Most gamers think 'Fantasy' requires 'Many Gods'. A trend that is only exacerbated by DnD, which is the training wheel system for most gamers. To a point, there is nothing wrong with it. Many gamers choose a many gods option because it is required, in their minds, for game worlds. Many gamers choose a many gods option because they think, they can seperate their reality and their fantasy (even though a significant portion of the world's population is polytheistic) and avoid offending someone's religious beliefs (like most Christians are not offended by polytheism/ or would take an adverse view of any game/ story that had a less than perfect priest in it ... Like The Three Musketeers). The inspiration of this many gods option came from Conan and many early works of fantasy that inspired the early gamers.

Yet some of the best fantasy fiction, especially fiction based on Medieval history, are monotheistic. Historical and Historically styled games need a monotheistic religion. It is almost imperative to have one, if you want a real medieval feel.

Now some people feel uncomfortable using the Catholic faith as their game's religion (though there is plenty of source material to study about it). I can understand that. If you are not running a strict historical game, there are lots of ways you can create a monotheistic game religion. This gives you all the medieval feel without being bound by 'real' religion.

That is what this thread is about. Post your ideas for a primary single God religion. (One religion per post if you can.) While most of these will be analogs to Abrahamic religions (Judism, Christianity in all its forms, and Islam) or Zorasterism, other options are possible (A single Earth Mother Diety or so on). (You can also crib ideas from other books/ works of fiction).

And remember, just because it is a religion with a primary diety, does not mean it can't have minions beings (like Angels, Devils, etc).

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