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November 15, 2005, 12:39 am

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These well crafted Dwarventi stairs lead down into one of the three main passages of Undertown. The underfolk have cleverly made it look like a short surface streets. Some of the branching passages look like streets as well, but it is all just a facade, soon they become more mine or hall like.  The streets are “lit” (dimly by any topsider’s opinion) by mage lights and a few ancient amber Dwarventi Lights.

Antioch was once the site of a star stone mine.  As such mines get deeper, they get much more dangerous… given the increase in spontaneous magical effects. The Humanti mined the stones for the Elventi, who brought them there by gate. They left by gate soon after the mine was played out. A hundred or so years later (Elventi are terribly lax about measuring such things), it became time to return Humanti population from FirstLand back to SecondLand and let them colonize other places in the Imperium.  The biome of Antioch was somewhat pleasant and they knew the vibration for the pylon, so gates were once again opened to Antioch.  It became an debarkation point for Humanti’s expansion into the northern part of ThirdLand.  Most of the mine shafts had long collapsed by the return, but a few sections remained sound. The town, then city of Antioch were built upon those strong supports. 

As Dwarventi came to investigate this intrusion of ThirdLand. They were annoyed when they found Elventi and their pets. Since they were not doing anything with this flat area, they thought it might be nice to have non Elventi neighbors who would trade for their goods. They relented any passing claims they had to the flatlands.  As they surveyed the area, they did see work for stone and metal smiths. So they worked. Over the centuries, a few Dwarventi have trickled here, working in the city for a short time and returned home.

When they first decided to stay, there was no holding. Yet, they soon found the substandard Humanti tunnels the city was built on.  The first ones created a hold of sorts, just occupying some tunnels that were sturdy enough and kept one from the sky.  The Undertown they created became a home of sort, supporting subterranean peoples, Dwarventi, Humanti, Molefolk (furries), and others. 

There are three entrances to Undertown, all of which are found in the Maker’s ward.  These well crafted Dwarventi stairs lead down into one of the three main passages of Undertown. The underfolk have cleverly made it look like a short surface streets. Some of the branching passages look like streets as well, but it is all just a facade, soon they become more mine or hall like.  The streets are “lit” (dimly by any topsider’s opinion) by mage lights and a few ancient amber Dwarventi Lights.

Here, the small community of underfolks live a fairly normal existence. The second story of their homes are simply below their first or prime level.  The Dwarventi and most of the underfolk won’t dig down much lower, to avoid disturbing the magic energy pooled under them.  While there is a shop, three taverns, (three guardsmen) and one fungi farm, most people only sleep here. They work, study, and shop topside.

There are some rumors, that the Thieve’s Guild might use the abandoned tunnels under the city for spying or crime.  If they do, they do not include the tight knit undertown community in their plans.

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Comments ( 6 )
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November 15, 2005, 0:39
Updated: updated for spelling.
Voted KendraHeart
December 1, 2005, 0:34
I like the seemingly simple details of this one. Nothing big, fancy, or splashy, yet useful in expressing this place.
Voted Cheka Man
January 14, 2006, 17:32
Voted axlerowes
January 26, 2010, 19:26
Came across this via a random link. It is hard to make these side notes stand out, sometimes you just need a write up of a simple place. But this whole thread seems to written with deliberately esoteric tone, which I don't much care for and as far detailed imagery, I know the author has done much more in the past.
January 27, 2010, 19:19
This is one of a set of 14 submissions for the City of Antioch. It is one neighborhood in a larger city set. The city is in part of the world which has both submissions AND a section in the forum. Everything related to it has the freetext of Arth.

If you follow the links, you would of found things that explain all of it.

It is only esoteric because it is not generic adventure fantasy.
Voted valadaar
August 5, 2014, 13:15
Simple idea, a good location to add to a city.

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