Unic Horn of spells- summary
The Unic Horn can be used by anyone or anything, that can prolong a solid exhale of air. It is used to cast spells that are captured and reside on special reeds.

Story example
Quietly and skilfully she slips the reed from the second captive sliding and gently places it into the open slot. Bringing the V of the Unic Horn to her mouth she slowly and continuously blows in. For a second there is nothing but then spell cast words and mutterings emanate from the horns openings. Maintaining the slow release of air, for the spell can only be successful if completed in one unbroken blow, she exhausts the breath from her lungs. The words finish and the Unic Horn once again falls silent. The earth shudders under the command of the spoken spell. As if the spell caster was there himself the earth shudders, the ground splits as the commanded earthquake is in enforced.

Users manual
The Unic Horn can be used by anyone or thing, that can prolong a solid exhale of air.It requires no special skills or magical attributes born by the user. Some intelligence and dexterity is required however to choose the correct, spell impressed reed and place it in the open slot. Once blown through, the reed no longer holds the spell and it should be returned to its captive slide for protection and reuse. The reed can only hold and reproduce spells that can be spoken in one utterance and therefore cannot hold a sequence of spells or more than one spell on the one reed.
The block is held in both hands and the horns v placed in the mouth and blown into slowly and continually. Where both hands hold the block are two holes, one for each side or hand. These holes must be blocked when casting a reed. Gloves, unless fingerless for example would not produce a good enough seal..
The magic of the Unicorn still linger. The breath you breath in, imparts life once more into the horns. Thus the residuum magic of the Unicorns can be called upon. With no reed in the slot and blowing as usual, four options are available.
No holes blocked- cure moderate wounds. Once per day, then resorts to cure light wounds.
Left hole blocked- Empathy of Nature.
Right hole blocked- Neutralise Poison.
Both holes blocked- Call Blue Dragon. Must be within dragon ear shot. Not to be taken lightly. The Blue may come but it does not give you control over it. Call at your own risk.
As blown with a reed in place, the reeds impressed spell is sounded and cast just as if a spell caster was present.

The Unic horn must be kept dry, extended periods of dampness or submersion in water may clog or destroy the fine internal labyrinths.
Each day the horns must be blown into at least once. This continual imparting of life, from ones breath, keeps the Unicorns magic alive.

Horns Details
Two spiraled horns form a slight V. The wider openings of the horns to the top and a little ways apart while the thinner ends are together and form one inlet. The horns are held in place and pass through a carved block of, vocal bone which lies in the bottom third of the horns length. The bone is that of a juvenile Blue Dragon. And is also called the reed holder or reed chamber. It contains a slot and three captive slides. The three slides hold specially prepared scale slithers, also from a Blue dragon. The slides can be slid out and then placed in the open slot. Once breath is blown into the horns, the air is routed through special chambers and a labyrinth of small tubes and pathways in order to excite the reed and then amplify its audible sound.

Replenishing Spells
Spells can be cast onto the reeds if the instructions inscribed on the blocks base are adhered to. All normal rules apply for casting spells. Ie The caster must have the ability to cast the impressing spell and the spell to be impressed and its level etc. The caster must have the ability to read, transcribe and utter the impressing spell, which is fairly low as the instructions are there in plain druid or a read magic translation. For those who have limited spells per day the impressing spell is one of them!! As is the spell you are impressing. If the impressing spell fails for some reason, the magic of the Unic Horn will not capture the following spell and that spells outcome will proceed as if it had been cast normally.

User beware
Wind instruments are strange things. If this horn is used too much or blown into incorrectly, spital can build up in the sound block. This will suffocate the internal passages of air and cause one of two possible failures.
1) Complete failure. No sound comes forth. It will require a days rest while it dries out.
2) Sounds and syllables are not formed correctly. This could create disastrous or at least erroneous effects.
Bad spells
Because the horns are from Unicorns they are unable to pass evil or dark spells. You may getaway with this once or twice, it simply just wont work, the spell will not be uttered. But if continual spells of a darkened nature are attempted its quite possible the Unic Horn will destroy itself

Historical information
Vernessah a druid of many years spent most of her time in the wilderness lands of Jinesp. Jinsep was once well known for its inhabitancy of the fabled Unicorn. Vernessah was drawn to the Jinespian wilderness when man was actively hunting the Unicorn. She vowed to stop the slaughter of these mystical and beautiful creatures. During her sojourn with these celestial beings she often sadly happened across the horns of dead or dying Unicorns. She originally kept these for their magical properties, which always to her disconsolateness, faded over time. She noticed however that passing breath through the horn slowed this process down. It was as if the horn could take life itself from a mere breath. A brief encounter with a injured blue dragon wyrmling that had found its way into her realm, lead her on another path of adventure, out of the lush wilderness of Unicorns and into the temperate lands and deserts of the Blue dragons. The injured wyrmling recovered but not entirely, from its ordeal at the hands of bandits. Terrible scarring adorned its neck like a string of pearls. Deep gouges that had penetrated deep into the muscle of the throat had also exposed the special vocal bone. A juvenile Blue is known to possess various vocal mimicry and ventriloquistic attributes. Vernessah was sure this bone had something to do with that. She discovered that the vocal bone is a special bone, that when excited with air, produced vibrations and that its cavity section would then amplify these vibrations and make them audible. She worked on a way of exciting the bone using air blown over reeds which she had made from the softer scales found behind the ear of a wyrmling blue. Then was able to direct and amplify the sound further with unicorn horns.
She discovered a partnership like attribute between the reed and the vocal bone. No other material would work as the reed, except that of the ear scales. It required extremely good craftsmanship to slither the scale and from it. Vernessah eventually found a retired crystal cutter whom was able to work with the hard and difficult material. It is rumored they eventually married. Their simultaneous disappearance adds weight to such stories.
It is unknown how many of the Unic Horns were made but the rarity and difficulty of the materials are no doubt and indication of the rarity of the crafted device.

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