The Upright Society of Civic Wizards -
This organization began with a simple idea to protect the common people from the danger of magic run amok. Far too many disasters and atrocities were being commited by irresponcibe, evil, or mad wizards with no one to answer to but their own degraded consciences. The Society formed around a nucleus of civic minded magi who created a local crusade to have wizards join their society, and take the appropriate oaths to protect the world from dangerous magics. After a long and tumultuous begining, they established a strong base of power in the area, forcing wizards to join the society, or submit themselves to magical geases and censure.

Power corrupts, and soon the Society began to play an increasing role in local politics as well as extending it's base of power beyond the initial region. Lone wizards were indeed powerful, but soon fell prey to well armed and equiped bands of wizard enforcers who indocrinated said wizard into the society, gaining a percentage of his research, and listing him into the projects in the works, for the betterment of the common man and the Society. If he refuses, punishments ranging from censure, to death are administered on the spot.

Within a generation, the Society was a player in the court of the King, and within another generation or two, the wizards could eclipse the king for power and control of the kingdom...

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