There are many paths, you have not yet finished along yours. Go now, and continue your journey..

-Brother Marcus, Priest of the Goddess Alira, speaking the words that along with the coin would give this man another chance.

River's Coin

A golden coin, struck on both sides with a depiction of Alira, the goddess of mercy and truth.

At first glance this coin appears to be just like any other. The weight, size and colour being the same. Closer inspection will show her face and an inscription running around the coin.

Where do they come from?

These coins are minted when Alira petitions Polleus, Keeper of the Eternal Garden (more commonly known as the god of death), to return those that she deems worthy to life.

If Polleus refuses to return the requested soul to the land of the living even though it is his divine obligation to do so, he may give Alira two coins. That the departed soul used to pay entry into the Eternal Garden.

These coins are empowered as a form of consolation prize for Alira, as Polleus knows he is in the wrong for keeping a soul that he should have returned.

These coins then appear on the alters of Priests of Alira and are extremely rare. Due to their scarcity their existence is known to only a few.


People die, all the time. Some happy, some sad and others indifferent. Then there are those that die before their time, without the chance to achieve their destiny.

It is then that the Priests of Alira are summoned if the situation allows for it.

Each coin can be used once, and only if the deceased passed away less than nine hours ago. Otherwise it is too late and their soul will already have passed on into the next realm.

The coin sends the beneficiary back in time; nine minutes before they died. Only they, and no one else will have memories of their death. They will find a coin in their pocket, this time with Polleus' face on it.

Should the bearer survive, he or she will have a nice souvenir. The coin is then no longer magical and is just a coin.

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