Full Item Description
The Avenger is a three foot long,two-handed claymoore of polished bronze, that, when cleaned for it's task, is so shiny that you can see your face reflected in it.The pommel bears the royal arms of Queen Amber of Vallermoore.


After Queen Yocasta was cut down and her depraved & evil rule of terror brought to an end, Queen Amber had the political prisoners set free from their prison-hells. Sadly, the number of political prisoners were greatly exaggerated and so a large number of criminals, some of them very nasty ones, were mistakenly released, and most went back to their old ways.

It was in those dreadful times, when the White Knights were popular instead of a small & hated sect, that emergency laws were brought in which resulted in amputation for theft and violence. Amber was sickened by the site of weeping people being mutilated, and after the fifth victim turned out to be innocent, decided that something had to be done to lessen the penalty since it could not yet be abolished.

And so her court wizards came up with the Avenger.It was as good at any other executioners sword at lopping off limbs but a day after being bound up, the wound healed and fingers began growing from it,a few inches at a time, that were perfectly healthy and useable. Within three days the hand was back, and within a week to ten days the arm had grown back and it was as if it had not been severed.

Time passed and mutilation was no longer needed to maintain law and order, so the Avenger found a new role in the hospitals of Vallermoore City. Limbs that had been seriously broken or gangrenous could now be amputated and within a week the paitent would have his or her limb back as if the wound had never happened.Cripples from far and wide found their slow,painful way to Vallermoore City to regain the use of their limbs.

Magic/Cursed Properties

The Avenger has no bonuses in combat, as it was designed for punishing captured & bound prisoners.Should it be used to cut off a head, then the body would be as dead as if executed with a normal weapon.

The blade should be clean when used to avoid possible complications.

OOC-The GM can use the Avenger either to punish a PC without permenant damage, or to heal a PC's serious wound if need be.

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