1. Princess of Rocs
by MoonHunter
She is everything a princess should be, kind, intelligent, gracious, and more. Often called, the Giant Princess, this 6'4' princess towers over all the men at court except her father who is the same height. She is perfectly proportioned, not a mishapen giant. Though her size can be intimidating, her charm soon neutralizes any mishaprehension most people have.

2. Princess of Phoenixes
by MoonHunter
The princess has had a rough life. She has been kidnapped, lost in a storm, and been the victim of two small coup attempts. She has been considered 'lost to us' a number of times, yet she has come back. She is actually a tough survivor rather than the proper pampered princess she pretends to be.

3. Princess of Starbirds
by MoonHunter
This white blonde princess is the epitome of grace and style. Under this exterior beats a young woman who can deal with any adversity. She is the ambassador for her kingdom, as Father who can no longer travel well. Well mannered, well travelled, and quite witty, she is quite the prize. However, her heart belongs to her kingdom.. she will always serve it.

4. Princess of Omen Birds
by MoonHunter
This princess was quite rebellous early on, but she appears to have turned about... becoming a picture of perfect princessdom. It is all an act though. She has inherited the mantle of The Omen Bird from her brother. There are some acts that the Crown must have performed and must totally trust. The Omenbird has always been a third son of the Crown, close enough to trusted family, but far enough away as not to be the direct heir. Now she is a highly trained, highly skilled spy and assassin for The Crown.

5. Princess of Shrikes
by Scrasamax
This cool and aloof princess at first seems harmless because of her diminutive size and her sweet singing voice. This is a ruse that covers a pointedly cold and analytical woman. In the past she was done a wrong, and she is suspicious of everyone, fixing them with a needle like gaze that often causes some people to freeze in place as if stuck on a spike.

6. Princess of Thunderbirds
by Scrasamax
Defiant and proud, this princess is at ease in even the most violent of thunderstorms. She is as likely to be found outside in a downpour courting lightning strikes as inside by a fire. If threatened, this vibrant princess is able to defend herself with any bludgeoning weapon she can lay her hands on.

7. Princess of Flamingos
by Scrasamax
Also known as the Pink Princess, this lady is the very epitome of everything that is feminine. Her clothes are all fine silk, lace, and ruffles. She carries a parasol to protect her pale skin. She requires a large number of attendees to make sure she is well comforted. If startled, she is awkward and easily embarassed.

8. Princess of Kiwis
by Scrasamax
This princess is more often mistaken for a nun or a kitchen scullery maid. Her form is round and boyish, her face very plain and her hair the dullest shade of brown. Her eyes are bright green and lively, but she lives under the constant weight of not meeting the visual expectations of being a princess

9. Princess of Ostriches
by Scrasamax
Long legged and gangly, this princess is a traveler. She moves from place to place as often as she is allowed, trailing attendees and retainers from court to court, from town to town. When confronted with a major problem, she reacts by pointedly ignoring the problem.

10. Princess of Dodos
by Dozus
The Princess of Dodos is the last member of a royal family, since adopted by another bloodline. Unfortunately she is very much a relic and many expect her to become a spinster to eventually be forgotten as the last sad remnant of a once great family.

11. Princess of Cuckoos
by Wulfhere
This vain princess is infamous for stealing the credit for others' achievements. She boldly lies, claiming that she secretly wrote the moving plays produced by the court's greatest playwright, that she composed a popular piece of music, that she quietly brokered a peace agreement between warring clans. Her syncophants support her claims, even though they know better, and some of the common folk are starting to believe them. Worse yet, the gossip around the palace suggests that she has a secret lover and openly betrays her fiancée.

12. Princess of Turkeys
by Wulfhere
This princess could be most kindly described as 'rubinesque'. She is best known for her vacuous conversation and lack of attention to anything but her frequent meals. Many of the palace servants mock her behind her back, as she is only truly on good terms with the kitchen staff, who approve of her epicurian tastes. As a child, she was rather wild and spoiled; some of the courtiers miss the spirited girl she once was and wonder why she changed so much.

13. Princess of Lovebirds
by Wulfhere
This princess is determined to arrange love matches for all around her. Her schemes cause endless chaos for the servants and courtiers, as she attempts to manipulate them into one 'romantic' situation after another.

14. Princess of Quail
by Wulfhere
This princess is dominated by excessive fears of all sorts. She lives her life very carefully, avoiding anything strange and unfamiliar. Anything out of the ordinary, from unusual cuisine ('What if it makes me ill?') to introductions with new people ('Why was he looking at me that way?') makes her very uncomfortable. She should have been married some time before, but the prospect of leaving her family behind scares her too much.

15. Princess of Owls
by Wulfhere
The despair of her aristocratic family, this bookish princess would rather stay up all night reading than attend the court. Although she may sometimes frustrate her family, her studious ways have their rewards: All around her are impressed by the breadth of her learning and her mature judgment.

16. Princess of Nightingales
by Wulfhere
This beautiful young woman is one of the most eagerly courted noblewomen in the land. Patron to some of the kingdom's finest musicians, her love of music is well known. She has learned well from the bards of the court, for her voice is said to be so pure that it could enchant any who hear her sing.

17. Princess of Pigeons
by Cheka Man
This Princess is more at home in the capital city then the countryside, and is much more streetwise then one might expect of a Princess, not too proud to go incognito into places where one would not expect to find Royalty.

18. Princess of Peregrins
by MoonHunter
She is a properly picturesk and petite princess posessing poise. She does all the normal pirncess things, and is quite adept at the cut throat world of court. She can do womanly things and a few manly things at court (such as duel, riding, and hunts). (She is quite the duelist, if it ever came to that). She is a princess everyone adores. She does have her quirks. This petite princess has a thing for speed. She likes fast horses, fast sleighs, flying (balloons, magic items, or jets depending on the world), and fast travel of all type (cars, trains, and ships).

19. Princess of Sagittarius
by MoonHunter
This is an exotic princess from The Summer Lands (a grassland country far away). She could be an embassy or a hostage or simply a visitor from this far away land. She has is a tall exotic beauty emphasized by her foreign clothes. While she can be courtly (and is suprising well read and scholarly), she is quite the warrior. She has long legs allowing her to run faster than any man in this court (actually they are not abnormally long, but it is the common explanation for why she can run so fast). She is a master archer and top ranked with a blade. Her land has greater equality between the sexes so she occasionally chaffes at the social and polite restrictions on ladies here.

20. Princess of Hens
by Strolen
Known for her long seclusive broodings, the Princess of Hens locks herself in her room for days at a time seeing no visitors and lashing out at those that would try and disturb her. This practice has started wild claims that she is practicing some ancient occultism. Others simply say it is because she is simply a teenager.

21. Princess of Condors
by Strolen
After countless failed attempts at marriage, mostly due to her mishapped feet, 6'5' frame, and her instant flush when around any available males, all hope has been lost to find her a husband. She is most at home riding on her large stallion Theroy and is one of the best horse riders in the kingdom. Many express much awe in seeing her so expertly control Theroy through any maneuver.

22. Princess of Ducks
by Strolen
Not known to enjoy the cold, she loves to winter in the moderate southern country on her father's estate. When not down south she spends much time upon the beach of the expansive fresh water inland sea. She also spends much time on her father's cutter visiting the nearby coastal villages. This wayward pull to be out on the water and traveling makes her a favorite target of any number of nefarious plots which have yet to cause any permanent damage.

23. Princess of Hummingbirds
by Strolen
With an infamous taste for sweets, the princess is the heart of any ball or social event. She flutters deftly from table to table entertaining and socializing to the delight of her guests. She is always eating, the sweeter the better, and courtiers enjoy the challenge of gaining her favor through creative offerings of sweet desserts.

24. Princess of Puffins
by Murometz
One of the more mysterious princesses, a woman of some contradiction, and the moods of a tempest. She always dwells in cold climes, always by the sea, perched in forlorn castles of stone. In winter, when the weather is truly foul, she can be found 'burrowing' about the castle, studying the lore of the sea and keeping to herself, as drab and sad as the winter, her voice a deep growl. When spring arrives however, she will don the most colorful and frivolous attire, parading about the keep, entertaining her servants, raising spirits, and singing odes to the first sailors and fishermen, of the season. She inhabits her own world of reality...a clown, a philosopher, disinterested in politics, somewhat disdainful of her own nobility, and always most alive when near the sea. She can swim like a fish, and it is rumoured (falsely) that she is a mermaid.

25. Princess of Lyrebirds
by Moonhunter
The Princess is a lovely girl, with stand out coloration (blonde and blue eyed, where most most people are black haired and green eyed, redhead when most people are brunette, and so on). She has a beautiful singing voice. She will sing for crown and court despite her standing because she is better than most bards. She also has a wicked sense of humor and can make her own sound effects and voices to punctuate her stories. The Princess has taken the Lyrebird as her symbol. Between her own charms and the little people's love of her and the lyrebird myth, she has exceptional popularity.

The Lyrebird is the symbol of state for a small out of the way region. It is a ground dwelling bird known for astonishing displays and incredible vocal mimicing abilities. There are myths about how a flock of Lyrebirds duplicated the sounds of an army at night, thus invaders were scared away by hearing the sounds of an approaching force.

26. Princess of Kestrels
by Scrasamax
The Princess of Kestrels is a bright-eyed young lady who has a penchant for hovering just over people's shoulders. While not literally drifting through the air, she tends to observe for a while before speaking or acting. She is also notorious for traveling from court to court, often spending long periods of time in courts that she likes. The people of her home court barely know or even recognize their distant princess.

27. Princess of Harriers
by Scrasamax
Known for her dark her and dark eyes, this princess is an oddity as she has grown fond of hunting in the swamps and marshes near her home. While others would be content to sit in parlors and learn petite skills, she rides her horse through muck and reeds to hunt with her composite bow. She is a very good shot with this bow and is a skilled huntress.

28. Princess of Grebes
by Scrasamax
This princess is famous, or infamous, for her outlandish attire and hair stylings. Often her dresses are selected to violently clash with the common dress at an occasion, and sometimes to clash even within her own outfit. She has a habit of forming her long blonde locks into ornate sculptures such as spikes, long blade like rows or the like. When not shocking the court, she is often found swimming at her liesure.

29. Princess of Bustards
by Scrasamax
This princess is a very large woman, yet she is not overly tall, nor fat. By some oddity of nature, her feminine frame is endowed with an exceptional amount of muscle mass, giving her great physical strength and endurance. While prone to dress in unremarkable dress, few people miss a chance to point out what they call the 'barbarian princess' and make snide jokes about mead halls, battleaxes, and fur underpants.

30. Princess of Nightjars
by Scrasamax
This Princess is seldom seen, but frequently heard. She is nocturnal by nature and is prone to wander her castle home at all hours of the night. sometimes she is known to sit and sing to the moon from various windows, only to vanish if she hears someone coming.

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