The staff appiers a bright red in color and is about 5 and a half feet long. In the hands of a none magic caster the staff acts as a normal but nicely made staff with no auguments or enhancments, But in the hands of a fairly talented spellcaster of the arcana desent it is a very formidable weapon. When wielded by a arcane spellcaster it changes its look to look like a long red spear. The spear is about 1 foot longer then the staff and it retains all its features from before besides the sharpen of the point and the lengthen of the point. In the hands of a Fatespinner the staff gains a very dark red glow around the area where you wield it.

The staffs origin is not ver complicating, it was created by a guild of high quilifed mages but none of them had the ability to wield the abilitys that they had placed on it. So they handed the staff down to a very unknown and small school of wizards. the staff sat there for many many years generations of wizards try to wield it but all were unsuccesful. The powers of the staff slowly were forgotten and the staff was then stored along with many unused items. The staff was then handed to a fromer student of the school. It has been carried by him ever since, and he can use it.

Magical Properties:

It grants any fatespinner using it the ability to look up to 10 seconds into the future at will to see whats going to happen. it only helps on looking at others people futures and he can not change there future or the staff instantaneously looses all its propertys and its looks and becomes a normal stick, he can also look up to 1 minute into the future and do 1 thing to change it a day if he does more then the staff does the same as above. he still can not change his own future in either ability. (but if he would naturly do somthing it shows him and lets him, thats up to the charecter and must be stated before the event happens not while it is)

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