ideas took some root. Qana, the Ankaran Task-Mage, suggested creating a giant coin made of the purified gold as a symbol of their process. Several samples were made, but finally the 200 pound coin, almost a pace wide was chosen.

Too large to be minted, the gold coin would instead be cast in the manner of iron. The coin was poured into a specially prepared mold that had been created by a commissioned artist with the carvings and detailings already complete. Once the gold inside had cooled, the entire mass was dipped into a vat of acid that dissolved the casing that had held the molten gold. Once dry, the coin was inspected for imperfections, and then buffed to a mirror-sheen.

On Tour
After the Abligurion was completed, the wizards detailed a precise route for the coin to tour all of Falhath. It would pass through the important mercantile centers, with several stays at various repositories, noble manses, and the like. In major cities it would be displayed to the common populace, it would also be granted for short term private viewings, and other audiences. A special carriage was made for the hefty coin, as was a detail of guards to protect the coin while it traveled. Several strongmen were used for physical protection, while the bulk of the coin's oversight came in the form of magics and protective enchantments.

Custodian of the Abligurion
Always chosen from the rather slim ranks of attractive young sorceresses, the Custodian of the Abligurion, CotA for short, served as the wizard on duty maintaining the charms and enchantments on the coin while it traveled, as well as speaking for the Cache, and the efforts of the magi there to create perfectly pure gold for use in gold coins.

Magic/Cursed Properties
The Abligurion has two major enchantments on it, Fortify Object and Protection from Thieves. The first spell renders the gold of the coin resilient, as pure gold is soft enough to be bent by hand and dropping the coin could ruin it's artistic value. The second spell is a unique one that causes 'thieves' to become very paranoid. This generally spooks most thieves to the point that they will leave the vicinity of the coin. Those daring enough to try anyway are given away by their own bodies as heavy sweating, and nervous behavior are nearly impossible to control. This spell affects those who consider themselves professional thieves, or those who are knowingly under the influence of such rogues.

Plot Hooks

  • Entrapment - The PCs are approached by a shadowy figure who desires to have the Abligurion stolen. He offers detailed information on it, and a method of how to steal it. The shadowy man isn't interested in stealing the coin for the gold in it, but more for humiliating the mages and the Cache. The PCs have to deal with throngs of onlookers, around the clock guards and how to move a piece of gold so big it would take at least two of them to move it. Then, the motives of the shadowy man come into play, why does he despise the mages, was he one? Or have their efforts hurt him in his money lending business? Can the PCs trust him?

  • 16 Blocks - The mages at the Cache discover that the Abligurion is in danger. Rather than a sneaky thief, a disenfranchised noble turned warlord has garnered allies and plans a surprise attack on the coin and it's custodians. The noble plans to steal the coin, anything else of value, and rack up as large a body count as possible. The PCs are approached to protect the coin through the most perilous point of it's journey, as it is moved from it's ship and through the major port closest to the Cache. Heavy and brutal combat ensues.

  • Multiplicity - Quite unexpectedly, the Cache receives requests to have more Abligurions made for the supremely wealthy. What better way to demonstrate their opulence than with massive gold coins? The PCs become involved when their benefactor desires such a coin and they are tasked with delivering the raw gold to the Cache, and then protecting the unenchanted gold behemoth back to their benefactor's residence. A great chance for rivals to test the PCs.

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    Chingchingching-I want to spend this. 5/5

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    Go gold standard! :)

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    Well described. This could be useful, but I wonder if there could be more to this big chunk of gold...

    Perhaps the purest mass of gold in the land could have magical or supernatural significance beyond its mere value as specie: It might be needed to complete a ritual summoning, or it might cause a strange interference with magical effects, drawing them toward it or preventing their completion.

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    A packet of skittles please....

    Quirky coin, with many possible plot hooks and trouble for the PCs. Substituting a fake duplicate (eg gold plated lead) could be fun too!

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    Hmm, could this have been inspired by...



    If you hadn't of made this sub, I was thinking about it! :)

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    Quite interesting - although, as mentioned above, I'd almost expect a coin of improbable purity like this - the only one ever minted, and given a ludicrous amount of attention - to pick up unusual capabilities just by virture of scarcity and attention.

    Weird things related to precious metals or money, likely. Maybe gold coins brought near it, if impure, begin shedding 'dust' as the impurities are worked out by the massive icon's aura of influence. It'd take a while for any coin to become reasonably purer, but I could picture it being made into a service offered by the Cache - storing amounts of gold coin or gold bars in the vicinity of the thing for a set period for a feee, that they'll be purer when reclaimed.

    Or perhaps the priests of the Demon/God of Greed want it as a sacrifice to their master, or as a focal component to summon their master into the mortal world.

    Perhaps some aspiring alchemist thinks the final key to turning lead into gold involves using it as a crucial component - sympathetic magic, essentially - and wants to steal it for such a purpose.

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    Well, if a 'natural' property is desired, you could make it repulse lesser, impure metals - making a little awkward (and expensive) detector of fake coins. Could generate a few more plot hooks...