The world of Nayathis is the home of many of my Submissions.

It is divided into several continents separated by wide seas, allowing for isolation and completely divergent developments.

So far there are three major continents:

Neyathis - Principle continent of the world.
Rephatia - Homeland of the insidious Rephatians, the twisters and devourers of humanity.
Kargois - The near-empty continent home to the Magnificent City of Stoneholt
Sagaris - Neyanthian Antartica, a huge southern continent locked in an eternal ice-age.

This world is largely an earth-analog, but with smaller continents. Lifeforms are in most cases Earth analog with some divergences.

A detailed history will be added later, but greatly shortened, the world has changed hands both divinely and physically several times, being dominated by different sets of divinity and life over the eons. Humanity and a dozen pantheons hold control now, but they are not the first and arrived here from elsewhere.

Even once Humanity arrived, grand empires and civilizations have risen from bronze to nearly industrial ages several times and have come crashing to the ground again and again.

A common theme is war and displacement, and the folly of man reaching too far and casting himself down into darkness.


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Continent of Neyathis

NayathisWorld.jpg|middle|Continent of Neyathis]

Continent of Neyathis


The principle continent of the world (thus the name), it contains most of the lands and major civilizations. It was the first continent to be populated by the New Races eons past and has the longest history of Human habitation.

Roughly the size of Africa, though mostly temperate in climate, it is also the largest continent. It is large enough to exibit most terrain types found on earth with the exception of Antarctic conditions. Apart from some mountains, there is no permafrost anywhere.

Current Countries/Societies

Kayeed empire
The Grinder-A rather slow, nasty means of execution
Karviseral the Pain Lord- Fear Demon
Kashaar Dwarven Kingdom
Dwarven Lightning Bottle-Potent source of Enchanted Energy
The Hands of the Master-Magic Gloves allowing manipulation of stone
The Forge of Woe-A forge powered by mysterious energy
Tyresian Empire
Mastwood Island-Invaluable source of Ships Masts
Theocracy of Theos
Boots of the Asrok-Cursed Footware of mountaineering
Blade of the Redeemer-A blade that provides deliverence to the walking dead
Elziphar of Saliadonia-Geloscopist Extraordinare
Tarak-Former Theosian Warrior, now deserter
Kingdom of Saliadon
Kingdom of Shelazair
Lutazum the Tortoise-A stately Giant Turtle
Malitazum one-eyed-A powerful, though somewhat stupid, immortal Crocadile of vast proportions
Ralu-A Unique Domesticated Jungle beast
Hanaset Grub Bag-An unusual source of nutrition
The Twin Kingdoms
Chessboard of Ruthur-An interesting keeper of secrets

Lost Kindoms, Races and Societies

The Scratching Stone-Site of an Ancient Terror
Haruun the Eternal-Gaurdian of a lost age
Tryvaard-Spirit cursed warrior
Tryvaard's Longspear-A fine weapon with a magical reach
Apple Tree of Selilion-A tree of healing and mostly death
Nethernimbus-A necromatic storm of fearsome size
Wands of Soul Rending-A wand of vast necromantic power
Hanaset Empire

Continent of Kargois


Well away from Neyathis and Rephatia, this Australia-sized continent has only recently been colonized by Humanity. Explorers found an odd land with very few inhabitants and only one settlement - the massive StoneHolt. This city is so large and provides the settlers with so much pre-built infrastructure that very few settlements outside of the Great City exist on this land.

The land is quite mountainous and rocky, with many mountains and much volcanic activity. The life here appears much different from Neyathis and has a more Age of Mammals feel.

Much of the continent is still untouched by man.

Current Countries/Societies

The Caretakers of Stoneholt
Artifacts of Stoneholt

Lost Countries/Societies

Giants of Stoneholt

Continent - Rephatia

Somewhat larger then Kargois, perhaps nearly as large as Earth's South America, Rephatia has been occupied by 'humanity' for about 4000 years. Prior to that time, it was inhabited by a number of lesser races - all since either exterminated or driven underground by the human invaders. It has been greatly transformed by these newcomers and now is heavly populated.

The land itself is fairly flat and dry, with less forest and mountains then the other continents. It does have a huge freshwater inland sea that feeds into a network of great rivers.

Current Countries/Societies

The Rephatians
Tsgara - The Grey Fist of the Rephatians
Warbeasts of the Rephatians

Continent - Sagaris

Actually one of the largest of the continents, it sites astride the planet's southern pole. Not quite as cold as Earth's Antarctica, this land is more similar to the North American Arctic region in terms of terrain and continent. Fauna is very similar to Earth's last ice age with a notably large population of megafauna. There are some intelligent races present, including numerous human tribes and isolated mining colonies from other continents.


Frost Owl

History and Events
At the Foot of the World