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August 22, 2007, 9:39 am

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The SawHeal


Doctor Foster was fed up of being known as Doctor Fester, and decided that no more would the people he operated on face the risk of gangrene after their surgery.

Full Item Description
The Sawheal looks a little bit like a pair of golden numchucks.On the end of one is a ruby with small silver letters below it saying "Cutting End" and on the other end is an emerald with small silver letters below it saying "Healing End" New ones come with a piece of paper containing the magical code words needed to start it going and turn it off.


Doctor Edward Foster was one of the top doctors of Vallermoore in the times of dire trouble, first when Queen Yocasta was toppled and then in the subsequent crime wave that was only brought to an end with the help of The White Knights During that time large numbers of injured people who entered his hospital were dying after the incisions made during surgical operations became infected with bacteria and fungi. The doctors and surgeons were frustrated with the high death rate amongst their patients, and Doctor Foster was becoming known as Doctor Fester as a result. When The Avenger was created as a tool of punishment that over time healed the nasty wounds it created, Doctor Foster decided to create a new surgical tool that could both cut open and heal.

Attempts had been made several times before to heal with magic but the problem was that it was not precise enough. Limbs ended up with a life of their own for example, or spells were cast upon wounds that closed them up, only to cause incurable cancer or horrible mutations months or years later. Doctor Foster decided that what needed to be done was to use the minimum amount of magic that would do the job and close up the wound.

After some trial and error and with the backing of Queen Amber, who was sickened by all the death and pain and wanted something done about it, he came up with the Sawheal. Two golden tubes were linked by a metal chain, somewhat like numchucks and each contained a small piece of tassite to power the magic in it indefinitely. On one of them when a code word was spoken, a glowing beam of very fine blue magical fire six inches long came out of it. This could be used for surgical operations and the heat sterilized the wound.

With the other end of the Sawheal when a code word was spoken, a very thin green healing beam six inches long came out of it. This could be used in the hands of a skilled surgeon to heal up cuts without even leaving a scar. No more would patients die a horrible death of infection after the operation was over. The doctor was rewarded well for the lives he saved and his reputation was restored.

Magic/Cursed Properties

Of course, it is not perfect because it requires skilled hands to work it properly. If badly used the person could end up with ugly red scars, itching, numbness or even cancer. It could also be used like any cutting tool as a torture device, and one that can repair the damage that it does afterwards. Which is great for when a victim has to be produced in a public trial and needs to look as if he or she was not tortured at all.

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Comments ( 4 )
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Voted valadaar
August 21, 2007, 20:21
A nice item - though it feels more tech then magic. Not sure I have a handle on the tech level of the world...
Voted Scrasamax
August 22, 2007, 3:27
Two quick notes, they are either nunchucks or nunchaku depending on how precise you want to be about it, no nuMchucks. Second bit, a piece of material broken off from a clathrate is called Tassite. I will dash out a stub for it and link it for you :)

The idea is interesting and I can see it evolving but imagine that the SawHeal is a unique item, or there are not very many of them. Nice solid though certainly a deviation from the norm.

I have nunchucks of healing. Ha! Love it.
Voted manfred
August 22, 2007, 6:23
Quirky, but it makes sense.

(Oh, and add the 'Healing' freetext, that will link it to the Avenger and other items of that purpose.)
Voted Dragon Lord
August 22, 2007, 6:52
I must say I do like the mix of magic and technology to solve a very real problem. This looks like just the sort of device that would be developed in a magical universe.

I also like the suggestion that magic is not always the ideal solution, and indeed that it can sometimes be part of the problem (might cause incurable cancers or horrible mutations if used incorrectly).

Nice one Cheka Man, well up to your usual standard - 4½ / 5
Plus my patented Wish Id thought of that award for being a really neat little magical device

BTW: You could power this with whatever mana storage devices that may be available in your game world, such as my own Crystallised Dragon Blood, or even Artificial Dragon Blood (now there is a terrifying thought).


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