On their return to the city, your obviously successful adventurers are approached by an earnest man, middle-aged but still quite fit. Gleinath is soliciting funds for the Needwain, a local charity that takes subsidized ('That is where you enter the picture, good sirs and ladies.') food, medical care, and an inspirational message to the poor, especially to poor children, in hopes of preventing them from falling into a life of depravity and crime.

The Needwain, as its name suggests, is a wagon, of the size that you would find in a Gypsy encampment or a Conestoga wagon train. In fact there are four wagons: two take food around the city, one is outfitted as a compact clinic and infirmary, and one is a sort of school-cum-library to spread that inspirational message. The wagons and the warehouse that provisions them are housed in a converted old stable in the poorest quarter of the city.

If investigated, the Needwain (and Gleinath) will prove to be entirely above-board, quite legitimate, with a great reputation on the street and among the upper crust for its good work. There is even talk of starting sister missions in other cities of the realm.

But there might be a secret side to this mission. Depending on the grittiness of your campaign, a much more thorough investigation might find that some or all of the following apply:

- There is nothing ulterior at all. 'We are just doing the work of the Goddess, good sirs and ladies, nothing more.' But that message of peace and love might make those poor kids less effective soldiers and militia men when they grow up. Surely that couldn't be part of some enemy's long-range plan, could it?

- The Needwain has been infiltrated by, or is even an arm of, the realm's Intelligence Service: intel about discontent among the lower classes is carefully funnelled to the Service, and finds its way back to the local Enforcers for...enforcement.

-Some of the poorest and least enfranchised--or perhaps the rabble-rousers identified by the Service--quietly disappear: are they murdered? sent to foreign slave markets? turned into guinea pigs by crazed wizards or made into zombies by a necromancer? Your deep investigation might expose you to a similar fate. Will you live long enough to find out which of the above options are in play?

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In the Elder Scrolls games, giving a beggar a coin gives you a blessing and a feeling of well being. What if this feeling... were addictive? What if the reward for your first show of generosity wore off, leaving you feeling hollow and out of sorts? How much would you give to feel that well being again?