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November 13, 2005, 1:45 pm

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Antioch is the most important city on ThirdLand. It is not the “capital”, that is Amar. It is not the “heart”, that is Avon. Antioch is it’s “Center”. It is where things “happen”. Antioch and its’ City State seems to be the “center of the modern universe”.

Arth was my fantasy world when I started GMing The Fantasy Trip (a viable alternative to ADnD… would be known to you as GURPs v0.0) back in 1980. I ran Arth for groups of various sizes (1-20) at least once a week for 8 years. It was hugely popular game due mostly to my GMing abilities (Storytelling and Character generated storylines back in the day when you had to convince people to have a reason and theme for their dungeon rather than just a clever set of traps and monsters).

Of all the places in The Known World of Arth, my players gravitated to Antioch. It was an interesting city whos attitudes allows players to be more free than the other areas of Known World which are more “traditional” and “set in their individual ways”.  So we spent a good portion of our 8 year campaign there.

Most of the Antioch thread will include the neighborhoods. Some of those will be linked to other establishments and informational pieces.

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Alley District By: MoonHunter ( Locations ) Neighborhoods - Any

There are always places between other places. The Alley District is sandwiched between the Temple Ward and the Docks Ward. Of all the wards, this one has the most ways in and out, thus is one of the most heavily traveled areas in all of Antioch.

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ArchStreet By: MoonHunter ( Locations ) Neighborhoods - Any

Many people would assume that this main stree is called ArchStreet because of the arches across it.  In the local language (See the Arth Threads), Arch is a prefix of importance.  More than main street, ArchStreet is the Street of all Streets… an egotistical naming of the street, proclaiming that all the streets in the world are a shallow copy of ArchStreet.  It is a name of hubris and pride for the locals. It is a bone of contention in certain circles of the Imperial court and the other city states of ThirdLand. Given Antioch’s pivotal and growing role in the Imperial in recent centuries, it may be well named after all.

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City Image - Antioch By: MoonHunter ( Locations ) City - Plains

Antioch is the most important city on ThirdLand. It is not the “capital”, that is Amar. It is not the “heart”, that is Avon. Antioch is it’s “Center”. It is where things “happen”. Antioch and its’ City State seems to be the “center of the modern universe”.

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DiPlaza By: MoonHunter ( Locations ) Neighborhoods - Any

The ArchStreet, leading from the main gate, spills out into the DiPlaza - The center of Antioch. Each of the five other districts of Antioch have a gateway at the plaza.  Each of the triangular districts has one corner nipped off, creating the hexagonal shape of the central DiPlaza. A fitting plaza for a (nearly) hexagonal shaped city.

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Dock Ward By: MoonHunter ( Locations ) Neighborhoods - Water

The Antioch river is slow and broad in most places. Due to some quirks of biome geography, the best place for riverside docks between the headlands and the sea is Antioch. Given the biome’s convient access to a number of other biomes (and paths to said biomes), it is only natural that a trade city with a dock would thrive here.

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Gateway Plaza By: MoonHunter ( Locations ) Neighborhoods - Any

Surrounded by a massive wall 10 Imperial strides tall, there are only two ways into The City. One is accessible only from the River. The Other is the Massive Gate that leads into the Gateway Plaza.

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Greenway Ward By: MoonHunter ( Locations ) Neighborhoods - Any

Originally planned to be a green area, where an Elventi community would thrive, this area has become the ward where the rich and powerful live. It is neat, orderly, and practically invitation only.

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Maker's Ward By: MoonHunter ( Locations ) Neighborhoods - Any

Every city needs a place for building things. These places often have pompous names that nobody ever uses, except those in the City Offices. The Maker’s Ward is just such a place.

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North Ward By: MoonHunter ( Locations ) Neighborhoods - Any

If you travel North from city’s main gate, you will have traveled some of the great and grandest elements of Antioch. Then you will enter the most common and humble. The NorthWard is classic Antioch. It serves as the “average” that all other quarters are measured by.

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Quiet Ward By: MoonHunter ( Locations ) Neighborhoods - Any

It was supposed to be the district of hearth and home: the domestic soul in a city of industry and trade. It has been the quiet ward for most of the city’s recent history. It is still the “soul” of the city, but now that soul is changing.

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Temple Ward By: MoonHunter ( Locations ) Neighborhoods - Any

There is only one path to divinity in Antioch. There is only one street with temples. It reaches from the DiPlaza to the end of the Ward, to the temple of Beginnings and Endings.

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Undertown By: MoonHunter ( Locations ) Neighborhoods - Underground

These well crafted Dwarventi stairs lead down into one of the three main passages of Undertown. The underfolk have cleverly made it look like a short surface streets. Some of the branching passages look like streets as well, but it is all just a facade, soon they become more mine or hall like.  The streets are “lit” (dimly by any topsider’s opinion) by mage lights and a few ancient amber Dwarventi Lights.

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Wall Line By: MoonHunter ( Locations ) Neighborhoods - Any

The Outer wall is a barrier against the dangers from outside the city. In its shadows is another barrier, one from hope, comfort, and warmth.

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Comments ( 4 )
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November 14, 2005, 23:57
To Help with Positioning:

The city is approximately hexagonal, comprised of six "triangles"/ Wards and a central plaza. The main gate is at the 0600 position (south). The wedges are counted counter clockwise from the main gate. The river runs along the south east wall, the 0400 position.

0: Wall Line: This runs the entire length around the city.
7: DiPlaza

Wedge 1 0600
Gateway Plaza
ArchStreet Ward

Wedge 2 0400
Dock Ward
Alley Ward/ District
Temple Ward

Wedge 3 0200
Makers Ward

Wedge 4 1200
North Ward

Wedge 5 1000
GreenWay District

Wedge 6 0800
Quiet Ward
Voted Michael Jotne Slayer
December 18, 2005, 19:01
Is there some rule against voting on codexes as a whole since nobody does it?
I did read a good part of Arth in the forum and I liked it. But now that it is moved to the citadel I like it even more. Very organized and easy to read. I know what I have been trough and not.

Antioch is the perfect center in Arth, as you say; not the capital, not el corazon, but the center. I love it.

Not much to say about anything else.

Sincerely, Mike.
Voted Kassy
July 26, 2012, 8:31
I don't see any reason not to vote on codexes. As long as they've been expanded upon, like this one has.

Really like this one Moon, I look forward to reading more.

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