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October 17, 2007, 11:46 am

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Artifacts of Stoneholt


Lost Technology of the Giants of Stoneholt

Full Item Description

The recent discovery of one the great Temples of Stoneholt allowed us to recover the greatest collection of Giant-Era artifacts.  Not only are many of the items of bizarre form, but many have functions we have not been able to determine.  As well, some are fabricated from materials none in our acadamy have ever seen before.  Many years of research are ahead of us, and this is nearly worth the cost of the recovery…


The following items are items left behind by the Giants when they left on their great exodus millenia ago.  Some are used by the Caretakers on very rare occasions - most are sequestered in the various underground Temples and some of the undisturbed Spires.

Magic/Cursed Properties

Most of the items of the Giants have some odd properties and many are very dangerous.  They were built for use by the Giants or the caretakers, and so will generally be too large, or too small to be used by humans for their intended function.

Additional Ideas (2)


The somethingite Greatsword This odd, giant-side (20' long) bladed weapon was found in the first opened Temple.

2007-05-10 12:12 PM » Link: [3904#27316|text]


Shandricite This material looks like fine-grained black basalt and shares many properties with that rock. However, it has a few interesting properties: It is ductial and can be worked much as can be copper. It can be beaten thin and easily shaped. It is very heat resistent and can be used to make vessels capable of holding molten metals. It cannot be used in alloy with normal metals. The material is hostile to organic materials, causing such substances to mineralize over time. Flesh will stiffen and insoluble salt crystals will being to grow within. These will cause mechanical damage, irritation and infections. Wood and bone will be gradually splintered by the growth of the mineral salts. The salts can be dissolved with acid, so vinegar would be usable treatment. The condition will stop advancing once contact with the material is discontinued, but the area will remain senstive to such contact furthermore, with the symptoms advancing more rapidly on future contact. This material has a very high ratio of Earth to other elements and appears to be created through a special purification process of normal Basalt. Starcrystal This unearthly crystal has several intresting properties: 1. It has the same density as air, but does not expand/contract greatly in response to temperature changes. As a result, it sinks lower when air temperature decreases, and rises when the air is cold. 2. It is very sharp, and very fragile. 3. It resembles diamond in it's effects on light. 4. It also refracts and scatters magical energy which touches it, seperating the enrgy into its components and scattering them about the area. The effects are very much random unless one has an extraordinary understanding of magic, in which case the effects appear quite logical.

2007-08-07 12:58 PM » Link: [3904#29217|text]
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