The Oracle of Ein is a crystalline pedestal of scintillating colours topped with the holy symbol of Ein- a single image simultaneously depicting the three facets of Ein (butterfly, bat or hourglass). It is a relic from times before the Elementallion. Prophecies sprouted from the Oracle always contain one random element from each of Ein's three facets: deception or the existing order (the butterfly); truth or change (the bat) and time (the hourglass).

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What holds more power over a human heart than fear of the unknown? For this quest we seek answers to the eternal questions of life and death, sin and deliverance. Whether you design an entire belief system or simply a backwater cult , modern or ancient, sci-fi or steampunk -- make your religion sing. Gods and prophets, demons, con-artists and mystic rites; from the humblest spirit to the greatest miracle, anything goes! This is your chance to put a new spin or twist on religion, and give us something we haven't seen before.