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January 15, 2006, 3:07 pm

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Artemis Jhonthro


He is a very powerful mage for his age at 26. He has led a very normal life, well at least as normal as you can get with a mage.

Special Equipment:

He wears a severed hand around his neck. It may seem out of place or gross to some, but he has gotten used to it and he uses it often. The hand has the special property of creating a ghost like hand that can move and lift small objects. He also carries two golf ball sized pearls, their use can not be described in length but to put it simply they supplement his spell casting abilities. He also wears a belt with several pockets on it each one filled with useful things; the pockets also hold more then they seem to be able to. He then wears very plain looking boots that are nice and clean and don’t seem like they have been worn by wear and tear like normal boots would, and when he runs with theses special boots on he goes a lot faster then it seems like he should be. He also wields the spike of fate which he was given by his old teacher from the wizards guild after his abilitys to see fate was told to him.


He is 6 foot tall and weighs 180 lbs. He has long thick white hairs, and whoever cares to examine him more can see that all the hair on him is bright white. He wears long robes that barely touch the ground as he walks; the robe is long sleeve with the arms on it slightly baggy but not moving over his hands. He wears s a very nice gold ring on his right hand that for what most people know it dose not do much.


He had a very uneventful life living as a normal bow until the age of 12 when his father forced him to train swordsmanship with him. He was never a very strong person, he like reading and writing much better then physical activity, after about a year of training with his dad he decided that the sword was not for him. He told his dad that he was planning on going to a nearby well known town to train as a wizard. His father was furious and disowned him on the spot; he left not saying a word to either his mother or sister.

He was accepted easily into the wizard school of the new town because of his interest in the arts and because of his knack for studying books and easily learning its contents, he stayed here for till he was 20 becoming a very notable student and getting many awards in the process. He decided to go see his father after that because he was told his schooling was finished and the rest of his teaching could only be learned not by books but by experience. He went back home to his city and was greeted happily by his mother and sister, but sadly when he asked where father was it got quiet. Even though he and his father never got along he still had feelings for him and he was devastated. He sat in his old room, it still there everything almost the same way as he left it.

He then began to live in his hometown, and opening a library with the help of his school. It became a very notable library and has had many powerful wizards and sorcerers come and visit. Around the age of 23 his family was going to be going on a trip to the closest town to the west which was a very large docking town. He was getting all his things ready and was walking out to see them, the caravan was ready to leave and he thought to himself getting the feeling he forgot something, he then realized that he forgot the most important thing he owned his spell books. He couldn’t understand how he forgot, he told them to leave without them as he ran back to his house to look for it. He looked around the room ceiling to floor and could not find it. About an hour later he was thinking that he was going to forget about it and rewrite one when he got to the town. Then on his way out he sees it lying in plain view on his kitchen table, he dose not understand how he would not have noticed it. He just shrugs and takes it and gets going to follow the caravan.

He Rides for about 2 and a half days till he got to the town, he did not know that the caravan was so far ahead he thought he would have meet up with them on the way. He dose not think anything of it though. He then looks around the whole day going to the places they decided to meet up at and everything, he could not find them. He then decided to ride back and see if he passed them on the ride while they were camping. He rode back and forth from the towns 15 times before rumors of the caravan going missing got spread around in both towns; he also was starting to get a reputation for what he was doing. He finally after doing it for months came to the conclusion that they were gone, thoughts raced through his mind on why this happened and how it happened, he went through books and books of literature looking for an explanation he could not find anything. He went into a short depression as he mourned there losses, but as he was going through this depression he was thinking on how come it did not happen to him. He blamed himself for it many times, but that passed.

He then started to notice things as he was walking around, like he knew what things were going to do before they did it, and he also noticed that every time it happened it was what he wanted to happen. He saw a little boy crying for his lost parents, he was about to help him but got the feeling to not do it, he did not know why it seemed so wrong. Then while he was thinking the boys parents came up and got him, ever since he noticed these happenings he has been walking around with hope always thinking and wanting good outcomes every time he sees something. Sometimes he could do more drastic changes to people, he saw a man getting beat up in a back alley and was about to help him but was compelled not to all he did was look intently at the man and the man almost instantly turned the fight around because he was willed to.

Since then he has been wondering around leaving his library in the hands of the town, he travels from town to town helping those who need it most.

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Comments ( 5 )
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October 22, 2004, 4:12
Well, I can't dance to THIS tune. It is ... very very NORMAL. 2/5
October 23, 2004, 0:57
I'd have to disagree with the mage of echoness again. This has a good deal of possiblities. It is a normal person, but that is what makes it so good. Must DMs, (including myself) make NPCs that are superheros. The NPCs made are full of back stories that are a bit too much. Like a pirate that was so scared in childhood by his father killing his mother that he know has no mercy for anyone and little does he know he is turning into a demon because of the blood in his veins. Its too much! This is a fun normal character that gives me ideas. Though I may want to cut down on the goes around and helps people...echos write on that one because thats almost too much of a stereotypical of a good character. Gut Gemacht, chrono356!!! 4/5
October 25, 2004, 14:12
well i see the way i put it it sounds like hes trying to be the good guy. but the way i ment to put it was (hes my charecter in a dnd game i play and his alignment is chaotic good) see what i ment by help people was like if he sees somthing outright bad or really cruel he would help them like if someones getting mugged and such things that would possably kill the inoccense but thats the extent im not trying to set him up as a goody two shoes he will get down and dirty if it is called for he will kill if he needs to.
October 25, 2004, 22:40
The point of roleplaying is to be superhuman.
You know why no characters are simply born on a farm and go adventuring?
1. That is BORING. Super boring. Who wants to be just normal? Nobody! We (except, apparently, for you) all want to be superheroes on some level, Waz.
2. Improbable. A character with a boring background is probably going to lack the impetus necessary to get out there on their own. If you are born in a small farming town in Texas, live there all your life, and are never significantly challenged by said existence, chances are you are going to stay in that small farming town in Texas.
Besides, this is not the place for normal NPCs. This is for interesting characters and people. We can't have a bunch of boring schmucks crowding up our character list, can we?

And last of all, this character is quite obviously not normal- he is a wizard who can change fate, and his hair is bright white. He has a veritable trove of powerful magic items. Do you walk around in speed-enhancing boots, changing fate, and have white hair at the age of 25? I didn't think so.
Voted valadaar
July 24, 2017, 13:10
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