Can Falhath be greater than the sum of its parts?

The Places
Dreifach - Dating back to the time of Falhath's occupation by the Old Empire. this city was the Capital of the Satrapy before the fall and has fallen on hard times since then.

Tausend - The Fist of the Empire, a military city reduced to naught but ashes and ruin at the end of the Empire. Now a fishing and farming village sits atop its wreckage.

Ozea - The political heart of Falhath and its largest city. built around a strategic port the city enjoys a good wet climate but lacks for stone and ready supplies of lumber.

Stolzieren - A former Hunting Lodge of the Satrapy, it is now a lost city, one full of ghosts and horrors of the past.

Sangreal -The Heart of the Faith and the seat of the Pontiff of the Trinistine Faith, the default capital of the Kingdom of Trinistine.

Buzzard's Bay - one of many chartered cities in the south of Falhath that have fallen on hard times since the decline of Trinistine. Now revived by a booming Tea market in the west.

Great Woses - The eastern coast of Falhath long abandoned to the ogres and other primitve tribes who dwell there, a forsaken place even during the height of the Empire.

The People
Darak One-Eye - Historian and pessimest, wrote the Book of the Black Rose, the rosetta stone of Falhath. 1000 years dead.

Old Voz - Warlord and potentate of Ozea after the Twilight, lead Ozea in a century of conflict with Sangreal and the Trinity Faith. Now honored as the Patron Saint of Ozea, sailors, and the ghosts of the departed.

The Bosques - Native to the southern most point of Falhath, the Bosques lead simple lives shunning the use of magic.

The Falhathian Minotaurs - Grim, yet noble race that hasd been in slow decline since the end of the Old World. They have forsaken humanity and civilization.

The Grae'ae - maligned as warlocks and demons, the serpentine Grae'ae were each slaughtered by their own power of petrification within the first hour of the Nightmare War.

Business and Politics
The Elven Green Tea Company - selling Elven Green Tea in the Midlands, this company take a lie and spins it well for a huge profit.

Ozean Vinegar - Olives and wine, vinegar and pickles, Ozeans are known for their peculiar preference for briny foods, and the merchant league that sells them.

Matters of Faith
The Kingdom of Trinistine - The Kingdom of Trinistine transcends petty things like secular borders and race. The Kingdom reached from the border of the Great Woses over a two thousand miles to the west beyond the Midlands.
Sangia the Golden One, Ixia, the Silver Forge, and Belex, Judge of the Dead.

The Via Mortus - The hidden Faith of the Ozean People, who still worship their spirits of the dead while paying lip service to the Kingdom.

Orthodox Sorcery - School of magic approved by the Trinity Faith.

The Diet of Sangreal - event neary 500 year ago when the church was split over the matter of sorcery. Hard line Trinitines opposed any sorcery no matter the intent or effect, while liberals wanted the approval for Orthodox Sorcery. The Diet ended the hostility between the two and established Orthodox Sorcery and recognized the Emerald Order.

Falhathian Wildlife
Falani Tersk - Falhathian horse breed and rival to the more famour if slightly smaller Calcobrinan Hotblood.

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