Full Description

Malitazum appears as an alligator of extraordinary size - its head is broad enough for a man to lay across. One eye is missing and the other remaining orb is oddly human in appearance. The beasts foot-long fangs are brilliant ivory, a spectacular and deadly display few survive seeing.

Additional Information

In the great salt-water marsh at the south end of the Enerith peninsula, the land of the Hanaset, dwells the god-beast Malitazum. Another of the earthly creations of the Hanaset Gods, Malitazum is the patron of the Maletanalu. Where Lutazum is peaceful and orderly, Malitazum is vicious and chaotic.

Executions by the Maletanalu invariably involve being thrown to Malitazum.

Malitazum is not a distant, aloof patron, but is heavily involved with the doings of the Maletanalu tribe. Although he does not directly issue commands to his people, he communicates through the tribal shamans he keep in close thrall. Malitazum's shamans are in near constant mental contact with the great gator, and are micromanaged to a great degree, giving them all a distracted, schizophrenic demeanor. Malitazum is not supremely intelligent, nor a very good administrator, and his constant interference with bizarre projects, contradictory commands and inconvenient loss of interest has limited the effectiveness of the Maletanalu. Once he requested all of the tribe's children be fed to him, and the resulting chaos (families leaving rather then comply, outright rebellion, and the impact of losing a generation) nearly destroyed the tribe. He is unlikely to repeat that error again - it took generations for the Maletanalu to recover.

Should a shaman of sufficient strength of personality arise, he might be able to channel Malitazum's efforts and perhaps take control of the beast. If that happens, the 5 Maletanalu tribes may be much more of a threat to the other four tribes of the Hanaset.

Any being approaching the great beast is in dire peril, and this can only be done relatively safely when he has been sated by food. If he is hungry, even his own shamans are fair game.


Malitazum's physical attacks are of tremendous strength - his tail whip can shatter stone structures and fell trees, while his bite can shear most things asunder. Victims who somehow survive his bite will be subjected to a terrible rotting disease, while his gaze is capable of enchanting those who meet that of his single eye. Those who succumb to this power become enthralled and telepathically linked to the fell lizard.

Due to his low intelligence, moderate madness, and absence of usable hands, Malitazum is not capable of casting spells, relying instead on his proxies for such aid.

Malitazum is quite resistant to weather, being so large it would take an extended period of cold to slow him down. Heat of less then volcanic temperatures does not bother him.

Campaign Use

While still only flesh, blood and ridiculously thick armor, Malitazum' s power is between that of a Dragon and a Demigod. As such he is more appropriate as a background motivator.

Plot Ideas

PC's encounter Maletanalu warriors carrying out a bizarre mission on behest of Malitazum. Delighted to have something to do other then the Mad croc's orders, the warriors will fall upon the PCs with vigor and gusto.

Into the Lair

Malitazum is in possession of some important Dingus the PC's must retrieve. How they do it is up to them. Better make sure he has eaten recently...

Battle of the Icons

Once in a great while, the entities Lutazum and Malitazum cross paths, and the encounter is always a violent one. Malitazum hates Lutazum and always seeks to kill the great tortoise. The battles are always inconclusive - both beings are extremely durable, and generally the jungle is what suffers - trees felled by the lashing tail of Malitazum. PC's happening upon the conflict best should avoid it or remain spectators.

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