Full Item Description

Artificial dragon blood is the product of one of Dural's few successful experiments (well almost).

A viscous brown liquid, with the consistency of treacle and the colour of swamp mud, it's not all that much to look at. It is nonetheless the only artificially created substance that comes close to the properties of Crystallised Dragon Blood (at least without levelling half a city block in the process).

Because of its' consistency incorporating artificial dragon blood into an item is not at all easy since it must be held inside some form of enclosed receptacle, but still be accessible for recharging. Also it is highly acidic so the materials used for such containers must be essentially non-reactive.

So far the only suitable vessel Dural has found are small glass or ceramic vials. Since these materials are highly fragile, artificial dragon blood cannot be used in any item that must take a certain amount of rough treatment (like, for example, weapons or armour).

Magic/Cursed Properties

Dural's artificial dragon blood acts in all ways like real dragon blood except for one vital difference.

Dural's compound, like all attempts to create an alternative to real blood crystals, is just a little bit unstable. However this does not, as in all previous attempts, result in the mixture actually exploding half way though the manufacturing process. Instead it has a tendency to produce slightly more variable results than the user intends.

The effects are quite subtle and extremely difficult to spot. Each time the artificial blood is recharged there is a small chance that it will warp the magic slightly, with unusual or bizarre results (random effects, wild surges, malfunctions, or anything else that fits in with your magic system are all appropriate here).

Both the chance of this happening and the power of the random effects are proportionate to the amount of mana stored in the compound (in accordance with the principle of conservation of mana). As a result more powerful spells tend to produce more bizarre side effects.

Some final notes

Dural is of course far too moral a person to knowingly release such an unstable substance onto the open market (and the key word here is 'knowingly'). Unfortunately he is entirely unaware of his compounds' unstable nature and truly believes that he has found the long sort after formula for mana storage.

To be perfectly fair to Dural, being a responsible researcher he did test his compound quite extensively before revealing his triumph to the world. However, all his tests involved relatively small scale applications (reading lamps, door bells, and the like) and these have produced no strange effects (or to be more precise the effects where so infrequent and so minor that he failed to notice them amid the general background weirdness of his laboratory).

It has simply never occurred to him that compound might become more unstable at higher mana levels.

Plot Suggestion - I teleported home one night

Many of the more powerful magical items (teleport pads, alarm systems, flying carpets, household appliances, etc) need to have chunks of dragon blood incorporated into them in order to meet the power requirements, making them both extremely rare and prohibitively expensive.

With the advent of Dural's artificial dragon blood these items are becoming a lot more common. Unfortunately, with these more powerful applications the artificial blood tends to cause more, and bigger, malfunctions and there are now some very strange things happening around town.

The wizard guilds are unable to explain this sudden increase in magical maladies, but that hasn't stopped them from devising a variety of solutions. Unfortunately these invariable involves powerful suppression or stabilisation devices powered by (yes, you guessed it) artificial dragon blood.

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