1-The Judge

A member of the Society of Civic Wizards, this elderly but immensely powerful wizard rules his domain strictly. Only he and those who have the proper license or that he knows well and trusts are permitted to cast spells, and anybody misbehaving with magic is dragged up in front of him and stripped forcibly of his or her magical powers and spells.

2-The Just

This mage has never been known to use his powers for evil, and is respected and liked by almost everyone who lives in his area. More then once he has saved the area from starvation when the rains failed, as well as helping out many individual people when they fell on hard times. He is a Royal Advisor to the King at times.

3-The Fence

On the surface this mage is a perfectly law-abiding fellow, who never openly uses his powers for evil. But behind the scenes he makes a lot of money selling unlocking spells, dangerous spells and other banned spells and enchanted items to the top bosses of the large underworld gangs in the city. Some of the biggest robberies in the city were only made possible by his magic.

4-The Mage in Hiding

This mage has the great misfortune to live in a land where all magic, even white magic, is forbidden by law, and where the feared Hexenjagers enforce the law with great vigour, tracking down and killing or torturing and executing magic users. He will only use his magic powers if he has no other choice, and will not admit being a mage to anyone.

5-The Healer

This mage trained long and hard in medical magic and runs the biggest and best hospital in the Kingdom. He is expensive to hire but is well worth paying for, as he can heal even the most deadly diseases, provided that they have not already spread too far. The downside is that he has almost no non-medical magic at all.

6-The Rake

This mage likes having sex with people far too much, and has made many different types of illegal love potions and other potions that are little better then rape drugs. He supplies the owner of the Soft Foot's Secrets stall at the Black Market with many of his best items. He is wanted in three Kingdom, two Duchies and a Queendom for rape and moves from town to town to stay one step ahead of his pursuers.

7-The Godling

This mage sees himself as a God and is feared and hated by all because of his terrible temper and chaotic magic. A chapter of the Civic Wizards tried to take him down and were forced to retreat with two left dead and a third warped beyond all understanding. He is trying to make the Heavens open up so he can go and live with the Gods.

8-The Battlemage

This mage knows all the great spells of battle and is a Colonel in the army of his Duke. He is a loyal and stable old man who can fully be trusted with the great magic that he has. He sticks to the rules of war and will not knowingly attack unarmed civilians, nor we he share his spells with anyone outside the armed forces.

9-The Reluctant

This mage, unusually amongst magic users, did not want to study the magic arts and would much rather have been a bard.. His strict father forced him to learn, however. Despite his great knowledge, he can often be heard grumbling about his lot. He gets impatient with those who come to him for help.

10-The Ghostbuster

This mage is the one that you turn to if you have a paranormal problem. Be it an infestation of zombies, an Urn Beast on the loose, a Wight causing havoc or the most pesky of poltergeists, this one knows how to banish or even destroy them. He can see the early signs of spirit possession and extract the ghost before it is too late.

11-The Godfather

This mage is the boss of one of the largest criminal gangs in town, and is not afraid to deal violently with his rivals. He 'made his bones' thirty years ago by killing an unwanted noble with a lighting bolt. Since then he has stolen and murdered and connived his way to the top. He rarely needs to commit crimes now, but he is always ready to do so.

12-The Illusionist

This mage is a master of the spells that make people see what is not, and although he has few strong spells, people pay him a lot to see his shows.

13-The Good Necromancer

This mage provides services for the dead if they do things for him in return. Things like letting them speak to the living. He has only once raised the dead, for a person who could not bear to be parted from his wife. It went very wrong and he had to flee the Duchy in disgrace. He is careful who he will agree to help, fearing agent provocateurs.

14-The Bad Necromancer

This mage raids graveyards to raise the Undead, which he uses to work his land, thus avoiding the need for paid labour. A very secretive man, because almost every spell he casts is highly illegal in all but a few countries of the world. He is one of those few who wants to recreate the deadly Ironbones for his own use.

15-The Fancy

This mage wears a blue cloak studded with silver stars, a tall pointed hat, and carries a crystal staff when in fact a wooden one would be much better. He is a skilled mage, but a vain one obsessed with looking the part. His faults are overlooked because he is genuinely good at his job and uses his magic for good.

16-The Mouthy

This mage pretends to know all kinds of spells both legal and banned, and to have studied at a world-famous school of wizardry and done all manner of heroic quests and deeds, when in fact he only knows how to cast werelight, and a few minor spells. As a result of his mouthing off a chapter of the Society of Civic Wizards has been sent all the way from the capital city to sort him out.

17-The Sailor

This mage knows how to keep a ship safe from most hazards to be found at sea and has saved the vessel he serves on at least once from sinking in a storm. As such he has considerable power and under the rules of the Navy (insert Navy of your choice) is the only man on the ship allowed to argue with the Captain, should there be a genuine emergency in which the ship could be in serious danger. He is liked and respected by the entire crew.

18-The Drunkard

This mage was once one of the best in the city until his wife was killed in a freak accident when a spell to control the weather and ensure a better harvest. went tragically wrong. Ever since then he has turned to the drink and can be found most nights in the taverns, a drunken wreck of a once great mage, burbling about how wonderful his wife once was. He is not a violent drunk and spends a lot of money in the taverns, so the owners are happy to have him. He still remembers many of his spells and could become great again if he could only lay off the booze.

19-The Bouncer

This mage has an unlikely job dealing with troublesome customers in one of the taverns of the town, dealing swiftly with them using a number of pain-causing but non-deadly spells that makes him as useful as any muscleman. Despite his job he is a nice person when you get to know him well, but he is careful who he chooses as his friends, having seen the worst side of society almost every single night. He never causes fights in bars himself or gets drunk.

20-The Cranky

This mage is extremely grumpy and bad tempered with a very nasty streak in him. As a result he has no friends and is very slow to trust people. Most people avoid him and he lives on his pension, as in his youth and middle age he was connected to the staff of the Royal Court. He sees the young as thugs or lazybones and fears the day when death will come to him. He may be old but he is still powerful if he really needs to be, but he rarely casts spells nowadays.

21-The Mage of Mathom

This mage would have gone far but made the dreadful mistake of killing a Priest of Mathom, and the angry god made him take the Priest's place. Since then none of his spells have worked properly and whenever he tries to do something important it fails in often humorous ways. He bitterly regrets the day he slew the priest and is desperate to make amends in some way but whenever he tries he fails because of what he has become.

22-The Schoolteacher

This mage has devoted his life to teaching students and is well respected by most of them as a very good teacher who knows and loves the art that he teaches. He does have a reputation as a bit testy towards anybody who dares to behave badly in his lessons, but most students really want to learn so there is very little trouble and he has not had to expel a pupil in the last ten years.

23-The Adventurer

This mage makes a living from joining quests in hope of loot. He loves to tell and retell his exploits endlessly in the taverns until the fellow patrons finally tell him to shut up. He generally keeps within the law the vast majority of the time, but a few of his spells have been cast illegally and some of his loot has been stolen from tombs or otherwise wrongfully gained. Most people like him though as he is normally fun and handy to have around in a crisis.

24-The Fearful

This mage learned magic because he feared the world and thought magic to be the best way to defend himself. He never intentionally starts a fight or causes trouble, but he can be dangerous if approached in the wrong way, as he is likely to fireball first and ask questions later. He is very hard for most people to track down as he hides from the world most of the time. He can be reasoned with but it takes time and tact.

25-The Policeman

This mage joined the City Guards and his magic has helped to solve three murder cases, twenty robberies, five assaults, a treason plot and a rape. He is very proud of himself, almost overweeningly so, and is hated with good reason by those on the wrong side of the law, some of who hate him enough to want him dead. He has been the target of many threats and a ride-by crossbowing that only just missed him, but he refuses to give up his job or go into hiding. He is a good friend of the Judge.

26-The Naughty

If there is a banned spell that does not involve murder or rape, this mage will cast it, just for the hell of it. He has nothing but contempt for the Society of Civic Wizards and has done all kinds of silly things, from making balls of werelight hang above their headquarters preventing them from sleeping, to turning fellow mages against them. There is now a high price on his head.

27-The Perfectionist

This mage takes great care with every spell no matter how small that it does not go wrong, and is one of the most popular mages in the city as far as the mayor is concerned. When a really complicated spell has to be preformed he comes in and does it. If you want a really good magic sword he will make it for you, but it will cost you a lot of gold. He looks down on most other mages, seeing them as bumbling amateurs.

28-The Feminist

This mage more or less worships women and thinks of them as gorgeous princesses and certainly equal to men. He has helped a lot of them to learn magic, and in return is liked far and wide by the female population. He never takes advantage of any of them and if he was in trouble, they would rally to his side. Many women want to marry him because of his great respect for females.

29-The Sexist

The opposite of the Feminist, this mage hates women and witches most of all, and would be happy to see witches burned at the stake or hung from the town gallows. Women detest him with a passion. He moved abroad because he felt that women had too many rights in his country of origin. He is a virgin and always wishes to remain so rather then try to get a girl to love him.

30-The Hedge Wizard

This mage travels from village to village, mending pots, rounding up cattle, healing small wounds and blessing newborn babies, aborting unwanted babies, that sort of thing. He is not a member of any guild or society and is technically an illegal mage but he stays out of the big towns and does not draw attention to himself, so he is tolerated as too small to be bothered about. He knows lots of good advice.

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31 Sheldon

This mage is insufferable in his musings and about his and the superiority of magic. Socialy akward fireball thrower who is very addicted to casting spells that increase his intelligence(They give him a drug like rush). He will pick out the second smartest party member and only ta;lk to(down )him