Plot Description
For many years, nay decades, saving the Princess has been a staple of fantasy, and to a large extent video games. In the years since this idea came into popularity, a great variety of variations of the typical save the princess tale grew. Some were simple variations, of escorting the princess, or protecting her from various foes. Others were darker, with the Princess becoming a foe, hidden or otherwise, that the PCs had to confront to save the kingdom.

The Ciceron
While not a historic title or position, but one of fantasy, the Ciceron is an important person within the staff of a royal court. Once the wet nurse is done with the Princess, she falls into the care of the Ciceron until she is of full legal age, and even then not many immediately discard the faithful Ciceron who has stood by them for so long.

During the years of youth, the Ciceron performs a valuable variety of services. He, or she is a protector, a confidant, a chaperone, a personal servant, and in a few rare cases, a paramour. The position of Ciceron is generally granted to older members of the court, it would do little good is a young man were responcible for the safety and virtue of a nubile yonug princess.

A Person of Action
To be considered for Ciceron, an applicant must be in very good upstanding opinion of the Faith and must be of unquestionable character. Said applicant must also be proficient in at least 3 forms of combat, with the bow, the sword, and hand to hand being the three favored. Finally, the applicant must be approved of by a majority of the royal court. for this, most Cicerons are well versed in heraldry, etiquette, as well as some sort of artistic or intellectual persuit.

Inspired by Micheala Reed's Princess Tamer

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Sir Baltus of Felenmour

Having served King Hesion in two seperate wars as well as carrying the favor of the queen in three seperate Tournament's of the Lance, Sir Baltus is considered to be a paragon of knighthood. Know in his sixties, the doughty man doesnt travel so well in the saddle and he is troubled by pains of the joints and rare bouts of rheumatism. With the idea of riding into the jaws of war looking less than appealing, Baltus entered himself as an applicant as Ciceron to the up and coming Lady Liandryn D'Hesion, currently 7 years old.

As a competent swordsman and veteran of many battles few are concerned for the safety of the Princess should she be placed in his care. His standing with the church is impeccable and his two sons and three daughters have proven themselves to be a good moral fibre. There is some concern as Sir Baltus does smoke a pipe heavily, and outside of folling tourny news, his only interests are in the plays of the playwights Hellebore and Heliotrope.

Sir Ganway of Kalidhorn, The Shield of Blooded Fields

After the king announced the appointement of Sir Ganway as the Ciceron of his only daughter, there has been some consternation at the court. Yes, it is a gallant knight well-versed in etiquette and proper behaviour, skilled with the sword or fist. And yes, he demonstrated some devotion to the Church and many believe his piousness to be true... but, well, isn't this all of a rather recent date? Sir Ganway, barely over thirty, was known for liking the female folk more than a bit. He has married, and has two young children, but always found the time for another party.

Then came the wound. Hit by a spear in full gallop, he was badly wounded and attacked by footsoldiers, barely escaping death while saved by other knights. After a long period of healing has the man changed. He is now more serious, and less noisy than before. Still, what if he should recover? Will putting a 13-year old maiden growing into beauty do any good?

The rumours are out of control, and there is always at least one suspicion circulating the court. Truth is, the noble knight is now impotent, the fact known to the king and very few other people. Should it ever become public, Sir Ganway would be considered more than fitting for the position of the Ciceron... and laughed at behind his back by everyone. For now, the situation suits the king well, as it leaves him free hands for some shadowy actions, the gallant knight drawing all attention to himself.