There are many who worship the Holy Goddess Inanna, and most do not let their faith play a big part in their lives. Of those that do, most have become priests or priestesses of the mainstream religion, but a few are drawn to the unorthodox cults that have grown up at the fringes. One of the most heartily disliked and despised of these, although tolerated by the government and those that lead the mainstream of Inanna worship because of how useful it can be to them, is the cult known as Inanna's Silver Tongues. These cultists think that it is their holy duty to serve Inanna by rooting out evil and heresy-and then informing on it to the lawful authorities in whatever country they happen to be in. They will infiltrate other cults and forbidden religions, taking a long time, several years if need be, to gain the trust of those who they are infiltrating. If the cult, group, or gang they are infiltrating is the kind that commits crime, they will do so too, even to committing murder/human sacrifice if that is what it takes to blend in and identify as many members of the group as possible.

On occasion members of the cult have risen high in other cults, groups and gangs, even to sub-leadership ranks. When they do finally strike, the information they provide to law enforcement/ the Inquisition is often devastating. Small cults, groups and gangs have been wiped out by them, vanishing into prison, or ending up on the executioner's block or burned at the stake in an auto-da-fe. Even larger ones have been badly hit, losing many of their members because of this cult of informers.    The Silver Tongues do not seem to care who they harm-in some cases it could be argued that they have genuinely helped society by helping to take apart genuinely dangerous threats. But they will just as happily inform upon a cult or underground political party that does no harm to anyone but just happens to be banned. Certain members have ties with certain police officers which they will feed information to. About the only ones they will not inform on to outsiders are their own members. Once a week, the cells of this cult will meet secretly to confess to each other their own sins and pray to their Goddess.

Unlike many cults, they have no tattoos or other identifying marks, as to be identified by their targets would in many cases mean a death sentence or at least a severe beating. When meeting in their well hidden formal sessions, one of them will have a law book of the country that they are in, which is their symbol and *bible*. It is thought that they recruit members by letting someone know of a middle-ranking or small crime that somebody who is outside the cult has committed, and send someone to secretly follow the person for a day. If in this time the person informs the police/Inquisition/whoever enforces the laws of the crime, they will send someone to suggest to the informer that he or she joins them. Members of the cult help each other in hard times with food, money or a place to stay. Some have become police officers or jailors, others counter-espionage agents. When not undercover in other organizations they are normally very law abiding, as they beleave that they are serving their Goddess by obeying the laws of the land.  

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